Performed It In The Seventies: Still Love It. | Reviewer: Joseph Guess | 11/25/12

The American Album, which is all we could get back in the day had "For No One" skipping "Doctor Robert" and then coming "I Want To Tell You" right after.
My band performed For No One and then went into I Want To Tell You. The heavy quitar riff fading in immediately following the softness of For no One was genius to us.
We loved the transition from soft to heavy that performing these two songs in that sequence provided. It was many years later when CD's started coming out as the albums were intended that I realised we had it wrong. If I was to pperform these two songs today however I would still do it the same way. Doctor Robert separating the two songs in concert would just not seem right. Never thought that Dr. Robert was a very strong song anyway.
I think that I Want To Tell You was and still is a heavy, well written love ballad. You can not fault it one iota for being simple. Just ask yourself "could I write such an effective song"?

A song for all seasons | Reviewer: GearG | 2/20/12

The lyrics of this track are simplistic, but strike a chord within me which I'm sure mirrors the response of many a young man. Maybe you've messed up with that girl you like, maybe she's messed you up, it's all the same. I remember hijacking these lyrics about 18 months ago to hopelessly try to convey my feelings towards someone, I failed, but hey, at least I've still got Revolver, the LP that provided me with so much melancholy indulgence - For No One, I Want to Tell You, Here There and Everywhere - and you can draw bits out of the other songs too. Revolver is the LP most people forget, but it's the first on my list every time, and I'm sure Paul Weller agrees with that..."It will be a - START!"

agreement | Reviewer: javier cruz | 4/16/11

I also think this is one of their best and I say it because it comes to my mind often. Many of the less known songs by them are among the best. I particularly like "In my life" and it isn't all that well known either. The are still amazing and I'm getting old.

Love This Song! | Reviewer: KiKi | 12/30/10

This song doesnt get the praise it deserves! Its another one of those Beatle songs that is under appreciated! I love this song! Mostly because George wrote it, and by the Rubber Soul album you can see and tell that George was becoming a better writer in his own rights!

I Want To Tell You is a really good song and I think it needs as much attention as like Love Me Do or Elanor Rigby

All Beatls songs are amazing anyway!