Satanic lyrics | Reviewer: Mikeer | 10/29/08

Has anybody tried playing this song backwards? I am sure they would find some hidden lyrics and will say that some teenager killed himself because of it :)

"Argh, this song is telling me to kill my parents and pray to satan! Can't resist! ...must kill!"

we will never know really | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/10/08

We are never gonna really know if John wrote this song on acid or not. He had a guilty conscience about drugs. He used to deny that he took them at all because he did not want to influence young people into taking drugs because he did. At other times in other interviews he would admit to taking drugs. We will never know for sure because the guy has been dead for almost 30 years. It is a fantastic song though, timeless.

Its just Gertrude Stein --Man! | Reviewer: Prof G. | 10/7/08

If you want to understand the song, you must first consider the writings of Gertrude Stein. If you look at "My Wife as a Cow a Love Story" you'll see where Lennon got his inspiration for this song and "Come Together."

I did grow up then | Reviewer: Johnny Revelator | 10/4/08

I was a musician who grew up when all this stuff was being written. I personally loved acid, knew no one who ever had a "bad" trip, and to this day think it should be a college credit. It opens your mind so you you use all that grey matter that everyone says you never use. Best days of my life. But those days are gone kids, don't try it now.


This song was written on alot of fuckin acid. they were trippin ass. but thats what gives the song character. its just a straight up good ass song and the lyrics are wrong on this site. i have the actual album with the lyrics right in front of me its goo goo ga jube. not coo coo ka choo

lol | Reviewer: chris m | 9/27/08

erm, does anyone actually care if they were stoned or not when this song was written? needless to say a drug like lsd that makes things swirl and walls breathe and colours distort will obviously give some interesting imagery, but... it was the 60's lol, who cares

meaningless | Reviewer: Jakob | 9/25/08

A teacher John Lennon had at high school tried to find the meaning in some of his song, and when i couldn't find a meaning in every song, he went to the media and said that some of the beatles lyrics were completely meaningless, so just to annoy him, Johnny wrote "I am the Walrus"

Check the wiki | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/20/08

The song was written over the course of two acid trips but the lyrics aren't completely meaningless. Basically the wiki entry on this does a good job of trying to ascertain where each bit comes from. The nonsense comes in response to finding out that the Beatles' lyrics were being digested and analyzed in a formal setting, to which they responded with nearly absurd words and formations to throw them off completely.

Shakespear?!?! | Reviewer: Eric | 9/12/08

i saw on another site that it was accually a shakespear play that was being broadcast over the radio and they just added it for effect.before that i always remembered my dad saying that it said "every body smokes pot". i thought it sounded like that too and so do other people.idk why dont we just ask one of them???

lover of the beatles | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/11/08

first of all.... i dont even care what kind of fuckin drugs they were on when they made this. lol. i love this song. it makes me feel like i'm high, and stuck in a bad dream. it's an awesome feeling. haha

Wow! The Beatles are the greatest. | Reviewer: Conor, 16. | 9/5/08

I hate it when all you people do is say they were on acid. This song wasn't written on acid. Lennon stated that only one son had he ever written while on acid( She Said, She Said). The Beatles are the greatest band ever and their music will live on forever.

all you need is love | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/1/08

First of all, The song Lucy In The Sky with Diamonds is so over analyzed, and they didn't write it after an acid trip. They wrote it because of a drawing John Lennon's son made of a girl named Lucy in the sky with diamonds, and Paul McCartney made it into a song. And also, The Beatles wrote I Am The Walrus to mess with the critics that kept over-analyzing all of their songs. There is no meaning behind this song at all, they just made it to mess with everyone's head :) You gotta love the Beatles, and their sense of humor <3

:D | Reviewer: Jules | 8/27/08

@ Sydney P
Join Lennon made composed this song by putting 3 other songs he didn't finish into one. Only the first two lines were made in a LSD trip. He also made the song full of nonsense because he found out
a teacher was letting his students analyse Bealtes song.

k | Reviewer: Lindsay | 8/27/08

in the era of the beatles career they were on
acid a lot of the time. If you heard lucy in
the sky, across the universe it's all practically
nonsense. some of it is understandable, but when
you're on trips obviously everything is fucked.
But, I have to say out of all of the brilliant
music they made those songs are probably my
favorite. I wish I was born in the 60's and could
grow up with bob marley, the beatles, just every
one that made such a huge impact in the music

Oh Good God. . | Reviewer: Sydney P | 8/18/08

You are all so naive. They were STONED when they wrote it. I'm sure you think there's some deep philosopical meaning, and there might be. But seriously. .You probably haven't put 2 and 2 together and figured out Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, LSD. .