Julia | Reviewer: Erick | 2/8/10

I think John Lennon it's the most complicated songwrittee who knows how to touch the people hearts because through this song he could make people die for. Indeed, I really love the Beatles, they are a part of my Funeral Soundtrack.


Erick M G L

Love. | Reviewer: Julia | 2/6/10

I love my name. I've grown up my entire life listening to the Beatles, and this song as well.
I was named after this song, and I feel so priveledged. John was amazing, and so was his mother and his love.
It's one of my most favourite songs, and I've always loved it. I'm sure I always will.

I <3 The Beatles! | Reviewer: Maddie | 2/4/10

I love this song! My friend's name is Julia and I told her to listen to this song. She cried when she heard it. I love John Lennon and the Beatles. This is probably one of my favorite Beatles songs. RIP John and George. Give peace a chance!

Quite Sad | Reviewer: Amanda | 12/17/09

This song was written to pay homage to his mother, Julia who died after being hit by a bus in front of John's Aunt Mimi's home soon after he and his mother developed a close relationship with one another. I find it sad because it truly shows the void he had without her.

Special | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/28/09

My name is ..... can u guess? Yep Dorris j/k It's Julia. I am named after my both my grandmothers. My middle name is Grace. I have heard this song b4 but on turkey day someone very special played it for me and sang it to me. That was a 1st for me. It never had more meaning to me than on November 26th.

Julia, Julia... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/27/09

A song which only includes John's voice and John's acoustic guitar. It really impress me a lot because, at the same time, an extremely complex, sensible an warm-hearted song can be perceived.

A genuine artist showing his wonderful masterpiece.

calming | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/5/09

I have been feeling down because the girl i love (named julia) doesnt like me back, ive been feeling really depressed. But this song really helps alot. The beatles are the best and this song is my new favorite.

Thank you John lennon!!!

hm.. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/14/09

wow, how i love the beatles oO this song is a true masterpiece. i was thinking of using it in a school project where we are supposed to illustrate a poem or a song. do anyone have any ideas? if so i would really like to hear them(:
please mail mee,
(lol, i know the adress is stupid)

In sad but beautiful rememberance | Reviewer: Mark Shackleton | 2/3/09

I've had the white album for a while but this song only just came to me when I learned it was about John Lennon's mother who was killed in the late 1950's, her name was Julia. This is apparently the first time he had actually written about her. My mother died in September 2007 and this song is for her, her name was Julia. A beautiful piece of poetry written by a true genius.

pensieri da nessun dove | Reviewer: -Julia- | 10/16/08

My mother called me Julia, because of this song. In the past, I never wanted to hear this song, in a sort of stupid child's hate. Only now I can see all the love my mum gave to me in the choise of my name.

omg! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/2/08

My name is Julia. My boyfriend told me there was a beatles son called Julia, and of course I would believe him because The Beatles is like all he listens to. I decided to listen to the song and look up the lyrics, and all i can say is AWW!!

tear | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/27/08

as simple as this song may seem it surely touches your heart. You can tell John put alot of feeling into it... and when i heard he wrote it for his mom who left him it made me cry.

this song is great

Never heard it before | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/8/08

My friend sent me this song in mp3 because my daughter, 17 months old, is named Julia. She is named for my mother. I had never heard the song before, but I'll be playing it for my daughter from now on. I love the story that goes with the song. If I had had a boy, he would have been named Julian like Lennon's son. Now I just have to find a song for my daughter's middle name, her other grandmother's name.

Julia | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/21/08

we named our daughter Julia. She is 3 months old and everybody compliments on her name. It's when my sister in law sent me this song that we decided to name her Julia. We listen to this song every morning!
Thank you Beatles
we love love Julia

WTF!! I LUV THIS!! | Reviewer: Julia | 2/6/08

Hey...all the Julias Here...well, my name is Julia, too...and I love my name,so, I love this song even more!!...I grew Up with them, cause my dad is a fan of The Beatles...this song goes after Strawberry Fields Forever, which also has great story like Julia's song, It seems to me that every single song of The Beatles has a curious story on it...
wINDY smiLe XD