umm | Reviewer: tj | 5/22/08

as much as i love this song and the beatles--please stop taking your interpretations of the song from Across the Universe. when the beatles wrote this, they were not referring to the draft or soldiers carrying the statue of liberty. have some separation between reality and hollywood. please.

Review | Reviewer: ROWRtasha | 4/17/08

For KittyKat: Yes this song was written about a war, I think Vietnam...I'm not positive but it seems correct. "I want you" was directed over Uncle Sams posters & "She's so heavy" was reffered to the Statue of Liberty that the soldiers were bringing into Vietnam. But I defiantly agree that this song is amazing :]

She is so heavy | Reviewer: Miguel | 1/5/08

The song has all elements and pasion in it and everytime you listen to it you feel that released upon you. It is one of my favourites of them.

the real meaning | Reviewer: Katey | 11/17/07

This song was written by George Harrison about his first wife... who was later stolen away by Eric Clapton, who also wrote a song about her.

SWEET! | Reviewer: KittyKat | 11/13/07

Man I love this song so much and I listen to it so often. I also think this song is about the war because of the I Want You. You remember the Uncal Sam I Want You to Join the Army posters right?

Taz Review | Reviewer: Taz | 11/9/07

I love this song. It's amazing how a song so simple can have such a profound affect on me. Every time I lisen to it, I go to my happy place.

Taz | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/9/07

I love this song. I find it amazing that a song so simple can have such a strong affect. Every time I lisen to it, I go to my happy place.