An inspiration for Neutral Milk Hotel | Reviewer: A J | 2/5/12

This song, I think, along with others.. was an inspiration for the band Neutral Milk Hotel.. which has a very deep meaning in its lyrics in their songs and has over the year become one of my favorite Bands..

It's all too much | Reviewer: Mindy | 5/8/10

Quite right on the line correction RJ! Hey Bulldog, Baby you're a Rich Man, Only a Northern Song, Too Much (LOVE the feedback at the beginning) are some of the best songs they every wrote, and Yellow Sub as an album is often overlooked.

Harrison begins to peak while lennon and Mccartney are coming down | Reviewer: jube | 5/6/10

this song written in 1966 and not used until the Yellow Submarine soundtrack showcases George Harrison's emerging talents as a writter. His words come from his soul and not his attempt at making a hit song. the simplicity of the song makes one of the most complex sounds. it's as close to an audio halicination that you can get to without tripping yourself. the two notes emitting from the hammond organ played one after another begin to take on their own sound as they echo of each other repeatedly. you can feel Harrisons love flowing out and you can almost feel the overwhelming sense of love that he felt for patti at the time. the song takes the listener on a six minute journey into georges soul as he pours his heart out in his vocals changing from a high pitch into a low growl of it's all too much. If you have ever done LSD you know the feeling of it's all too much. whether it's a cartoon, a movie, a bowl of ice cream or love....sometimes you realize that it's just all too much and harrison was able to capture that feeling and put it on tape.

It's All Too Much | Reviewer: R J | 2/2/08

The 1999 version of this album is incredible. The 5 songs fromthe original album are probably the least heard Beatles songs but 4 of them are some of the best Beatles songs ever. Include "Baby, You're A Rich Man" and "Nowhwere Man" and you would have had 1/2 of one or there best albums!
PS The line "The more I am the less I know" s/b "The more I learn the less I know".

One of the best | Reviewer: Christian Thwaites | 11/17/07

Amazing song. George at his best. Check out the quote (lyrics & music) from Sorrow, also covered by Bowie in "Pin Ups) and an original hit by the McCoys.

What can I say? | Reviewer: Joshua Tyree | 2/8/07

This is an amazing song - complex in its simplicity.