Oh we care. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/4/08

About that previous comment about how if we were "real" Beatles fans we wouldn't care how the Beatles were gaining fans even if it was by the movie, Across the Universe. However music is more about fans it is about appreciation for the work and history that is involved in it. I was born in the 90's and I am the hugest Beatles fan I've ever met. The people that become interested in the Beatles through Across the Universe, and yes I did like the movie, are not interested in the process or the thought of the music, they are just fans. Therefore, I cannot be glad that the Beatles are gaining more fans because of Across the Universe, because The Beatles don't need more fans, they need more lovers. That's what I consider myself and anyone else as amazed and inspired by The Beatles as I.

across the universe | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/21/08

Obviously the covers won't ever be as good as the original songs, but we have to recognize they made a great job in across the universe! I really liked the work they did on the songs, even when they aren't better than the originals...

Sweet. | Reviewer: Ben | 1/12/08

I honestly love music. It is easily classified in the "I lost my virginity to" category in my life. The Beatles are one of the most influential stepping stones to the great music of today and I find that even if you aren't a die hard beatles fan, just think of the creative talent that goes into writing one song, let alone the hundreds that they actually wrote. This song is probably one of their best, and I found that across the universe was the cream to beatles coffee. It will only lead to more Beatles fans, and less PAntera fans. lol

Beatles | Reviewer: mike | 1/11/08

The Beatles were one of the most revolutionary and controlversal bands in history. Everything you listen to now is because of what the Beatles and many other great bands did to step up the music of the 60s n 70s. I could listen to the Beatles all day but it was very very refreshing to see Across The Universe with some redone songs and a storyline. They couldnt have put the movie together better. Props to everyone.

THE BEATLES | Reviewer: Eduardo Cortes | 12/29/07

I´m not fan of THE BEATLES, but i like their music ´cause my father love them, I know most of their songs, but when "Across the universe" came I turned into a Beatle´s song lover. I don´t think the movie was made with the purpose of making better songs versions. THe originals are huge, wonderful, but the new ones are different fresh. I think Across the universe musicians made a good work.

love | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/28/07

across the universe was kind of crazy, i wasn't a huge fan of the movie. I much prefer the old actual beatles movies. I love "A Hard Days Night"...Great stuff. I love the beatles so much.

Wtf? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/27/07

This song is simply amazing. I have been listening to the beatles since i was born- litterally. However, i wasnt born in their time, and i still consider myself a major fan. I dont understand all the hype about not being able to enjoy the beatles because you werent born in their time or you didnt go to their concerts. Some of us didnt have a chance to do so because we werent alive. I believe that anyone who listens to the beatles is blessed. They were an amazing band. Being a fan has absolutely nothing to do with plates painted with pictures of them or a jelly bean that paul stepped on. Its more about how their music moves you. So stop with the fury towards those who like them because of the recent movie "Across The Universe" because its awesome that more and more people are falling in love with them. Long live the beatles!!!

Across the Universe | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/22/07

I don't feel the movie does most of the songs justice, except for "I've Just Seen a Face" Jim Sturgess added a cool twist to the song. I rarely like Beatles covers, because the originals are so amazing. This might be the one exception. The movie was still fun, though.

dsf | Reviewer: Amy | 12/14/07

My brother is 19, and Im 14, we both love the beatles, and not just the beatles but the original members of it too. I liked Across the Universe, and my brother thought it was shit, but we both still like the Beatles as much as we did before. I personally have never met anybody who likes the beatles because of Across the Universe, if they wanted to see a movie to show what the beatles were all about I would much more suggest something like, "Help!"

So sad. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/10/07

Yeas I was born in 1990. And I consider myself to a be a die-hard fan. I know all the lyrics to all of their songs, can play quite a few of them on the guitar, and have so many great memories of having my dad sing me to sleep while playiing "Blackbird" on his guitar. My father died in 2002 and my love for the Beatles is a way that I can feel connected to him. It is not my fault that I was born after the heyday of the Beatles, and no one has the right to say that I don't truly appreciate them just because I never saw them in concert. By the way, while most of my friends have seen "Across the Universe" I still have yet to. Not everybody in my generation was introduced to The Beatles from that movie.

oh who cares | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/6/07

Hey, if you guys were REAL fans of the Beatles, then you would be glad that they're gaining more fans regardless of the circumstances. The Beatles music shouldn't be an exclusive club for those who have been fortunate enough to listen to it their whole lives, it should be for people who like the music. A REAL fan would love that more and more people are discovering and liking the music they themselves enjoy so much.

across the universe | Reviewer: anonomysss | 12/3/07

so i was a beatles fan before across the universe but the movie kind of made me realise how many damn good songs they had. across the universe is a good reminder of how amazing the beatles were.

no title | Reviewer: katie | 12/3/07

to all the "original" beatle fans, you shouldnt be angry at people liking or loving the beatles after this movie, really you should be thanking them, if you love the beatles so much you should be proud that even after all these years they have been able to gain many more new fans, and it is true if a person perhaps grew up in the 90's and was not able to listen to the beatles or see them live its not their fault but atleast their starting to reconize who they are now. Just Saying'

Hmm | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/2/07

Im always annoyed with people who Tell me how much they love the beatles after they saw across the universe, when they have no clue of any of the music OTHER than the songs in the movie.
I do agree that im glad they made it. Kids can finally see how the beatles write. And how amazing they truly are. My Younger Brother and I would have agruments about why they arent/are good. But after he saw the movie and listened to the music he fell in love with them. which i was greatful for.

Go See The Movie
Some of the remakes are actually quit good

Atu | Reviewer: Alessia | 11/29/07

Omy god, that's just a movie! The old beatles fan should understand that being old fans for who's born in '80 and '90 is such impossible.
Just finding out other faces of music and beatles's music is one of them.
What's the matter?