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Performed by The Beatles

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Amy is an idiot. | Reviewer: Adriana | 3/4/10

Really, who are you to criticize the grammar in a song when you can't even spell GRAMMAR correctly?

The lyric "That you would love me more than her" makes perfect sense. It means that he hopes she loves him more than the other girl did.
Besides, it's a SONG. It doesn't HAVE to make sense. Go look at I Am The Walrus.

"HER" | Reviewer: SheaBaby | 2/15/10

I believe that the use of her in this case "That you would love me more than her" :

Simply means you would love me more than she [possible ex?] loved me. It doesn't have to be grammatically correct, it's a song... He probably just wanted it to ryhme. I think he's talking about a girl that was in love with him before he found this one.... Just saying, but who knows.

Only the one who wrote it can say for sure.

Paul isn't Dead | Reviewer: Ashley Gonzalez | 12/13/09

Paul McCartney is Not Dead!
He is Still Alive!, He is 67 years old and still rocking out on the bass!, That stupid "Paul is Dead" rumor is a bunch of bullshit! There was never a Paul McCartney look-alike replacement in the band, He never died!, It's the real Paul!
I guess the people that believe this or made this rumor up have no freaking life!, Paul McCartney is Still ALIVE today and Yes it's the REAL PAUL!
Rumors are FAKE!

Um... wtf does it matter?? Let it Be, people!! | Reviewer: Cat | 12/6/09

It doesn't matter about grammar because if you're going to critique grammar in lyrics then you need to just freaking STOP listening to music, okay!

It also doesn't matter if you like Across the Universe or not. It's a movie. Using Beatles songs and modifying them to fit.... THE MOVIE. Okay? And if you like the original Beatles versions better than FINE! There are sites with the Across the Universe song versions and there are sites with the original Beatles versions. Which ever version you prefer, look that one up and stop getting in heated debate over movies versus music!!! Just freakin LET IT BE, PEOPLE!!!!

Pathetic? | Reviewer: laiseaJ | 11/25/09

Does no one actually have anything better to do than fight over who's correct about the proper lyrics? If I'm correct, none of you are the lyricists, so what gives you the right to judge someone elses take on the song? It doesn't matter if anyone here is a long time Beatles fan as most of us are, who grew up listening to them, or if you heard the classic songs redefined in a modern day film. Either way, these are the types of things that keep the Beatles still famous today, and that could possibly keep them famous many years from now. A lot of people were born long after the Beatles came out, so you can't expect everyone to just instantly take an interest in older music, it all comes naturally. Giving it a modern take is what gets people back interested into the Beatles. If you don't like the movie, who gives a shit? No one here is forcing you to watch it, they're simply stating their opinion which, by the way, they have a right to. I've been a fan of the Beatles for as long as I can remember, and I still managed to enjoy the movie, yes, the take on it is a little different, the tempos change and possibly the lyrics are improvised as well but it's not like the Beatles changed just because of a movie! If you don't like it, fine! If you do, fine! Just don't make such a massive ordeal.

Acroos The Universe | Reviewer: Gabby | 10/3/09

Just to clear it all up, I'm a diehard Beatles fan since the age of six when my Aunt pulled out her dusty her dusty record player.

I didn't want to see Across The Universe because I was so sure that it would ruin everything I hold dear and love about The Beatles, but I was surprised. It wasn't bad, it was actually a good movie. They drew up a realistic portrait of the time period, and interwove so many stories about so many lives. They songs that they used, I couldn't find any dramtic changes, and the writer found creative ways to use the songs to express what the characters are going through, without dishonoring The Beatles at all.

In fact, I like to think of Across the Universe as an Ode to The Beatles triumph and a memorium of all that they accomplished, showing is they can even have an impact on us today.

So now that's all out of the way, I just wanted to clear up some confusion. In Across the Universe, they don't change the lyrics to this song at all. They're completely the same. It has a different meaning as it's a girl (Lucy) singing it to a guy (Jude)while he's breaking up with his girlfriend, but it's the same overall theme. I've been in love, and I was hurt, I want to love you, but I'm scared. The only other difference I can think of is that they slow down the tempo of the son considerably, but it's not a bad change, it fits the scene.

The orginal's still better though, always will be.

Kenny is off by 3 years | Reviewer: Bob | 8/30/09

If I Fell was released in 1964 on A Hard Days Night Paul met Linda at the Georgie Fame concert in 1967! Also If I Fell has John as the lead vocals and while most of the songs are listed as John and Paul colaborations most were written by one or the other with input or help with the occasional line and consequently John sand Johns songs and Paul sang Pauls songs!!

All wrong | Reviewer: Kenny | 8/22/09

I grew up in a beatles fan bus. This song is NOT written by John Lennon at all but was almost the sole work of Paul McCartney.
Paul wrote this song because at the time he was in a serious relationship with a girl named Jane Asher and was going to marry but due to one of Paul's affairs with Francie Schwartz was called off. During he's not-so-serious relationship with Francie, he met a girl named Linda Eastman who was a reporter and he "fell in love" with her and only hoped that she "promise to be true" about how she always said she would love only him. Paul said if he gave his love to Linda he must be sure that Linda would love him more then Francie.

"Her" | Reviewer: Amy | 8/13/09

I just wanted to point something out about the use of "her" in the song.

That you would love me more than her (loves me)

That's incorrect grammer.

That you would love me more than (I love her) her

That doesn't make sense to the song, as it's about John's own insecurity.

That you would love me more than (you love) her

That's the only one that makes sense grammatically. (If it were about a girl, the word used would be "she.") And I like to think it's about Paul, because of the moving harmonies, and just the nature of their relationship in general.

Whether or not any of the Beatles had homosexual tendencies is irrevelent to the fact that I'm right ;]

Oh, and btw before anyone yells at me, I'm a huge fan of The Beatles, and I could care less about Across the Universe.

"Her" | Reviewer: Amy | 8/13/09

Oops, apparently someone else already pointed that out. Oh well, at least I used correct grammer in my review so now one can call me out on that front. Since that's the only critique given to the person who previously stated that.

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