Amazing<3 | Reviewer: Emilee | 6/15/12

George Harrison is my favorite Beatle lyrically, all his songs have a deep meaning to them. This song is amazing because it applies to everyone who's been through heartbreak and needed them. George was an amazing songwriter<3

simple but not simple | Reviewer: Nani Triyono | 12/20/09

simple song, simple lyrics, yet expressing complicated feels. Pain, longing, and forgiving are beautifully embedded in this song. Harrison had always written to his heart's content. I admire him and his songs.

Great Song | Reviewer: Sparky | 8/6/09

By no means a difficult song musically. I do rate it as one of my favorite Beatles songs. The words and music are simply beautiful. It's fair to say we have all lost at love and felt the pain George expresses in these lyrics. If not then you are not living.

I Need You | Reviewer: Kenneth Jackson | 1/11/08

A catchy little number, but by no means one of the Beatles' more complicated songs. Will Kittler - you must have been taking LSD while listening to this album, and hot chocolate whilst listening to Sgt Pepper. Wrong way around. Did I mention that the said album is called "Help!").

I need you | Reviewer: Brendan | 12/25/07

While this is not even close to my favorite Beatles song musically, I love the lyrics: they represent almost word for word how I've felt recently. I also agree about George: his songs are gems. "Flying," While My Guitar Gently Weeps," and "Something" (as well as "Here comes the sun") are among my favorite songs on their respective albums. He also rocks the guitar!

Its only love, and that is all. | Reviewer: Amanda | 10/1/07

If George Harrison were still alive, I'd make it my life goal to just give him a hug. He is my hero, and his songs are among the best on every Beatles album.

I Need You | Reviewer: Will Kittler | 9/15/07

One of the Beatles more complicated songs. Harrison emerges as a premiere writer. The melody holds true today even more then when it was written. Timeless lyrics and a haunting melody make this a hidden gem among the more popular Pop mixes.

I Need You | Reviewer: WyLRockâ„¢ | 5/2/07

One of my favorite Beatles songs. Harrison may not have been allowed much space on each album, but what space he was alloted, he filled with gems. The lyrics, the guitar volume changes, the melody, chorus and harmonies. I challange anyone to best it.