I've Still Got a Feeling | Reviewer: Roger Fleming | 9/22/11

I saw the Susan Tedeschi / Derek Trucks Band perform this song in Cleveland September 2011. It was one of the best numbers of the show. The band's playing was great, but most of all it reminded of just what fantastic songwriters the Beatles were. I've been listening to the Let it Be album since. The album does a great job of capturing the energy of a live show. If only Susan Tedeschi & Derek Trucks' crew could capture their energy so well on a recording. Let it Be is not only great music but a great recording.

First Heard This | Reviewer: Rush Cummings | 12/15/10

I first heard this song remade in the the anime BECK. I didn't know who originally wrote it till I did some research. When I found out it was the Beatles I was so happy! Oh and Ilham, BECK was about 5 members, Ryusuke, Chiba, Saku, Koyuki, and Taira. The voice actor for the singing is actually a different actor for regular lines. The singer Isobe Masafumi, was from a band Husking Bee. He did a great job.

One of the last great songs from the Beatles | Reviewer: David | 2/27/10

I first heard this song when i went to see the Let It Be movie at the theatre.I was probably 10 years old and loved the beatles from the first time i saw them on the ed sullivan show in the early 60's.This song represents on of the last great songs written by john and paul together,the movie was supposed to be their greatest movie project,chronicaling the development of a new album,but wound up being their swan song since they broke up shortly afterward.But Ive got a feeling was in my opinion one of their last great songs together,because of the killer growling sound of john's big hollow bodied Gibson and the incredible harmonies that only the Beatles could produce.Even as a small boy it gave me chills and changed my musical tastes forever!Most of the bands i hear these days dont have a shred of talent when compared to the Fab Four! "I got a feeling deep inside,oh yeah!"

What I heard... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/21/09

I just came across this post. I have not listened to this album for about a month now, maybe longer, for no reason other than I just haven't. 'hidden lyric' says he hears Paul sing "...I feel like getting high!" I've listened to it a half dozen times in a row just now, and what I clearly hear is Paul just stretching out the words "...a feeling I can't hide!"

Little | Reviewer: Ilham | 11/1/09

Correction: John said "everybody 'got' a wet dream".not 'had' like above.actually i knew this song from BECK.japan comic.tell story 4 boys who have ambition to be a great band like beatles,rolling stones,queen,sex pistols,nirvana,etc.this song is absolutely amazing.paul!you're so rocknroll.luv your growl.

hidden lyric | Reviewer: trickyelf | 12/7/08

Heard it clear as a bell in my headphones on a walk this morning, and verified at home on the stereo, but can't find any mention of this on the 'net, so check this out for yourself:

On the Beatles Let it Be NAKED version of I've Got a Feeling, at 2:57, Paul says "I've got a feeling, I feel like getting high!"

Again, it is clear as a bell, and he's screaming it at the top of his lungs. Never thought I'd hear something new in a Beatles track.


I've got a notion | Reviewer: kees bonhof | 8/24/08

Yes, this is one of the few songs were John and Paul really worked and also sang together, I find at least as beautiful as Hey Jude. The unifying force of love, what the song is about?
All four are very together in this song, as in some others from Let it be.

i agree | Reviewer: collabrat | 6/30/08

this is one of the more under rated songs.
every time i hear this song i somehow picture them on top of the rooftop and lennon singing his bit with his hair blowing in the wind. the song gives me that feeling of anticipation that something good is about to come, and a positive attitude that won't go away.. does anyone else agree? or am i insane?

One of the more underrated Beatles songs | Reviewer: Hugues | 12/28/07

'I've Got A Feeling,' created during the sessions that were initially shelved and ultimately resurrected as the LET IT BE album, was essentially a joining of two separate songs.

John Lennon and Yoko Ono recorded 'Everybody Had a Hard Year,' as part of a short movie they made called 'Film # 6,' though the song was dropped from the film. It does appear, however, on the DVD "Lennon Legend."

The song was ultimately merged as Lennon's counterpoint to McCartney's 'I've Got a Feeling' lyrics on the LET IT BE album - to good effect, actually, showing how even at that late stage, the two artists could collaborate harmonically and effectively.