Love it! | Reviewer: Silvia | 4/13/13

I absolutely love this song. It's so sweet, and it reminds me of everyone I've ever loved and all the things I was thinking at the different points in my life when I've heard this song. Love it!

James, please... | Reviewer: OK! Go | 7/27/12

Explain to me why I can't enjoy the Beatles and Shakespeare? Just because it's a different lyrical tradition than the one exercised by a charlatan (Shakespeare was a known illiterate, and was credited with works he was most likely given by any of several noble possibilities who could not or would not accept credit for authorship), doesn't mean they are less talented in musical and literate expression; nor does it mean that anyone who enjoys them is less intelligent. Some people are not concerned with intelligence, but they can still have good taste in music. My point is, why "waste energy" bragging about how much you know by sounding like a smarty-pants with no common-sense?(having common sense would mean you should realize that no one listens to depressing, over-achieving, over-thinkers)

I Want The Beatles to Hold My Hand! | Reviewer: KiKi | 3/3/11

I love this song when I was 6 (Im now 17 going on 18) my mom introduced me to The Beatles and this was my favorite song! I LOVE the Beatles! If I was alive in the 60's I would let The Beatles hold my hand and never let their hands go!

i get the chills | Reviewer: isabel | 11/6/10

i love this song i have a talent show coming up and the first song that came up to my head is this one when ever i here this song i get the chills, i must admit if i ever saw the Beatles up close i would never be stop smiling:]

tears | Reviewer: Dee | 6/18/10

sppechless this song is so beautiful... play this song for the one you love not just anyone but the person you hope to spend the rest of ur life with. please appreciate the words that the beatles gave to us. may they live on in our hearts.... "Iwanna hold your hand"

beautiful. | Reviewer: cara | 8/18/08

it does, indeed, remind me of romeo and juliet. and i must say, i completely adore this song. even if the lyrics are simple and short, the song does mean a lot.

goodness, this song is wonderful.

Crush | Reviewer: Gina | 11/12/07

I think this song speaks out to anyone and everyone who has ever had a crush. All you want to do is hold their hand, but, you want the other person to take charge

AWESOME!!!! | Reviewer: Karley | 6/26/07

I love this song and it is great to have the lyrics for it!Its awesome

Hand me down lyrics... | Reviewer: james soderholm | 8/19/04

I wonder how many people see the troubadour tradition handing itself down in these anaphoric lyrics. That I do suggests, alas, the I have too much time on my hands. To gain a sense of how far lyric poetry has declined, see Romeo and Juliet and the scene where their hands make love and enshrine each other in lovely conceits.