protest song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/30/10

I think the interpretation of the song is about the vietnam war. Seeing as it was written when it was going on. I want you so bad is refering to the draft posters with uncle sam on them sayin he wants you for the u.s army. She so heavy means that carrying liberty and the freedom of the country and south vietnam on the soliders back was difficult and hard to carry. It was a dark time in the country were the citizens og the u.s didnt and still some today dont trust their government.

Yoo "heavy" means something different here... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/28/10

I read somewhere that "heavy" is British slang for something. So if you're going to interpret the song, I would take the British slang meaning into consideration. (Sorry, I don't know the definition of it, but I know it's also British slang.) You're welcome. (:

my opinion.. | Reviewer: ElanoRigby | 2/12/10

my perspective on this song is that its about the drugs.. pretty clear to me. i mean, what can drive a man madder than this? and the music is really dark and smooth.. specially at that time they or he(John) was too into drugs.. 69 man...

I want you ( She's So Heavy) | Reviewer: Ryan Pyzik | 2/10/10

Try this on for size... They wrote a smooth sounding tune to express the masculine side of love. Just enjoy it for whatever it brings to your mind and quit "interpreting" what you have no clue about.

G walts interpretation | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/10/10

From my perspective I understood the song is about a dude wanting a girl so bad its driving him crazy..just like any girl would do to any man..(shes so heavy) means that all that shes putting him through and all that she is making him think and go through is almost too much for him to handle or carry that's why its driving him mad.. the guitar solo after he says "she's so.." sounds prettty evil and in my opinion there isnt one girl that I have met that didnt have some corrupt evil mind state with plans on what to do with you as her man. sorry if you couldnt make sense of my words sometimes i just express what im feeling..maybe i should take some english classes to better my interpreting skills and find better ways of describing my feelings but that's what i got from this song

everyone has an opinion | Reviewer: Sara | 11/2/09

I think that this song is taking a step away from the actual meaning. They put a whole new perspective on this song. It could be interpreted many different ways. Just like a lot of songs.. It just depends on what scene is around the song. I think its sad that people get mad when you have a different idea about song than they do. IDK

WTF | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/27/09

If you think Lennon wrote this song about a real war in a fictional movie you're an idiot and should jump off the pop culture bandwagon and into the nearest chasm. Why don't you just say the song is about Peter Frampton and the BeeGees, and the "heavy" groupies. Oh, you don't know of the Lonely Hearts Club Band? Then shut up. Morons.

Correct interpretation | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/11/09

I know that this song is about a serial killer watching his victim (which is why he states "I want you"), and then he finally kills her and he tries to drag her corpse but "she's so heavy". This is what the song is about. You people that think it's about a war Or anything else are dumb kitty kats.

if you'll notice | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/28/09

everyone reffering to this song as being about vietam an stuff if you'll notice even in across the universe the revert bvack to sadie and jo-jo loving each other and singing this as well as prudence why didnt anyone pay attention to that?

Written by john Lennon about yoko | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/18/09

This song was written by John Lennon, not George Harrison, and it's about Yoko, not the Vietnam war or uncle Sam, or the statue of liberty. People stop making unverified claims or stuff about the movie Across the Universe. It's just a movie. This song also has nothing to do with George Harrison's wife or Eric Clapton.

emotion | Reviewer: Matt | 11/29/08

every year on black friday this one radio station plays the beatles a through z and when they played this song they had an old interview with lennon and he said that to get the intensity he sang as if he was drowning to express his emotions for yoko. i thought it was pretty cool.

about this song | Reviewer: DaDonYordel | 11/28/08

Lennon wrote this song.....for is like a song IMO about obsession.....

And no it's not about some bloody Uncle Sam thing, or about drugs..

It's Lennon's feelings towards Yoko Ono...

I describe this song like it just seems to grab you....hold you tight, and you are into it so much that you are in a trance like state...and then it suddenly let's you go...

love it!

Um, okay? | Reviewer: Lisa | 8/13/08

You guys make a strong point, that you shouldn't take the meaning of the song directly from the movie. But didn't the remaining Beatles have a say in hand of the movie? And if this was NOT about the war, what exactly then was it referring to? Please, I'm dying to know your opinion.

Primitive fools | Reviewer: john | 7/17/08

i loved the beatles before across the universe came out. so for all the fools that think that this song was about the war, i pitty you. it just so happened that the song was appropriate for the scene.

Hollywood vs Reality | Reviewer: Jaimie | 7/3/08

This is for ROWRtasha and KittyKat:
Yes this song was played for Max when he was about to be drafted to the Vietnam War. However, it doesn't means that it's about the war at hand. The director used that song for that scene because at that point it seem approriate.
And I agree with Tj. He/she makes a good point about the interpretation of the movie vs. reality of the lyrics/song itself. Keep them seperate