ugh | Reviewer: me | 11/22/07

i hate people like that. "oh i just saw across the universe and now i love the beatles!" i'm not trying to be rude, but you don't love the beatles if you start listening to them after you see a movie that plays their songs! i've been listening to The Beatles for years upon years ever since i was a little kid, and i can't stand when people say that they love the beatles to follow the trend of liking the beatles after across the universe came out! yea, across the universe was a good movie, but it did the beatles no justice whatsoever. and now there are a bunch of posers running around acting like they know one thing about them. ehh, oh well that's your choices. find your own band to love! :P

great | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/22/07

i always keep this song in my head, today i will go to see Across The Universe, can't wait for it!

Amazing | Reviewer: Michaela | 11/16/07

wow i saw across the universe and it is an amazing movie i love it. i also wish i gew up in the era of the beatles but im super happy i can still get their music. but of course when i first listined to the beatles i blew them off and thought they were a bunch of old guys but no i think they are one of the greatest bands i know of. if you havnt seen the movie what are you waiting for.

Most Under-Appreciated Song | Reviewer: Sam | 10/31/07

I used to listen to the album "Help" all the time when I was kid. Somehow I must have missed this song everytime. I too just saw "Across the Universe" and this song caught me off guard. It's really catchy and it's now stuck in my head. It wins my award for most under-appreciated song on the album.

great song and movie | Reviewer: sasquatch | 10/29/07

the movie is incredible! everything about it is amazing and the songs make you feel like you're part of it all

BREATH TAKING | Reviewer: Christina | 10/26/07

Ijust saw Across the Universe lastnight. I left feeling changed and only wish I could've experienced the time of The Beatles, first hand. The songs picked for each scene was perfect. The Beatles gave everyone hope and amazingly enough, they still do! A must see and this song rocks <3

OMG wht a great song | Reviewer: kathy | 10/25/07

This is such a great song and they did it so well in Across the universe, by the way that movie was the BOMB!!! if u haven't already seen it i suggest u go!! =) It sucks that i'm so young nd didn't get to expireience the 60's!!! =(

Sigh <3<3<3 | Reviewer: Krystal | 10/22/07

i havent even seen acroos the universe yet, and im already obsessed with it!! (no seriously, im watching the trailers on youtube to get my fix lol!) but i adore this song, its so cute, is the movie as good as everyone says???

marie | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/18/07

This is such a good song I seen the movie Across The Universe and it was fantastic. I loved the way they sung the songs they did a great job.

SOOO AMAZING | Reviewer: Katelyn | 10/15/07

OMG... i saw Across The Universe and loved it. I keep hearing I've Just Seen A Face in my head, its amazing!!! :)

Beatles | Reviewer: Joey | 10/13/07

I just saw Across the universe, it was fantastic. I don't think they could of done a better job. The songs were so perfectly articulated with the movie. I really wish I was born in time to experience the 60's. And not just the music, the style as well.

the beatles | Reviewer: liz | 10/1/07

the beatles are probably one of the most influential and truely amazing musicians to ever walk this planet. i really wish i had been born in the 40's haha so i could have been old enough to truely experience real music. like the beatles, the doors, later on queen... bob dylan... etc. music now adays for the most part sucks... its sad really.

but this song is really cute... and across the universe was amazing :) haha.

A stand up piece! | Reviewer: paige | 10/3/07

I saw across the universe where this movie is played and it was an absoletly amazing song. It's been stuck in my head all day long and I finally decided to look up the lyrics so I could properly sing it. Such a catchy and happy song!

AH | Reviewer: Libby | 9/26/07

This is such an amazing song, the beatles were absoulutley BRILLIANT. i grew up listening to them and the songs just get better and better.. SO SIKED FOR ACROSS THE UNIVERSE.. can i get a WOOT WOOT?!

OMG | Reviewer: emily | 9/19/07

i agree with the person under me and i cant wait to see that movie looks soo good and the guy in it is so cute! lol