Reminds me of tennis players | Reviewer: Old Beatle Guy | 1/22/14

Every time I hear "top" tennis players being interviewed after a match, this song comes into my head. These must be the most egotistical people on the planet. All you hear is "I this, me that" and "mine everything else". Listening to them, you'd think they were the centre of the universe, when, set against the overwhelming problems of humanity, they are just silly, overpaid people chasing a little yellow ball. Good on George Harrison for reminding us of this human weakness.

I, me, mine | Reviewer: jordingo | 11/11/13

one of the things that caused tension between George, John and Paul was George not being able to put many songs on their albums.
Funnily enough, his last song that he recorded with the beatles was I, Me, Mine, which I think was hinting at the others

About John? | Reviewer: Charlotte | 7/31/13

I saw on the documentary 'Let it Be' the Beatles playing this song. John was so detached by then he didn't even play, he just danced around the room with Yoko while the others played. I wondered if this song is about John and Yoko. No idea really though, I'm not George Harrison :D

When I'm 64 | Reviewer: Elliott | 5/30/13

Well I'm over 64 now but still love the Beatles. Glad to see so many younger people are still listening to them because they are incomparable in all respects. But make sure up to get a life also between songs or you'll wind up nowhere man!

I, Me Mine | Reviewer: thousand voices | 1/11/13

This song is obviosly about selfishnes so just leave it at that and don't try to find a hidden meaning. I am only 12 but I know what I'm talking about. Totally love the Beatles. Especially Ringo.

This song | Reviewer: Rocio | 10/29/12

This is one of my favourite songs.I always sing it in the school,so the thacher and my friends look at me like a..i don´t know, but with a strange face. One day, i didn´t pass an exam, because i was thinking in this song and others of The Beatles,but for them i can do anything.Beatles for ever.
I hope this note is well written,i´m learning English

lyrics not great? | Reviewer: Ian | 10/30/12

WoW! How anyone could say that the Beatles lyrics "weren't great" is beyond me! It is true that the early Beatles records were typical pop themes, but by Revolver, they were getting heady in questioning accepted thought. From that point forward, they led the world in questioning authority, values, etc... For anyone as old as I am (who experienced the 50's and 60's) we watched the Beatles change the world. (through lyrics and example)

My Interpretation Of This Song - I, Me, Mine | Reviewer: John | 1/18/12

My interpretation of this song, was about .... Paul.
John was content to be with Yoko; Ringo .... just didn't want to "Rock The Boat". But Paul was the one who "ran with Magical Mystery Tour" (and according to the critics of the time ... a total flop. Paul was the one who ran the show with the "Let It Be" movie (especially including the riff he had with George).So by that time, George had had enough.
Even in their solo years; all three {John, George and Ringo} all wrote negative "pot shots" about Paul.

George was very good and this is just 1 of his gems.. | Reviewer: vito | 11/20/11

