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Performed by The Beatles

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I think | Reviewer: Machlath | 3/14/09

That this is actually about a girl that is singing to a guy that is in a relationship with another girl. OR a guy that is singing to a girl in a relationship with another guy. But I like your version too, Ismael. :)

Gay meaning! | Reviewer: Ismael | 3/9/09

I think its clear.
Its talking about a boy who is in a relationship with a girl, but he's actually bisexual (or gay), so the boy who sings is telling him to let the girl, and come with him.
I think its SO clear, but the fact is that people DONT want to see that meaning...

peace&love | Reviewer: ..piki.. | 10/27/08

''If I fell in love with you
Would you promise to be true''

simple words..but they are so deep..
Beatles were one of the moste important band and we have to be happy what did they do..this song is beautiful message to world..and you have understand it on your own way..

If I Fell | Reviewer: Natalia | 9/18/08

I think the beatles song have a certain message that can be interpreted by anyone. the lyrics are different to everyone which is why their music is so amazing. i personally think the song is from a woman's eyes perhaps thinking about the man she's in love with. he may have been burned by a relationship in the past and is afraid he might hurt her pride like she did.

About Being AMBIGUOUS | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/4/08


1. Open to more than one interpretation: an ambiguous reply.
2. Doubtful or uncertain: “The theatrical status of her frequently derided but constantly revived plays remained ambiguous” (Frank Rich).

...It doesn't mean UNINTENTIONALLY UNCLEAR. The definition doesn't say anything about whether or not it was intended to be unclear, just that it is unclear.

People can be ambiguous on purpose if they want to; they can give you an answer to make you think one thing when they really mean something else, especially if they're a smooth talker/good with words.

Just thought I'd mention it since you 'hate when people try to appear "smart" when they're actually quite stupid.'

Don't Try To Be A Music Critic ... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/6/08

...just enjoy the music or lyrics. I hate when people try to appear "smart" when they're actually quite stupid. Why speak of "grammar" when your own grammar and spelling (of even simple words) is ridiculous. And there's no such thing as "ambiguous on purpose." The word 'ambiguous' by definition means unintentionlly unclear. Idiots. (Oh, and before you think I mean you're being 'critical' when I wrote "Don't try to be a critic," that means don't try to CRITIQUE the lyrics--I know you needed help with that one.)

^_^ | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/23/08

I absolutely love this song. I think it's one of the sweetest love songs of all time. I'm watching A Hard Day's Night right now and the Beatles just sang this song on it. No one can top the Beatles in my opinion.

the ambiguity was on purpose.. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/20/08

I think the song was meant to have kind of a double-meaning. The ambiguity of "you would love me more than her" allows the song to be sung by anyone and still make sense. It also makes it a pretty universal love song, very easy to identify with.

different meanings | Reviewer: uglee | 3/6/08

the beatles' version:
That "YOU" would love me more than HER (which means "YOU'd love me more than SHE loved me")

in the movie version:
That you would love "ME" more than HER (which means "you'd love me more than you loved her")

i just think the movie version is more correct in grammar if you have the meaning/story that way and since a girl sang it. When i 1st heard the beatles version, it made me think for a moment before i got what they meant. i guess its the wrong grammar, its really distracting (at least for me).

Also: "Don't hurt my pride like her"
in the beatles version, it means dont hurt my pride like (what) she did. while in the movie its dont hurt my pride like her pride? or 'hers'.
am i right?
haha whateveer! poetic justice.

In across the universe... | Reviewer: lost in wonderland | 1/17/08

in the movie when lucy sings the song about/to jude, the songs meaning changes to : "That you would love me more than her" - her meaning - judes girlfriend/ex-girlfriend. she is asking jude to love her over the other girl.
I will always choose the beatles original songs over the many covers but yet, I just love evan rachel wood's voice and I think she did a great job in across the universe...and i've gotten the soundtrack...pretty amazing =]

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