agree she is | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/29/07

they are talking about the girl that they were in love with before and now they fell in love with a new girl and would want her to love them more than the other girl loved them... it's very confusing

She is.... | Reviewer: Jessica | 11/24/07

I think in that phrase "love me more than her" it means "love me more than (she does)"..... rather than "love me more than (you love her)". i wondered the same thing when i first heard it but i think for it to make sense you have to change the emphasis of the subject in the sentence.... i think...

anyway, wasnt across the universe an amazing film. ive had the soundtrack playing on repeat for weeks

great. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/23/07

dude, she's singing it to a MAN. beacause she is saying that he should love her more than he loved another girl.

anyways, this is an amazing song. it you don't like it, you must be seriously in-freaking-sane.

who is that she? | Reviewer: lyca | 11/21/07

who is that she they were pertaining to? "That you would love me more than her" the girl they're singing the song to a lesbian or are they singing it for a man?

who is that she? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/21/07

who is that SHE that they were pertaining to? "That you would love me more than her" Is the girl theyre singing to is a lesbian or are they singing to a man?

so wow,,,,, | Reviewer: mhÿ | 11/9/07

oh my gosh... now i fell inlove again,,, thats why i really love this song... i wont forget this song...

wow | Reviewer: donna | 11/3/07

oh how i love her voice in this song! its so .. amazing! even if its not all from her gut, its so pretty and still.. its un breakeable its just too amazing.
and shes so beautiful..
i love this song.
so much.
haha had to say that

A great song | Reviewer: alejandro | 8/31/07

this is a very sentimental song, it's good and peaceful song, and is a very good song for te people who like the beatles music