Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaank yooooooooooooooou!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Jude Joseph | 9/29/10

Thank you whoever fixed the lyrics. If the bitch who did that before tries to rewrite them, so help me God, I will take a plane to wherever he lives, sedate him, surgically remove his tonsils, wait for him to wake up, and then force him to eat them, and then I'll get rough.

haha | Reviewer: Lo | 7/30/10

this is so reediculous. by the way im only writing this because someone who thinks they know so much about the Beatles stated the Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds means LSD. Actually, in 1964 John Lennon's son Julian drew a picture of his 4 yr old classmate Lucy O'Donnell- explaing to his father it was lucy in the sky with diamonds. Which sparked a song idea.

EGC | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/23/10

This is a Beatles song, but not a parody. A lot of their music is nonsensical, but it is real music. It's just how there stuff is.

John Lennon wrote this song for fun to mess with the heads of people who were trying to interpret their songs. It's not supposed to make sense.

What the heck man? | Reviewer: Ugh | 7/6/10

Uh thats not the lyrics dummy! I suggest you listen to the song over and over again til you get it all right. Its ok, obviously you don't know what your doing and I guess everyone is intitledt to there opinion, but it is a fact that the lyrics are very very wrong! I do agree with waste of space, people are intrested in the actual lyrics! Take this seriously please. Thank you.

Jesus, they're still up? | Reviewer: Jude Joseph | 7/5/10

OK, now we need to get something straight. Mr. Smartypants is an idiotic douche bag. I mean, instead of spending all that time defending yourself, which obviously won't persuade anybody, why don't you just change the lyrics? I mean, you wrote them into your review, but nobody's going to go down there and get the lyrics. Second of all, you just can't help adding shit to your posts, can you? Why add the 'oompa oompa stick it in your jumper' and all that? Just keep your lyrics fuckin normal for once in your life.

Screw this prick | Reviewer: Jude Joseph | 6/26/10

Man, I don't give a rat's fkn ass what the fuck you call it, but this is not a parody. It's just a mockery. I don't give if you put these same lyrics on a parody website, but this is a real website and people come here for lyrics. It's a huge waste of time to be looking for lyrics and finding this shit. I personally don't have time for shitheads who think they know everything when really all that goes through their head is gay porn and buying Justin Bieber tickets. And another thing: this website is the first option on Google so yeah, everybody's probably seen this website. And yes, I've read your bed buddy's review who knows that putting his name on the review will probably get him hurt, and it doesn't matter if better lyrics are there, the problem is that it's the first option on Google so a lot of people go by it. Now Mr. Anonymous Blow Job Giver writes that it's really funny! Well I hope he reads this, so he knows that he has probably the worse, shitter sense of humour than a deaf person! And by the way, the person who wrote all this about you... I'm 13 years old. So fuck you, bitch, cos I Am the Walrus is my favourite sing, the Beatles are my favourite band, and you say that you love the Beatles, well fuck you prick, cos no one that likes the Beatles will write that disgrace. You probably don't even know all four Beatles. Well, I'll leave you to please yourself with an image of Lady Gaga, later.

Lame. | Reviewer: MegKM | 6/14/10

I just spent ages correcting it, making it perfect like it was printed on the vinals and spoken about in Hunter Davis' 'only official Beatles bigraphy' and the site is telling me i've already submitted lyrics, which i can now review. So i do and it wasn't what i'd written at all, ANNOYING!! I hope they put the right version up. This song is very important to my mentality... ;-)

@!$% | Reviewer: Dissy A. Pointed | 6/5/10

Whoever wrote this down is retarded. Mr. Smarypants was kind enough to write down the true lyrics. Do you think it's okay to mess up this song? Turn "yellow matter custard, drippin’ from a dead dog's eye" into "Yellow custard, dripping from a large black pot"? Whoever wrote this mockery down needs to go back to third grade and learn about following directions.

You suck | Reviewer: Stef | 6/4/10

This isn't a parody... parodies are supposed to be funny, whereas this is just placing in words that don't fit and that aren't even remotely funny...

