Great Opening Track to the 2nd Beatles album | Reviewer: Matt Kula | 2/4/13

This is one of those Beatles songs that often gets overlooked - they're the victims of having too many hit singles! Anyway, I've always loved this track and have recently learned it on the guitar - I thought it'd be really easy to play but it's actually got some quite tough chords in there.

The lyrics have a hint of motown for me, very soulful and catchy as hell.

Great up tempo classic Lennon track and a fine representation of early rockin' Beatles.

The best | Reviewer: Gil Dorantes | 3/13/09

I know that ATU is not the best but is one of the best, It won´t belong is very good too but like Melissa i adore the beatles i think there´s nothing after they and i like a kind of music but nothing like them. Thank you for play and let us know the lyrics of the beatles, thank you to all the beatles fans from your mexican friend Gil, vamos amigos que vivan The Beatles. Adios.

Why does Across the Universe come up in this? | Reviewer: Tim | 12/12/08

Why are people linking the movie to everything Beatles? I mean, it was a good movie, i liked it quite a bit, but every single discussion anywhere about any song that's in the movie is now directly linked to the movie. You can't play this song without people saying "O i remember this from across the universe".... ugggh....

I'll try to talk about the song without being clouded by ATU. This is not one of the best Beatles songs. Kinda just really loud, not very complex musically, even though the bridge part is pretty cool. It's average I guess, good enough to be album filler, but not much else. On the album, All My Loving or Money are probably better. My tastes anyway. Besides, there's no such thing as a bad Beatles song, so i'm not going to complain about anything.

Across the Universe | Reviewer: melissa | 10/20/08

OMG! I absolutely ADORE the Beatles and Across the Universe!! My car can hold 6 cds and we (me and my mom) filled all the slots with Beatles cds!! I'm only 11, but I don't like a lot of the things most ppl my age do. I'm more of a 60s/70s kind of kid. I hate the war, and I love the Beatles, so this movie REALLY appealed to me.

Across the Universe | Reviewer: Maxine | 1/5/08

I absolutely looooved the movie!!! Reviews say that there is alot of kissing and is inapropriate for children, but it actually wasn;t that bad. I am turning 13 in a few weeks but I thought (and my parents) that it wasn't that bad! Love the music in it too!

Beatles!! | Reviewer: Vero | 12/17/07

Wow!! Ma io mi i fan Italiani?? I'm italian and I love Beatles!! Across the Universe (song and Film) are fantastic!!! All songs of Beatles are fantastic!! John Paul George only love!!!! Vero

across the universe | Reviewer: amy | 12/14/07

My brother is 19, and Im 14, we both love the beatles, and not just the beatles but the original members of it too. I liked Across the Universe, and my brother thought it was shit, but we both still like the Beatles as much as we did before. I personally have never met anybody who likes the beatles because of Across the Universe, if they wanted to see a movie to show what the beatles were all about I would much more suggest something like, "Help!"