A simple love song... | Reviewer: Mark | 12/6/11

Nothing to overanalyze here. A simple song about John's falling in love with Yoko. Read his Playboy interview...he lays it all out about how Yoko and the Beatles fit into his life at the time. He said by 1966 he was ready to venture out, then he meets the love of his life and his whole world and priorities change. That simple.

Meaning | Reviewer: David | 11/2/11

One dude claims its about a serial killer. More claim its about Yoko. I wish it was about a serial killer and Yoko was his next victim. Yoko broke the band up, got John to put her and only her on the will, got all the recordings in her name and had John killed. She didn't care a bit about him. He was a sap to ever hook up with her in the first place. Anyone ever listen to her "music"? Screeching insanity and she considers herself an "artist".

So much awesomenes!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/5/11

Man i love this song! is my favorite of the beatles. and i think every one has their own view of the song. I belive and like to think that he really wants a girl thats so "hot" and he just thinks its "too much girl for him" but he doesnt know how to get to her. anyways thats just me.

Rolling Stone gave us all the best resource to come out in years | Reviewer: Chatsworth | 10/2/10

As I recall, RS just published the Top 100 Beatles songs issue. There is nothing deep about this song (lyrically speaking anyway - it's the music that takes it to an entirely different level, ESPECIALLY 5th Beatle Billy Preston's organ work.) Across the Universe was a great film and gave us a great visual interpretation of songs that everyone loves, but it stops there. I'll take it from the horse's mouth any day of the week.

Getting it from the Horse's mouth | Reviewer: Chatsworth | 10/2/10

Rolling Stone recently did the Beatles 100 Greatest Songs issue and this one's on page 92.

An excerpt:"She's so heavy was about Yoko," he (Lennon) told Rolling Stone. "When you're drowning, you don't say, 'I would be incredibly pleased if someone would have the foresight to notice me drowning and come and help me. You just scream." At the mixing session, Lennon told stunned engineer Geoff Emmerick to abruptly cut the tape in the middle of a bar, creating a startling end to the first side of Abbey Road.

This song goes no deeper than the intensity of a guy's desire for a girl. The lyrics are pretty straight forward - it really becomes baby makin' when "5th Beatle" Billy Preston's organ work hops into the mix.

While Across the Universe provided great imagery to songs we all know and love, I'd rather take it from the horse's mouth any day of the week - especially when it comes the Beatles.

where people have it wrong | Reviewer: Revolveraver | 9/21/10

the song is not about the government nor is it about some random guy wanting a girl.
this is originally written by John Lennon although is a collaboration of Lennon/McCartney. The song was Lennon's first introduction of his love for the band but the fact that the weight of popularity and fans weighed him down. he went into music for the love of it not for the fame and popularity and hated the weight of the nation with eyes on him constantly. it was originally supposed to be 8 mins long but Lennon cut it down to a quick ending.

Prog rock song | Reviewer: Sputniker | 9/20/10

I think what everybody seems to forget is that this is actually a progressive rock song, and so its lyrical content can be interpreted in many different ways. The fact that only twelve words are used adds to this ambiguity.

STOP | Reviewer: megan elizabeth | 9/15/10

stop spouting the scene from Across The Universe and pretending its your thought. we ALL saw the movie. its most funny that you would quote that movie seeing as it was all about individuality and thinking for yourself, yet, you are all so eager to jump on the bandwagon of conformity to be yet another so-called "hippy."

it's about a girl | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/11/10

this song is about a girl, wanting her so bad.. it's pretty obvious isn't it? anything else is a stretch. saying she's "heavy" isn't literal, its not about a fat chick, that she is emotionally deep or that he is so enamored with her he's weighed down, unable to take action

Literal | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/4/10

I believe it is a literal meaning for a man in love with a fat woman. I also think that it was the meaning of this song that inspired Freddie Mercury to write Fat Bottomed Girls. I think rock stars like chubby ladies better than the strung out groupies that flock to them.

the meaning | Reviewer: Lenny | 6/9/10

I like all these "I think it means..." and then they go on to describe the scene from Across the Universe. It could be right but why express it as your own original thought? Just say you agree with it.

what it's about | Reviewer: damian | 5/5/10

The song is about the U.S Government going out of their minds to try and get men to join (in other words the draft)and that there saying shes so heavy means there holding liberty and giving freedom to the world(already spoken by 2 other people)

The truth | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/29/10

This song is about the draft in america saying that uncle sam and the military wants you so bad the wanted individuals to fight for them and when it is saying shes so heavy it is meaning that lady liberty was heavy to hold for an unjust cause

person below. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/19/10

" think the interpretation of the song is about the vietnam war. Seeing as it was written when it was going on. I want you so bad is refering to the draft posters with uncle sam on them sayin he wants you for the u.s army. She so heavy means that carrying liberty and the freedom of the country and south vietnam on the soliders back was difficult and hard to carry. It was a dark time in the country were the citizens og the u.s didnt and still some today dont trust their government." - who ever wrote that got that interpretation directly from the film across the universe written using the beatles lyrics, but thats not defiantly what it was written about.

haaa | Reviewer: MJGui | 4/12/10

Might I just say that I love the people on this thread deeply "interpreting" this song as something to do with a girl, as if it's something break through/an 'out of the box' thought.
The Beatles were WAY more deep than that. most of their songs have really deep meanings... especially the songs on Abby Road. John Lennon for cryin out loud! But this song really can't be interpreted on a lyric level scale... all of the musics of the song coexist with these lyrics to make the meaning. A day in the life is another prime example of this effect.
Im not taking the time to interpret this song, but its much more than 'a guy liking a girl.'