more info | Reviewer: Katie | 1/27/08

The song is not only about Lennon's mother. It is also about his son, Julian, named after his mother, and Yoko Ono. Yoko roughly translates to Ocean Child

yes ! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/10/07

well, saw the Lennon's biography two days ago and never stopped to think about the history of this, heard many times but now I know what John felt about his mom, thought that he didn't like her because she left him behind for a new marriage, well, this is only a small part of what kind of person he was, he forgave.

this mkes me smile :] | Reviewer: Julia<3 | 11/19/07

my name is Julia, and everytime I hear it I get exited :]
Not only is it a wonderful song, but it has my name in it!
It doesn't get much better then that.

julia | Reviewer: akell | 11/19/07

you guys know john lennon wrote it about his mom, right? his mother's name was julia and they were very close.. she left him when he was younger to live with his relatives because she couldn't take care of him. when he was older, they were reunited but he considered her to be more of a sister. it's all on the web and in books...

me llamo | Reviewer: julia | 10/30/07

I WAS NAMED AFTER THIS SONG, and my entire life, i have gotten compliments on what a beautiful name i have. when i tell them i was named after this, they are envious, because of what a beautiful song and story it is. this one is so special to me.

My name | Reviewer: Julia | 10/20/07

My name is Julia, and I have always wondered if there was a song out there with my name in it. I found this by accident, I don't listen to the beatles. But, now i do! Thsi song is beautiful!

Unbelievable! | Reviewer: Oleg from Ukraine | 10/12/07

Wow! This song is motherfucken beautiful! Guess, it is my favorite song of The Beatles! Awesome!
P.S. Maybe 'cause my girl-friend's name is Julia! I love you, Julia!

Love it! | Reviewer: just me | 10/1/07

I love this song... is so touching, if someone ever wrote such things about me, I'd love them forever!
About The Beatles, they are really the best! I've loved them ever since I remember and their songs were the first ones I learnt in english. I've grown up with their music, even when I did not have the Beatles experience (quoting xia Alexis)

Overrated? HA!!!!! | Reviewer: Rob | 9/28/07

OK, I love Pink Floyd as much as anyone ever has, but to call The Beatles overrated is a bit much. Syd barrett, who started The Floyd AND Roger Waters, composer of the song Julia Dream both cite John Lennon as there single biggest influence. It's wise to keep in mind that if it weren't for The Fabs that there would likely be no Floyd, nor much of the music we all love. Just my opinion!!! Peace

pink floyd | Reviewer: pink floyd lover | 9/23/07

i think julia dream is the best julia song there is but this julia is quite good, the beatles are overrated but they still kick ass

julia <3 the beatles <3 | Reviewer: xia alexis | 9/17/07

I love the beatles. Although im only 14, I wasnt able to get the real beatles experience. But this song is truly amazing. When you think of the way his mother died. It kind of makes you think...police are there to serve and protect, but then BAM she is killed by an 'off duty' DRUNK DRIVING police officer. Its sad, but the beatles are my favorite band ever. They never dissapoint.

About the song 'Julia' performed by The Beatles | Reviewer: Julia | 9/8/07

I love this song. It's sad though if you think about who he's writing it for. It's sad that just as John began to get to know her, his mother was killed. By a drunk police man!
Anyhow, it is really a beautiful song and my father used to play it around the house because I share the name with many others.

abcdefg | Reviewer: Giulia | 8/22/07

my boyfriend told me about this song because it has my name in it (mine's just italian spelling) i think it's such a cute song i love the beatles

vbnm | Reviewer: julia | 7/30/07

omg this is such a nice song
im so happy the beatles wrote a song with my name in it

: ) | Reviewer: travis | 6/20/07

This is one of the most beautiful songs i have ever heard.