mmm-mmm-mmm-m'mmm-mmm | Reviewer: Jon Taiman | 10/3/08

Simply amazing... you have to a love a movie that can bring back music with a modern touch. To act is one thing, but to sing & act is on a different level. Great job to the actors/singers who performed each song to its fullest... p.s. Watch this movie with your girl (if you a guy..or girl)& she will fall in love with you all over again).

OMG! one of the bestest! | Reviewer: Ekirabc | 9/27/08

I'd never listened to this song, but i saw the across the universe movie and i liked it soo much... just like Jim Sturgess haha he's so hot...



hmmmm | Reviewer: muzikchik92 | 9/27/08

is there like; is there possibly some esoteric knowlege here?

no, i don't think so. great song, progressive beat and lyrics. john, paul, george and ringo are/were quite unique together (esp john and paul) but they were/are very mundane on their own.

this is a great song: it was covered in a great "new-ish" movie. all the songs were covered beautifully. since we seem to be reviewing the movie vicariously, i'd say it was conceptually flawless. still, i wonder what john would say about it if he were alive?

(that's a rhetorical question so please don't try to answer it you lyric trolls! lol...)

Amazing! | Reviewer: Tony | 4/10/08

This is an amazing song, and I can't believe that I had never heard it before listening to the Across the Universe soundtrack. I must say though, that what I thought was impossible has been achieved, someone covered a Beatles song and made it better (at least in my opinion).

this... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/9/08

eurgh some people on here make me want to smash my computer up.
I hate that "you're not a true fan if..." rubbish. If a song or a band has touched you in anyway be it growing up listening to them, in a film, hearing it on the radio then thats all that matters. If you've got a connection with a song and it means something to you. People saying "you're not a beatles fan if all you own is the across the universe album" make me mad. Just be gratefull people have been touched by the beatles songs and words. However they've heard them

The beatles | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/1/08

i love the beatles. My parents listened to them practically all they're lives. When i was born my dad told me he sang beatle songs to me as lullabys..when i was about 6 i started listening to the beatles because it was always around in my house. ive been listening to them ever since probably for 7-8 years because im only 14. i also have a brother whose a freshman in college who inspired me to get involved so really i owe it all to him. Thanks fam, thank you beatles, and thanks across the universe for showing the world nothing really dies until you let it escape your heart. :]

Great movie | Reviewer: Nicolas | 3/3/08

Besides of being a Beatles fan, im also a composer/performer (i think musician is a big word for it) and i thought the work on the songs for across the universe was awesome, i specially enjoyed the with a little help from my friends mix of beatles' version and joe cockerĀ“s, specially since i think in spite of being a huge beatles fan that joe cocker's version of this song is the only bealtes cover i could say i like better than the original, and about this song i think its simply beautiful and i wish someday i could write a simply sincere song like that without having to use big fake words...and i agree the scene in the bowling place was incredible.

amazingg. | Reviewer: Lauren | 3/3/08

oh wow. I have to say I am in love with the beatles. Not everyone likes the but I think that there music had a lot of impact on the world. I love the movie ' Across the Universe ' and just wow. the Beatles are amazing.

I <3 this song! | Reviewer: michellemybelle | 2/22/08

I adore the Beatles and I basically grew up with them (even though i'm a teenager). And i was pleasantly surprised when i saw this song in Across the Universe. I have to say that the movie did a great job at incorporating the songs into the plot and i thought that jim sturgess did an amazing job with "i've just seen a face". the bowling alley scene is by far my favorite scene!

Falling, yes I am falling, and she keeps calling me back again. | Reviewer: Melinda | 2/21/08

everyone have their own understanding of songs
no one has the right to say that others are wrong.
There are different meanings for every song don't force yours on others

and any one can be a fan of an artist whether they have liked them for 20 years or for 5 mints.
stop being so childish
( mom! she can't like them i liked them first booohoo)<-lame.

Comment on Beatles & Across the universe | Reviewer: Cassy | 2/17/08

I still can't seem to understand why everyone has to make unecessary comments about the movie.

What is the big deal? Its a good movie.
The beatles aren't all alive and they don't even own themselves anymore. The makers of this movie did the best that they could to bring back the memories of those days and the songs.

When you make a movie, then come back to criticize. Until then tata.

<3333 | Reviewer: | 2/15/08

me and my best friend blast the beatles in her car. absolutly love the beatles and across the universe soooo much! my mom was going to name me prudence after the song dear prudence...i hate that name but love the song<3

Across the universe, politically' | Reviewer: wilsuuun | 2/14/08

wow! if you really want to understand the MUSICAL 'Across the universe' you need to understand exactly what 'Jai Guru Deva Om' means. for those 'die-hard' fans, you'll know. if not, look it up. pretty cool shit. that's the shit that the beatles stood for. that's why i love the beatles. now there are two kinds of 'beatles'. you've got the 1962-66 give/take and the 67-70 give take beatles. the aforementioned were revolutionary, cunning, and i've also read influential. all are correct. the 'other' beatles, the ones that i know and love were more spiritualistic in the music, hence the Within Without You song. the space between us is that 'OM' in across the universe. i have nothing but the greatest and upmost respect for the people involved with Across the universe. and i have that same respect to all those 'die-hard' beatles fans and those 'fuck 'em' beatles non-fans. i just recently learned how to play i've just seen a face on guitar, and neeeded to double-check lyrics, so i did a search and found this 'forum'. reading what was wrote inspired me. thank you

... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/14/08

I love that people love The Beatles...
I just hate that people see Across The Universe and think they know the Beatles. There were only a few songs in that movie, and some really great ones were left out.


However, I did enjoy the movie, although I don't think it did a lot of the songs justice. But if it inspires people, that's great.

This song is amazing, by the way. It makes me believe in love and all that good stuff :]

beatleas freak and totally agree with the person below me | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/13/08

yeah im a HUGE beatles fan. i grew up with it even though it wasn't in my time. im only 12 but my dad blasts it every day i even have there home recordings rehearsal recording and my dad even has freak'n a stack of rare cd's that he got at a rare beatles shop. i just love the beatles and it's true that they don't need more fans. they just need more lovers.