Pitch Shift | Reviewer: Steven | 10/21/07

I swear as Paul sings "disappearing overnight" he sounds mechanically up pitched. Does anyone else hear this? Almost robotic.

what?! | Reviewer: Jim Chalker- Seriously? | 10/8/07

Jim Chalker, don't criticize The Beatles, or anyone for that matter. That's how they chose to write it. If you would have liked it better a different way that's fine, but don't say they "should have" written it a certain way.

By the way, in your second paragraph, are you seriously trying to compare yourself to The Beatles in that you both write silly tunes? No. Just stop. And if their tunes are so silly then I guess the millions of fans they have are silly too.

i like this song. | Reviewer: charlie | 9/21/07

I dunno what this songs about... but I like it. Its nice, it sounds relaxing and its a good toe-tapping song.

Beautiful | Reviewer: J | 5/26/07

This is a great song, Rubber Soul is amazing. This song is actually about Jane Asher, around the time she and Paul started drifting apart. It's very sad and melodic. I just love it.

Love it all!!!!! | Reviewer: Sally | 4/11/07

To start, I'd have to say the whole album Rubber sole rocked the wits out of me, I know a lot of people don't like it because they say 'oh the Beatles were doing drugs when they made this album and it shows' and 'oh I don't like the rage they put in their music' but regardless of all that I still can’t get over how it makes me feel when I listen to it. I love this song especially, from the moment I heard it I couldn't get the tune out of my brain. I love how it leaps from calmness to wildness, it's like I feel their anger--yes anger--while I'm singing along to the lyrics, and I can really connect and relate to that because I mean everyone gets angry everyone knows the feeling. So hands down this is definitely my favorite Beatle song, it may not be the most popular one that everyone remembers them for…but different tastes make this wide world of ours go round. I also have to disagree with Jim—although he did have a few nice points—I would fully recommend buying the Rubber sole CD if you’re really into the Beatles like me because it’s worth it, you only live once right.

Spot on | Reviewer: James | 4/10/07

I like ralph, he's right!

Jim Chalker is not :)

One of my faves too | Reviewer: Ralph | 2/7/07

First off this song is from the Beatles greatest album ever--Rubber Soul. I'm very much in disagreement from the previous review. Although this is not the greatest song from this album it is a GREAT SONG ! Sad song ? Perhaps. Depends on your mood I guess. Sad in a way, but also a very honest declaration. Honesty may be sad to some but, in the end it is an affirmation of what is true and must be said and therefore is a celebration of life.
Sure it's a simple ditty as Lennon would have described it. But, it's a deeply soul searching masterpiece, lyrically speaking. As for the music, it's upbeat, toe-tapping quality makes it stand out from the first time you ever hear the album until each and every time you ever listen to it again. Enough said !
By the way the greatest song from this album was
"In My Life."

Simply my favorite Beatles song | Reviewer: Jim Chalker | 6/9/06

I admit the Beatles wrote better songs than this. I always find myself using the word “little” when I think about this song. I’m not sure what that means, it just feels right. This song just doesn’t feel “big.” It’s not an earth mover of a song. Still for some reason no other Beatles song touches me the way this one does, either musically or lyrically.

On those rare occasions that I hear it on the radio it immediately sweeps me up and I find myself mesmerized by its quirky tune and sad lyrics. I have written a few songs myself and I have to admit that my tunes are pretty predictable. But I love it when a tune can do something unexpected and still remain melodic. This one does. And if that weren’t enough, the way the John and Paul constructed the harmony is the Beatles at their best.

I do have one or two complaints about the song though. First, in the chorus, the line “Love has a nasty habit of disappearing overnight” simply doesn’t fit the rhythm. It should have read, “Love has a nasty way of disappearing overnight.”

Second, the little guitar thing (I’m so ignorant of musician jargon, is that called a riff?) at the end of each verse… well if I were arranging the song today I would try to rework that.

OK there it is. Even with its minor flaws this song enchants me. The Rubber Soul album has some silly tunes on it and I wouldn’t recommend buying it except to have this one gem in my collection. It is simply my favorite Beatles song ever!