Too many years. | Reviewer: Martin Schwanz | 11/12/12

I love this song. I was separated from my daughter over thirty years ago. I used to sing it to her when she was little. I found her when she was twenty and she was still my little girl.
She left my life again and now it is thirteen more years since I have seen her. I would love to sing it to her again while I am able. I truly believe this in my heart. I know : I WILL.

Magic song | Reviewer: John Beatles Fan | 10/16/12

Ever since I heard this beautiful ballad when I was a kid (58 now), I was mesmerized by the simplicity and beauty of the melody and the words. Paul is a true master and this song is just one in a chain of musical wonders available for the world to enjoy forever. Love you Paul!

Simple lyrics bit what an amazing and overwhelming effect they have....
I also heard it for the first time on A Love Affair sang by a chlidren choir....Sooooo moving, it just gets you...
And it always make me cry.... but only happy tears :)

I heard this song in a Warren Beatty movie over 10 years ago and never could find out what it was or from whence it came. It did not appear on the movie soundtrack I think it was Love Affair. Kids sang it in the movie. Anyway, I had a radio dedication done of it for my dog who passed away almost 2 months ago. Now it makes me think of her when I hear it. I guess it will make you think of anyone you long for and don't feel you will ever stop longing for or loving.

The song that can't be replaced by songs of now | Reviewer: paulmccartney fan | 11/18/11

I waited 17 years to know the title of this heart-melting song. I'm 18 now and yes, I already heard this song when I was a baby. Until now, this song is really engraved in my mind even though I can't find the title of the song at first. At the time when I will marry the right one for me, after a decade maybe, I will play and sing this song to my future wife. I really just love the melody, the lyrics, and the solemnity of the song (because it's really a quiet and clean song). I'm proud that I was born the day when Paul was born also to spread the love and share the talent given to him; to inspire every person hearing his songs.

I will | Reviewer: supernova | 10/4/11

Gosh, this song really describes my deepst feeling about my ex-girlfriend.
Yes, she's my Ex, but actually I really love her so much, I believe she's the perfect one for me until now. Although now me and her impossibly will be together, but I WILL wait for her... even when I'm 70. But I will wait for her and I really want to lay beside her until my time come.

Well, for me that's the 1st verse all about....

Beatles IS The Guru!!!!

Less is More | Reviewer: Claude Morrison | 9/21/11

The essence of the beauty of this song lies in its simplicity.
I'm singing it for my nephew and his bride at their wedding.
When I proposed the choice, it was an immediate 'YES!'
Good on ya, Sir Paul, and thanks.

Young love song | Reviewer: Tawnie | 8/13/11

When I was In third grade my and my best guy friend who I liked and he liked me and to sing the "love you forever" part in front of the school for music class. We were nervous so we held each others hand. And everyone in the audience said "Awwwwwh".

I Will | Reviewer: Kathi | 8/3/11

When we were dating my husband and I would always say, "Oh, I will if you will." We both loved the word and the music, so I Will became our song. As our 30th anniversary approaches, we were lucky enough to see Sir Paul on 6/15/11 at Yankee Stadium. He sang I Will that night. From what others have told me, has rarely sings it. How lucky are we?

greatest love song ever | Reviewer: sherri | 7/30/11

I have always SO loved this song! I sang it to my now 8 year old grandaughter as well as her father, my son. It just totally captures every kind of love we feel. Thanks Paul McCartney for your songs with your heart in them. You're always my favorite!

Meditative | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/6/11

This song has become part of my morning meditation. The melody and words express perfectly the sense of longing and loyalty, expectation and connection, faith and committment that is the essence of any deep love.

College Memories | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/25/10

When I was a collegiate member of my sorority, my chapter used this song for our Candelight, an unofficial way of announcing a lavilier, pinning, engagement, or birth. It saddened me that other chapters didn't use it as its so pretty and heartwarming to hear with the people you love beside you.

i will | Reviewer: bainsaptaman | 12/28/09

so nice, cute and sentimental.....all the things you do ENDEAR you to me.... woowww.....sometimes,what we did means so much to someone else (to be loved more)though we regarded it NOTHING......(paul was the expert for such kind of sentimental his innocent and childish face)......

"i will" by paul mccarntey and john lennon | Reviewer: kaytia | 2/2/09

this song is an old but good makes you think about anyone who have ever loved..
i agree with mark..
for if i ever saw you
i didnt catch your name
but it will never really matter
i will always feel the same...
these are possibly the greatest lyrics

peace out yo

I will | Reviewer: mark | 9/7/07

For if I ever saw you
I didn't catch your name
But it never really mattered
I will always feel the same

Possibly the greatest lyrics of all time.