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Performed by The Beatles

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Chill out! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/19/09

There's no need to bash on Across The Universe. True, I discovered the wonderful world of The Beatles through Across The Universe, but if I hadn't ever seen the movie, I wouldn't have ever gotten into The Beatles. The Beatles were big 25 plus years before I was born, and as a young adult giving them the respect they are due now - don't you think it's a great thing that something like Across the Universe is bridging the age and generation gap? Don't you want your children to enjoy the music you grew up listening to?

You don't have to be so elitist.

Yep | Reviewer: Lauren | 7/6/09

Ok first off? I reaaallly don't want to hear about the movie "Across the Universe" in this. I'm very protective over The Beatles lol I grew up listening to them. I know many people that only like them because they heard a few songs from the movie. And for the record, yes the original version says "Her"..why not listen to the original instead of the crappy "Across the Universe" versions.

ANYWAY I always thought this song was from the perspective of the girl. Like what she was feeling when going into a new relationship. But, I read what James said and I have to say-your take makes sense too. Hmm new view on a wonderful song. Thanks ;D

No, ALKJF, you're wrong | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/2/09

the lyrics are correct, they do say her- in reference to his current love. if he were to leave his current love for her, she'd better love him more , to make it worth the risk of ending a relationship.

get it straight people | Reviewer: bloodylim3y | 7/3/09

look guys this is the real version of "If I Fell" and no the beatles aren't gay when they talk about that other "her" they talk of a non-specific girl who they compare to this new love saying that there new love must promise to love them over "her"

Stupid! | Reviewer: Alkjf | 7/1/09

Guys you are so stupid! Its not the beatles singing to a guy! It's from Across the Universe so they changed it to her cuz a girl is singing it to a guy. In the beatles version, they say him and the beatles are singing it to a girl. Okay so stop being like eww the beatles are gay cuz they arent.

ok.. | Reviewer: al capone | 5/29/09

aight in these years i think being gay was a total sin and people would have hated to see something of that kind, so i dont see why it would be about a gay guy.. just my opinion too!
and about the song, its f-in awesome! xD ill be giving this one to someone special too :)

ahhhhh | Reviewer: james | 4/8/09

lol i don't see how you can see any kind of homosexuality in this. Its a guy (john) telling a girl that he is scared to fall in love with her and begging her not hurt him like the previous girl/love(her), just a day in the life of johns love life to me its similar to "don't let me down" again with his insecurities its just another one of his pleas is all
(and ismeal maybe its you that wants it to mean something else) but that's the thing with music that's great you can make just about any love song apply to just about any situation, but just because you can make a little side story that fits doesn't mean that's the story behind it. just look up the songs history or pick up a beatles book about their songs and history behind them but yea johns just a helpless romantic and an insecure one at that =p

"If I Fell" | Reviewer: Julie | 3/29/09

this song is really wonderful. it reminds me how powerful the songs of the Beatles are! someday, i would be dedicating this song to someone special to me. to the venus of my life, you may just be so busy right now but please, take time to appreciate other people's love and care for you. to all the Beatles fanatic, keep it up! =)

The story | Reviewer: Diego Fernandes | 3/24/09

In fact, this song Is about a guy that love a girl, but already was hurt by another girl before and because is a little insecure to love again. But that version was INCREDIBLE adapted for a girl that love a Guy that already have a girlfriend ond the tribute musical to Beatles, Across the Universe.

my own point of view [young love] | Reviewer: Nathalie | 3/21/09

my first love and i broke up three years ago because i didn't treat him the way i should i always hid my true feelings and pretended not to care.
so i see this as a song that my first love would sing to his new girlfriend today and ask her to love him the way he should be loved and that he doesn't want to be hurt because once was enough.
"and that she will cry when she learns we are two"
this part would be about "me" he would be telling her that i took him for granted and that now i will regret it all.
and this so true. because i do regret losing him he was my first love and those days with him were like living in a fantasy.

im sorry but i don't see a gay meaning in this Beatles song.... then again this is only my point of view.

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