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Performed by The Beatles

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Beatles | Reviewer: Lydia kate | 1/16/08

I dont know anyone who hates the Beatles, but if you do then I hope this song changed your mind! If someone could be high and still right this song that is so widly known then they must be a genius!!

This song is amazing and i think bono did a great job!

John was the walrus | Reviewer: Daniel | 1/15/08

In the song called "God" singed by John Lennon, he discover the riddle of who was the walrus; he says "I was the walrus...but now I'm John"

I hope that you like the information :)

Thank you, Conz | Reviewer: Sophia | 1/5/08

Conz said it all! If you listen to the White Album (Disc One, track three, "Glass Onion"), you will find the following to be stated by John:

"I told you 'bout the Walrus and me, man.
You know that we're as close as can be, man.
Well here's another clue for you all.
The Walrus was Paul."

Though John did intend to confuse people with this song, he almost explained it afterwards.

P.S. I've grown up listening to the Beatles, and I know quite a bit about them. I'm twelve, and they're my favorite band. For people who haven't listened to them since you were one and have a tendency to critisize them nevertheless: I think that one should know a good deal about a topic before they give their opinion.

i am the walrus | Reviewer: robert rich | 1/8/08

at the end of the song every body sings. everybodys got one,everybodys got one.John Lennon said that in playboy Mag in 1980. Beatles were head of their time i loved them and still do. Robert Rich

Fucking mint. | Reviewer: Sydude | 1/6/08

Hahaha, The Beatles are legends of their time and their music is still going mighty strong. I just picked up their "Love" album today, and to say I've only just started really getting into them, I've always admired them for their revolutionary impact on the music industry and how they shaped and influenced british music.

This song has to be one of the funniest so far I've come across. Anyone who's ever had a good trip on acid or smoked pot a good few times can relate to the humor incorporated here -- goo goo g'joob. That's all I have to say.

Fucking incredible.

some explanation | Reviewer: No Walrus Expert | 1/5/08

I just finished Patty Boyd's book 'Wonderful Tonight'. She was married to George Harrison. She and George were busted by Seargent Pilchard, who she says planted hash in their house. Pilchard was making an example of the celebrities of the day and had just recently busted John Lennon. He wanted to clean the town of drugs and felt busting the most notable people would make him look good. Eric Clapton also mentions Pilchard in his book...he had gotten word that Pilchard was going to bust him next so he left town. Then he got a call saying that Pilchard had raided his house and found hash all over, which Clapton says was planted too. Patty Boyd said that years later Pilchard was convicted of untruthful police work (I can't remember the true conviction), but the damage was done at the time. This at least adds some explanation to the lyrics of the song. They all hated Pilchard.

is intention necessary? | Reviewer: overeducatedly simple | 1/4/08

as a song writer, I stand back and am amazed at how much inference is put on old words strung together. They may mean something. They may be a drug trip. They may mean something to one person in the whole world.
But the important thing to remember is that no matter how much of an expert you are, how much you hate the song, how many drugs you do....this song touched you, and it meant something to you as an individual.
Once a creation has "left the shelves" so to speak, the author rarely gets a second chance to interpret what they have created.
Make your own meaning, because that's a lot of what music is. giving people something to feel, and letting them draw their own conclusions from that.

Amazing... great song! | Reviewer: Roger | 1/2/08

I'm amazed at the genius of John Lennon. What an amazing song. John Lennon and The Beatles were geniuses. If Paul really was replaced, it's the biggest scam in rock history!!! The biggest scam since Jesus!!!
Hope I didn't didn't offend any one `:)

<3 | Reviewer: ShellBell | 12/30/07

Heh, I LOVEEEE this song! I think any version's swell (especially the original) but I really do like the "Across the Universe" one done by Bono and Secret Machines. Very well done! I loved it :D

Ok at first | Reviewer: Lucy | 12/30/07

I thought it was just a weird song at frst, then i realized the beatles wrote this when they where high on lsd,i find it discussing the price of stardom

no way | Reviewer: kessler | 12/30/07

no way the LOVE version is better. i love the keyboard. i mean why get a sax player when you could play a kazoo through some delay. same logic. the beatles were the anti-spector "wall-of-sound". orchestration has a way of sterilizing tracks.

TUNE | Reviewer: No, i am the walrus | 12/15/07

Ahh, this songs so cool. Ahhh oh my word its such a phychadelic masterpiece. I first heard the LOVE version and i thought that was the most amazing song i'd ever heard, so i was quite dissapointed with the original - i think the keyboard at the start is a bit weak compared to the violins on the LOVE version.

Lennon over Mcartney and day baby ;). x

Shrooms | Reviewer: frankie | 12/12/07

This song and a few others are good songs to listen to while on shrooms...i did them last week and had a mighty good trip...

have you guys heard the new version done by the movie, "across the universe"?

fucking amazing...

Fact-from the archives | Reviewer: Dan | 12/8/07

Semolina Pilchards' post here is correct. They just had this on my local radio station in a tribute to John Lennon.

A student told John Lennon his teacher had his class analyze the lyrics to one of his songs.

John then wrote I Am The Walrus, and said, "Let the F***ers analyse that one!"

No hidden messages,or meanings, just John Lennon
having fun doing what he did best!

My favorite, is when John offered an interview to a reporter during one of his "bed ins",if the reporter would get naked and join him and Yoko!

Maybe there is some playground songs in there, references to a book John liked, and some food he hated.

These odds and ends,combined in a matrix of his humour and musical talent provided us with a timeless masterpiece!

A masterpiece which I think he would laugh endlessly... that people are STILL trying to analyse!

Take care people!
Thanks John!

Wrong! | Reviewer: Hi:-) | 12/3/07

I totally LOVe this, its my favorite song by the beatles. It makes absolutley NO sense, but that's what makes it awesome. Its, like, creepy, and cool, and weird. I love it!
No, but, it is knickers because knickers are pants. The beatles are making fun of him or something.

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