Will use you if you show dedication... | Reviewer: JT | 3/16/12

Yes, George is merely being honest. He's not with someone at the moment, and he's not really attracted, but if you will do most of the work, then he might not be opposed to a fling or few. Maybe not.

It's not that hard... | Reviewer: Dutch | 2/20/11

The haunting melody sets the message of the song. It's...I'm not sure I'm ready for love. I know you love me. Know that if it's OK with you, I will be thinking about you. And if I can deal with my own feelings, I will call. It's a song of hope.
Don't over analize "carve your number". It just means...If you don't say no. The simple message...if you are willing to wait, maybe I will be in a place where I can love..."and maybe you will get a call from me."
I think the songs appeal is it's statement of "hope" for love for everyone...even if the time isn't right now.

Not so much about groupies at all. | Reviewer: Alix | 11/17/08

George Harrison wrote this song about his girlfriend Pattie as a musical exercise in the D chord.

I do think there are many metaphors in this song, and I think the "Carve your number on my wall
And maybe you will get a call from me" line does not suggest the literal meaning of a girl desperately carving her number into a wall.

Rocking | Reviewer: Kane | 4/12/07

It's the weirdness of this song that attracted me to it. I like to say I'm a fairly normal human going through life like the rest of us, but we all have two sides and it's my not-so-flattering side that heard this song observed, verified and enjoyed it. I mean their singing to groupies and if you think about it, it's not one of their greatest hits, it's not one of the nicest things they every came up with its a bit creepy, regardless I found myself strongly drawn in to the sort of morbidness of the lyrics. The part that always gets me singing is 'Carve your number on my wall and maybe you will get a call from me' I get this image of Paul and Lennon sitting on a bed right, relaxing and looking amused while someone's desperately trying to carve a phone number into their wall and isn't having much success. Cracks me up.
For anyone who’s really in love with the Beatles and hasn’t gotten their album Rubber sole, I fully suggest buying it, you will enjoy it immensely as I have.