After all these years | Reviewer: Celeste | 11/17/14

I was about 18 when I first heard this song by the Beatles.
That was about 42 years ago!
I just heard it again as a movie ending and realized that the singer has never met the love in the song. It's the love that we all carry in our hearts and wish for!
But I did have a love that I lost and although I've made a great life for myself and am very happily married I'll always still love the one that got away.
There's room enough for many loves in a heart.

Love of my life | Reviewer: Tim | 7/30/14

This is the song I used to dedicate to the love of my youth, or should I say love of my life....even though she's now somebody else's wife..
It's a beautiful song and I always turn emotional when I hear it or sing it.
Indeed it makes me very sad to realize that I may have to wait an entire lifetime for her. Or longer! But if she wants me to, I will..

This song "I will" is so lovely | Reviewer: Ary | 2/23/14

I dedicated part of this song to a person whom since I meet him tell me a wrong name "For if I ever saw you I didn't catch your name But it never really mattered I always feel the same" Haha, and he just lauhg when I singing "I Will"

LMH | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/14/13

I started loving this song when i watched one of Lee MinHo's concert. He sang this though the pronunciation wasnt that good yet he sang it with so much passion and heart that's why i fell in love with it and with him!! I downloaded the song and started singing over and over and over again!

my lullaby to my childern | Reviewer: mom | 9/24/13

This was the song I always sang to my sons when they where little. Little did I know that as adults I would have to wait for their love to return. But as I mother I will never give up hope. I wait and pray they grow up and see the real world around them. I love them with all my being. I WILL.

DADA is the best | Reviewer: Diolalaloveess | 9/15/13

i heard this song baecause of my father he thought me about the song that sing by the artist in 60's 70's 80's but this song is my favorite because the lyrics is simple but when we hear it the simple deepest in your heart will out hahaha ! ilove you paul

:) | Reviewer: cathy | 9/3/13

I really love this song cause it reminds me of my best friend Titing, whom I dearly love secretly. He brings twist in my world before but now were apart and we both have different lives.
I don't know if he is aware that I was madly in love with him but that was past.
I wish you all happiness..:)))and you know"I Will!"

A grand day | Reviewer: Marce (it's Italian) | 7/3/13

The first time I had ever heard this song was when I was thirteen. I was sitting in the kitchen. The Beatles weren't on the radio much anymore, so I was listening on YouTube. I had clicked the Beatles Love Songs album thing. And while listening I found some of the greatest songs I had ever heard. One of which being I Will. T'was a good thing to have happened to me.

I will - a symbol of my life | Reviewer: Inna | 5/2/13

So happened that the "White Album" - the last I heard from Beatles - I had all discs, other than that .. Latest Beatles albums always give me sad - because I knew that soon they "to part". I not wanted buy a pirate but for original I pitied the money .. And finally, I bought it. And there was this song. (I still think this version better, though Paul and alone exellent singing it ) I realized - it's masterpiece.. I rewrote it on a piece from a notebook into a cell, clasped it and put into the breast pocket and wearing it always with me - I had no idea, for whom in my life intended that song because for a long time I nobody loved .. And a few years later, I learned - for whom it is))) And since then this song became a symbol of my life and my love. (sorry my English) :)

June 17, 1978 | Reviewer: Bobby S. | 3/26/13

My wife to be (on the stated date) had requested I sing to her as she came down the aisle....I couldn't do that without tears of joy and choking up, so I sang this song "I Will" (with a few appropriate word changes) a capella from the rear of the church building before her father walked her down the aisle to meet me at the front for the ceremony...For years afterwards it was our yearly tradition for me to sing it to her on our anniversary...(35 years this summer).....We still love the song and were pleased it was used on American Idol....

Australia to England Letters | Reviewer: A "Little Rose" | 3/22/13

The song was played first in Australia while I was writing to my old love. He'd had to return to England in 1968. I wonder if he may hear it, when it was performed on American Idol last night...all the memories came flooding back. If we ever meet again, maybe we should give a great deal of credit to Sir Paul McCartney.

first time i heard this song | Reviewer: Dawn | 2/12/13

The first time I heard this song was at my 23 yr. old sons memorial service..It had the entire church in tears..It so describes my son and the love he shared and received from everyone

I will | Reviewer: switchman1 | 1/8/13

As I was being driven by my best man to the church on my wedding day this song came on dedicated to me by my soo to be bride.The best man was in on it to play the radio station at that exact time.

first love song | Reviewer: rika febriyanti | 1/7/13

i heard this song first when im watching " a love affair" in the television almost 12 years ago,and i think about my first love about when i heard it,suddenly my first love ( he didnt know i love him so much, beside we didnt ever met before,coz we live in the different island, we just make conversation on chat before)call me for the first time,i was very happy that time and i think its our destiny,since that time it always make happy tears in my eyes everytime i heard this song :), even my first love doesnt work properly and now im 30 and already marry with someone else:) but still have a deep feeling, when everytime i heard or sang this song.. love it so much..the greatest love song ever :)

Yes, happy tears! | Reviewer: Supa Man | 11/17/12

at a time i first heard this song, it was sung by a female singer who i still do not know her name. i heard this song later again in a movie that i also did not remember its title...thanks LU for mentioning "A Love Affair" with children choirs