What a great song | Reviewer: Colton F. | 4/1/11

A song with a simple meaning, but a stong impact. No matter his past, he loves her more. The unconditional love for her is greater then that of all his other lovers and friends. And the piano solo in the middle of the song, blows my mind! Rubber Soul is one of the best albums. A transition between early beatles like help! and beatles for sale and later beatles like abby road and let it be.

In My Life.... | Reviewer: Andrew Shepherd | 12/20/10

I have known this song from its first release. I was barely a young man emerging from my teens. It is only now that I realise it has an everlasting charm to it that resosatese with every stage of my life. Even now as an aging man, I find it so moving and still so relevant for so many different reasons to when I first heard it. Then, I thought of friends from school, now I think of my late parents and grandparents, family and lovers who were briefly with me but have now gone or just in the next room. A magical, beautiful and elegant expression of what love was, is and will be.

everyone has a song | Reviewer: db | 12/19/10

I lost track of a friend over whom I first met 20+ years ago. Recently I tracked him down and caught up with him with much hesitation and anticipation. Although we both have our own lives now - we still have a special friendship. Everyone has a song. This one I gave to him. He loves it.

.... | Reviewer: miriah | 12/9/10

I love this song and since we are all sharing whom this song is about to us. I want to say that everytime I think about this song I think of my two small children. and as a young mom when i think about my life before them and what i have given up i still wouldnt change a thing because as the song says "I love you more"

in my life (beatles | Reviewer: andrea evans | 12/8/10

This song is the best song ever written, my dad died 2 year ago at christmas, he was massive beatles/lennon fan, my brother stud up at my dads funeral and sang and played this song on his keyboard. I often listen to this song to reflect on my dads and my own life x

memories | Reviewer: seize_da_day | 11/23/10

this song reminds me of my former guy ... he used to sing this song to me..and every time i hear it, it just pours down the sweet memories we'd shared..he will always have a special place in my heart..in my life..

Probably one of the most beautiful songs ever written. | Reviewer: Noel B | 10/2/10

I agree with the sentiments of some of the other reviewers. Every time I hear this song, I think about the wonderful woman in my life, and how I had always thought I was in love before, but never knew what love really was until I met her.

This woman of mine, she delivered a son to me on 9/19/10, a beautiful baby-boy. Now, just two weeks later, this song has taken on another meaning, and describes another kind of love that only a parent can have. Just holding my baby boy has changed me as a person in ways that I never thought were possible. It took this little man just two weeks so far to make his father melt - I'll die for this boy if I must. He means the world to me. In my life, I love him more.

Now, the love I have inside of me is shared for three very-special people in my life: my two sons, and the beautiful, sweet, and heart-centered woman of my life, my Rachel. In my life, I love her more...

Tears | Reviewer: Amanda | 9/13/10

This song absolutely makes me cry. Although I'm young, I'm still a huge fan of The Beatles. Songs just like this are perfect- they can make you reflect on the saddest and happiest times in your life, no matter how young or old you are. As I type this, I have listen to "In My Life" for times now in the past few minutes, and have shed at least thirty tears.

My Wedding Song | Reviewer: merdee | 8/31/10

My husband & I danced to this at our wedding. When we first discussed what to dance to this was the 1st song that we both suggested. We had both lost parents as teens so this song had significance long before we knew eachother. I smile with tears in my eyes each time I hear this song.

love is never new | Reviewer: ivee | 7/21/10

This song captures what I would always overly think about the essence of a place, of memories, of people. Love as "something new" is never possible, because we will always have parts or pieces in us of what we had before. "Though I know I'll never lose affection of people and things that went before". One of the greatest melodies!

For all time | Reviewer: Hinerangi | 3/6/10

I "had" (recent past) an all time favourite in the song "You need a friend" sung by James Taylor, that I thought no other song could surpass and even though I'd heard it before, I'd never really "listened" to it. Bette Midler sang a cover accompanied by Ukelele last year at the Royal Variety Show. It was simply breathtaking! Anyone reading this should take a time to listen to it @ www.youtube.com/watch?v=HlpvDoaXn1c. You'll not regret. So, here's to my "new" all time favourite.

love this song | Reviewer: hope | 11/4/09

my daddy tell me bout this song. when i was 13, i thought the beatles just an old man who sang thousands of old song that i wouldnt like it. but since i heard this song and gogling for the lyric, i fell in love with this song and i dare say that there is no song, no lyric more beautiful than this melody.

My favorite song for all time is In My Life | Reviewer: Carol Ingle | 10/16/09

I am 57 years old. The first time I heard In My Life I cried. I can not listen to this song without getting a lump in my throat. This song touches my heart always has and always will. It's my favorite song now and forever.

tears | Reviewer: shaye panaguiton | 10/9/09

I'm only 17 been in some heartache when I heard this song over the radio and tears suddenly falls down my face without me noticing it.Love the Beatles especially John I wish could turn back the time and spend time with him.
But of all these friends and lovers
There is no one compares with you
And these memories lose their meaning
When I think of love as something new

Fun Fact About This Song | Reviewer: mystical pippin | 8/22/09

Did you know that In My Life was voted the all time favorite by Beatle fans? Funny how we think our choices are speical or different from others (I always do)when they're actually popular by most. It's also a great poem which is how it was introduced to me in 1967!