The song doesn't go like that | Reviewer: Ela | 10/2/09

The lyrics in this website are sooo completely messed up! The song doesn't go like that!
it's "i am the eggman" not "I'm eating eggs" for christ sake!
By the way... the beatles wrote this song as a respons to someone who always tried to find the hidden meaning to their lyrics, so they decided to write something unanalizable.

the real meaning | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/29/09

to all the idiots that think what makes a song good isnt the sound, but the meaning...

the reason john lennon wrote it this way was because he was tired of hearing that schools, critics, and other musicians interpreting the meaning of his songs instead of listening to them, so he wrote non-sense lyrics to throw them off.

p.s. the lyrics are just wrong.... the chorus proves it...

Bob Dylan | Reviewer: Alice | 9/28/09

These lyrics are nonsense, and people can analyze the Beetles lyrics all they want, but I think it was mostly for show. The Beetles had a political say to some extent, but nothing like Bob Dylan. Bob Dylan's lyrics and music were the anthems for civil rights and anti war movements. The Beetles (IMO) were trying to do the same thing, only they came in second to Bob Dylan. I think that they rode on Bob Dylans coattails because that is what sold. Bob Dylan wasn't interested in what 'sells', he was interested in making a political statement. The Beetles (again IMO) used this tactic (because he had a large following) to sell themselves and gain a large following. Their music is entertaining, and has some meaning (from what ppl have interpreted and what the beetles have said) but I believe they were more conformists than they were leaders.

WRONG LYRICS! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/28/09

These lyrics are completely WRONG! That's just messed up. I tried to fix them but the site won't let me. This song needs to be fixed now or taken off. I know what the song is about and I know that this is not the right lyrics. Someone needs to change it. John would hate this being on this site like this, if not for me for John Lennon.

The Meaning | Reviewer: G1 | 9/18/09

Whatever the artist's intentions were, the only reason the song is "good" is because it means something to the listener. If you like it then it must mean something to you in someway at some level. Finding meaning in things can occur consciously as well as unconsciously. Feelings is one way we hear our unconscious. Consequently, an emotional reaction, such as like, denotes meaning. Note, however, that the artist's intentions and your interpretation are two different universes.

The lyrics are completely wrong. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/15/09

Almost every line is wrong. Also, there is no meaning to the song; the writer of it made it because he heard that one of his old teachers was getting the students to find the meaning of Beatles songs; he wrote it to mess with their heads.

The fuck... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/10/09

I love how everyone is bitching about the meaning to a song that wasn't even meant to have a meaning, and completely overlooking the fact these lyrics are fucked up beyond belief. Someone clean this shit up.

. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/5/09

i'm pretty sure the reason Lennon wrote this song is because he was so sick of people annalysing his music to death and trying to work out 'what it all means'... just like what's happening now. so it probably doesnt mean ANYTHING you think it means, if it means anything at all. sorry.

WRONG WRONG WRONG | Reviewer: Emily | 9/1/09

The words are all wrong.Sitting on a bench, waiting for the bus to come.WRONG. It's "sitting on a cornflake waiting for the van to come."
I am eatting eggs, they are eatting eggs, I'm John Lennon,
Goo goo ga joob.WRONG It's "I am the eggman woo! I am the eggman woo! I am the walrus" more mistakes! Get it right next time.

If you dont get it | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/2/09

You have only 5 senses..... There are more to words, and symbolism than definitions. Music is the universal language, some speak it, some refuse to, listen, THE SONG REMAINS THE SAME.. But we changed all the names, to protect the in no sense....

WALRUS | Reviewer: RoyB | 8/25/09

I am from the 60's generation and I remember John said not long after it was released that it was a nonsense song - just random thoughts. However, random thoughts can still have a meaning, like interpreting our dreams. David Bowie used a similar method, except he used to write short lyric pieces down on pieces of paper, then randomly pick them up and add them to music. This could also be called nonsense, or is it really ???? Either way, I love the song, and I think we each put our own interpretation to it, thus making it even more great!

Origin | Reviewer: Trevor Smith | 8/15/09

I read in a trivia book (Uncle John's Bathroom Reader series, if you care to know) that this song was a combination of three incomplete beatles lyrics.

Lennon put I am the Walrus together because he found out his old third grade teacher was having his students interpret Beatles tunes, so he decided to mess with his old teacher's head.

This song isn't about anything but senselessness. There is no hidden meaning, no symbolism to speak of. Lennon was trying to be incoherent.

Oh. MY. GOODNESS! | Reviewer: Rubber Soul | 8/15/09

What the heck do you guys think you are doing? Butchering a song like that? Trying to find out what it really means? Well just let it be and listen to the song and enjoy it! If you think its nonsense then by all means. And if you think he was dropping acid when he wrote it, who cares? Its an amazing song that i love.

Interpretation? | Reviewer: Vince | 8/13/09

No idea what it is about, most likely it is not about anything. But I'm pretty sure DannyJoe is right about the fact it was inspired by Alice, John was a big fan of the nonsense in that book (or in general in English literature).

Just another senseless fun song! | Reviewer: Carl Naquin | 8/8/09

How many senseless songs can we recall other than the walrus?
Paint it Black, Mellow Yellow, Mr,\. Tambourine Man, Sounds of Silence, All Great songs, but deeper meaning? Not likely. Okie from Muskogee, Act Naturally, I'm tired of typing, and I can't run out of tunes from my 60s momory- One More- Red Rubber Ball. No more for now