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Performed by The Beatles

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stupid GET vs. stupid GIT | Reviewer: chris | 1/2/09

well, the Liverpudlian below says otherwise, but i'm inclined to think he's wrong on that one... My thinking along these lines comes from Monty Python, contemporaries of the Beatles, who spelled the word GIT, not GET. It's an insult, the definition as follows:

rotter: a person who is deemed to be despicable or contemptible; "only a rotter would do that"; "kill the rat"; "throw the bum out"; "you cowardly ... [snipped]

Oh, please. | Reviewer: Saki | 11/14/08

That backwards "I'm So Tired" stuff is bullshit. John wrote the song without a hidden meaning. People need to stop thinking that John meant something other than what he wrote in songs. He was just a songwriter speaking his mind.

backwards | Reviewer: alex | 6/30/08

i recently listened to the whole song backwards in youtube and its pretty freaky. Some thing you can make out like a part where it sounds like he's saying "i wish i was not a beatle". The mumbling part doesn't actually sound like he's saying "paul is dead".

i love this song either way

the mumbling | Reviewer: lennon | 1/26/08

hey man, gret job and everything
but the mumbling is a rumor that john's sayin' "paul is dead man, miss him, miss him" if you play that part backwards thats what it sorta sounds like

correction | Reviewer: sarah | 11/8/07

Being from Liverpool, I wanted to let you know that it should be "Curse Sir Walter Raleigh, He was such a stupid GET" and not "GIT" as you've put. Not a word that is used much outside of the North, mostly Liverpool, but I think you'll agree it makes better sense and scans better too..Such a great word, full of force - ie "You stupid get" - glorious x x x

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