Memories | Reviewer: Alan | 11/12/14

This is a song which always sings in my mind when I have a moment of bluesand or when I want to come back to my teen days.I can hear clearly the voice of John Lennon,Paul McCartney.This beautiful song makes me return back in my college HAPPY DAYS with my friends and even our teachers.Like it says,some memories may have gone ,but some wil always remain vivid and forever in my mind as if it was yesterday.though 45 years have elapsed.For me.this song is together with WE ARE THE WORLD AND LET IT BE.the 3 most beautiful songs I have heard.

Perfection in a song... | Reviewer: Donna S | 2/16/14

I've loved this song ever since I first heard it as a child. The melody is so haunting... yet sweet. It is perfect for recalling the memories that it refers to in our lives. A song for funerals, anniversaries, lovers, friends, LIFE! I swear, I could live my life by Beatles songs alone! But this one is the most special one.

Funeral video | Reviewer: Lmayden | 1/25/14

A segment of my sister's life video was shown with this song being played in the background. It brought smiles and tears. So appropriate. I downloaded this song and will remember her everyday when I play it.

Best music since I was ten yrs old! | Reviewer: Cheryl Ann French-Taylor | 11/14/13

This is the song I sang to my husband on our 20th anniversary, and the song I told my son to play at my funeral (along with bagpipes playing Amazing Grace.. thank you Beatles for many years of great music!!!

A song to wake up to | Reviewer: Jim | 2/26/13

I was awakened with this song in my head. I only new the tune and not the lyrics. A search of about 5 minutes lead me to the song title only and voila, there were the lyrics that fit the tune!
In my life I have never awakened with a tune stuck in my head so this song must have special meaning.

the most beautiful song of all time | Reviewer: Marian | 2/2/13

Every time I listen to this song, I cry, it is the most beautiful and poinient song every written, no matter what your age or gender, if you listen to the words they will resonate in your soul.

When my days are done.... | Reviewer: Sophie | 1/1/13

I will request that this moving song be played for my sister when I die. She is my last living relative, the only constant in my life and there is no one I have ever loved more. I fell in love with this song the day I first heard it and 40 years later I know why.

Mother/Son Wedding Dance | Reviewer: Maureen | 11/27/12

My son chose this song for us (I'm his mother) to dance to at his wedding. I found it touching on many levels: the Beatles were my era, but the truths belong to everyone. I know he was thinking of his childhood, grandparents who have passed away, me, and his future with his wife. It was nice to know that we are all in his heart.

liverpool and the beatles | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/16/12

Even though i live in liverpool and surrounded by beatles stories i have to say i have heard this song many times but had never listened to the lyrics.It was on the radio in my car i listened to it properly for the first time.I started crying.When i got home i got my son to get it on the computor.I started crying again.The lyrics are unbelievable.It has so many difrent meanings besides friends and lovers.For me its about the granparents i loved so much and lost.It about the good times i had with my ex husband places we went but its also about my 3 sons now 29/22/17 the fabulous times as babies toddlers children teenagers now men those times i will never get back but how i wish i could that i hold so dear.Thank you John and Paul.Also i want this played at my funeral to let them know I LOVED THEM ALL.XXX

Great song. | Reviewer: Sadie | 7/2/12

The Beatles are the very first band I fell in love with and this is absolutely one of my favourite songs by them. George Martin's piano solo is extremely refined; the lyrics nostalgic and sweet without being soppy; the music simply, but perfect.
I also love Keith Moon's cover of the song. In a word: touching.

Son's Wedding | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/23/11

This is my favorite Lennon and McCartney song. I have chosen this song for the mother of the groom dance for my son's wedding. I sang this to my son when he was young. From what I can decipher this was not written about a lover although it might be appropriate. Lennon's lyrics were reflections from his childhood although he eliminated many of the original lyics in the final recorded version. The melody was written by McCartney. I thank them both.

mua | Reviewer: mua | 8/24/11

There are places I'll remember
All my life though some have changed
Some forever not for better
Some have gone and some remain
All these places had their moments
With lovers and friends I still can recall
Some are dead and some are living
In my life I've loved them all

GRAND REUNION | Reviewer: maria villanueva | 7/22/11

My classmates and I are planning a reunion after almost about40 years. And these past days weve been exchanging messages in facebook.I can feel the excitements in each of us, but then i thought about it.With these uncontrollable excitements their present spouses or partner might feel jealouz or feel insecured. So I told them to sing this song to their partners and explain the lyrics to them which is perfect for the situation and they all agreed.their partners will love them more and will be more than willing to let them go.This is one of my favorite BEATLES songs.It's a combination of past and present.BRILLANT LYRICS AND MELODY.

Sunday afternoon cocktail hour UK | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/10/11

Nostalga ! incrdible that John Lennon has this insight at an early age although McCartney's melody makes it beautiful - however once under the influence (me) I think bereavement / loss had an inpact on the whole song -definately one of my 'dessert island discs'

Graduation | Reviewer: Lexie | 6/18/11

I have never thought of this song as loving that one man or woman. When ever I hear this song, it makes me feel like I'm graduating high school all over again. I remember when my parents drove me to graduation. My father had said, "This is the place where the sidewalk ends, hun." When my father told me that, we were listening to this song on the CD player. Now, four years after high school, I've just graduated college, and we sang this song for the graduation ceremony. It really does make you think about life back then vs. life now. Simple lyrics. Deep and wonderful meaning.