The worst bit is that this is supposed to be making a song that doesn't make sense into one that does make sense and yet you failed miserably at doing that (yes, I can see the irony of that was why it was supposed to be funny, but that would require clever lyrics... >.<)

In summary you wasted time and energy coming up with and typing a monumentally large pile of crap.

Wow | Reviewer: Jake | 5/8/10

are you kidding me. i hate to say it but if you dont like the Beatles, you might as well kill yourself. Their music is timeless. For someone to do this is just disrespectful to the greatest musical group to ever walk the earth. someone fix it.

No really... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/30/10

I just came here looking for lyrics.
I'm not going to C&P a definition but a Parody is generally satirical, a deliberate mocking. i.e. taking the pee.
This "Parody" however was a monumental waste of electrons.

Lame parody | Reviewer: Ben | 4/18/10

Lame parody, btw, if it were remotely clever and on a suitable website, say, or the like, then maybe. Much to the contrary of this idiot's beliefs, I actually came here to check on the real lyrics.

Jerks :P | Reviewer: Mr. Smartypants | 4/3/10

I joke around a bit,Make up funny Lyrics to a Weird song,And you write that I Hate the Beatles I Love The beatles,well listen THIS.IS.A.PARODY.The real lyrics are:"i am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together!
see how they run like pigs from a gun, see how they fly …
i'm cryin’

sitting on a cornflake, waiting for the van to come …
corporation tee-shirts, stupid bloody tuesday -
man, you've been a naughty boy, you let your face grow long!
i am the eggman woooo..., They are the eggman woooo..., i am the walrus …
goo-goo g'joob!

mister city p'liceman sitting -
pretty little policemen in a row!
see how they fly like Lucy in the Sky, see how they run! …
i'm crying …
i'm crrrrrryyyyyyyy-in’ i'm cry … i'm crrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyy …

yellow matter custard, drippin’ from a dead dog's eye!
crabalocker fishwife, pornographic priestess -
boy, you been a naughty girl, you let’cha knickers down!
i am the eggman woooo... … they are the eggmen woooo... … i am the walrus …
goo-goo ga joob!

sitting in an english garden, waiting for the sun …
if the sun don't come,
you get your tan from standin’ in the english rain!
i am the eggman (how do you do, sir?) …
they are the eggman (a good man maintains his fortune) …
i am the walrus … goo-goo g’joob! … ga goo-goo ga-joob!

expert texpert choking smokers -
don't you think the joker laughs at you? (hohoho hehehe hahaha)
see how they smile like pigs in a sty, see how they snied …
i'm cryin’

semolina pilchard … climbin’ up the eiffel tower!
elementary penguin, singin’ hare krishna -
man, you should’ve seen them kickin’ edgar allan poe!
i am the eggman woooo... … I am the eggman woooo... … i am the walrus!
goo-goo g'joob, ga goo-goo g'joob -
goo-goo g'joob, g'goo-goo g'joob g'goo!
Oompa,Oompa,Stick it in your jumper,Everybodys got one,Everybodys got one.(15x)villion take my purse,if thou will't ever thrive bury my body,And give the letters you find on me to earl of gloster,seek him out on the English party,O untimely death!(everybodys got one,everybodys got one.)I no thee well,A servicible villion,as duteous to thy vices of thy mistress as badness would desire.(Oompa Oompa stick it in your jumper,everybodys got one everybodys got one)what is he dead? sit you down father,rest you." There HAPPY?

Deep inner meaning | Reviewer: The | 3/25/10

Time just passes no one changes lyrics
oh man. look at them pigs fly with wings
like Lennon in my eye, now I'm gonna die
oh just have some fun... 'cause no one ever checks this page

Corporate greed succumbs to stupid wiki edits, but if I smoke enough weed i can be a genius too... I am the Apple, I am the iPod, I am the iGod...

waste of space | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/20/10

why not tell people you are just making the lyrics up on this site and then we can have a laugh at them. Some people ight actually be interested in the real ones they were obviously looking for when they logged in