Read my comments for the previous track on this LP. It is refreshing to finally read something positive about George. For the most part, your comments were right on. I love the 11 year old kid who understands what crap is being made today. It is great that you love the Beatles. They are the best band of all time. Their songs are the most covered by other artists.
Their lyrics are great and make you think. Also you can even understand the words. Wow, how unusual.
Please watch the Martin Scorsese movie: George Harrison-Living in the Material World. It just came out this month on HBO. I recorded it and have watched it 5 times. It is in 2 parts, runs about 3 & 1/2 hours, and it co-produced by Olivia Harrison. She is George's 2nd wife and they had a 30 year marriage and a son named Dahni who looks like a young George.
This is the only Beatle's movie that has live words by the 3 remaining Beatles at that time and recorded words by John. There are many pieces of rare or never before seen film and interviews of all 4 Beatles. There are also many film clips of George's friends and he had a lot of them. They came from the music business, the film business and even the car racing world. The comments by racing champion Jackie Stewart are priceless and give an insight to George Harrison that many people will want to listen to.
It explains why George had so many real friends and people were attracted to him so much.I wish I had just 1 really true friend. George even remained
best of friends with Eric Clapton after Eric stole Patti (George's 1st wife) away from him. I really like his 2nd wife Olivia so much. She was younger than Patti and stuck with George through some rough times. 30 years of true love.
I would have to say that I wish I had just a part of what George had. This movie is changing my life. I am going to start meditating and getting more educated about spiritualism. Like George, I was raised a Catholic and want more answers. Also I just bought George's 1st solo album "All Thing's Must Pass". It was re-mastered by George in 2000 and includes many more tracks and even jam sessions on it. It came out in 1970 as a 3 LP set. Now it is a 2 CD set with tons of great music on it. It was a good value at Deep I paid $19.13. That is a good site to buy CDs and DVDs because the prices are low, no sales tax and free shipping on every CD or DVD. I have saved a good deal of money by using that site. The GH cd also has a 20 page booklet with an essay by George and all the lyrics to the songs. I already had a cd of his "Best of Dark Horse 1976-1989" It has 15 really good songs on it. One of my favorites is called "Crackerbox Palace"
which has such great guitar on it. It is 1 of my all time loved George songs, but you never hear it anywhere. Go to Youtube and there are 2 videos of it that someone posted. Love it. Find your Mantra & start meditation. Discover and learn and please at least watch the Scorsese movie on George as a starting point. George was a great guitar player and wrote great songs that were at times hypnotic and spiritual. This was enhanced by his used of Mantras in his songs. He did that all the way back to the Beatle's days.
John and George used Mantras on this LP. Watch the movie. Great George comments. You lifted my spirits because I want people to be more educated about George and get what I get from him and his music. Istill listen to the Beatle's and George's music daily. My brother and I used to wait for every new Beatle 45 to come out and beg our Mom to buy it for us. Then we would play it over and over many times with extreme joy. The younger people need to know about the Beatle's. Spread the news...........

I Me Mine | Reviewer: Scott Wiberg | 9/12/11

Upon my second reading of Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami's "Master Coarse Trilogy", I found myself reading a chapter from "Merging With Siva" about moving from the Anava Marga into the higher Margas. The fact is that the Anava Marga (or Ego) is always attched to you until you reach Mukti, so the concept of "I - Me - Mine" always exists until final release when Moksha is attained, so we carry I Me Mine until we are released from the laws of Karma and merge with Siva

a different idea | Reviewer: another Beatles fan | 5/29/11

I really like this song here is the idea i've got of this song. "I" is John: "I" wanna be bigger so "I" got to left you. (he gave the idea of separation). "Me" is Paul: its "Me", the greatest mucisian, you are not at my level. "Mine" is Ringo: this voice is "Mine" is the voice i've born with if you dont want it, i,ll take it with me.
The first paragraph is about drugs.
The second and the third are about their separation
"All I can hear" by that time Harrison he mostly heard was "I, Me, Mine".

What it means... | Reviewer: LRW | 2/1/11

I Me Mine is the ego problem. There are two 'I's: the little 'i' when people say 'I am this'; and the big 'I' - ie duality and ego. There is nothing that isn't part of the complete whole. When the little 'i' merges into the big 'I' then you are really smiling!
—George Harrison, The Beatles Anthology[1]

The set of pronouns which forms the song's title is a conventional way of referring to the ego in a Hindu context. For example, the Bhagavad Gita 2:71-72 can be translated as "They are forever free who renounce all selfish desires and break away from the ego-cage of "I", "me" and "mine" to be united with the Lord. This is the supreme state. Attain to this, and pass from death to immortality." Perhaps subconsciously, the song also reflects Harrison's reaction to the clashes of egos in the Beatles' painful closing days as a group.

EGOCENTRICITY | Reviewer: vladimira | 12/9/10

I think the song is about ourselves, too. And even he say: 'Even those tears I me mine', i.e. we are crying because, for example: 'I am hurt', 'someone or something hurt ME' and 'the biggest pain on the whole world is MINE'... everythig is always about ourselves. And humanity is anthropocentric, that is the fact.

I hope you understood my bad english :)

I Me Mine | Reviewer: Fran | 4/18/10

I truley love this song, along with loving the Beatles! From my viewpoint, I believe this song is about the fights withinthe Beatles within. Around this time period, (near the end of the band) the Beatles were getting in fights. I think George then wrote a song about this, I Me Mine I Me Mine!

Reflection | Reviewer: Mister Mando | 3/2/10

Having lived through the 60's I can really relate to the sentiments expressed in this overlooked song of George Harrison. George, to me, never took the Beatlemania hysteria or himself too seriously until he penned his introspective songs. Then the "quiet one" spoke volumes.