One of Paul's best | Reviewer: Mark | 12/6/11

According to John, Paul didn't consider himself a great lyricist, but John was complimentary saying he was better then he gave himself credit for. This song is an obvious example of many!

WTF? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/17/11

You are not very smart Nicolas McCuen. Paul McCartney isn't dead. That's just a rumor for retards. Understand that he is alive. Ask him yourself and you will see that the man you are talking to is nat an old dead zombie...... seriously get to the next level of evolution.....

to nicolas mcuen | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/12/11

umm actually? do you even know who the beatles are? buddy, come on. PAUL ISNT DEAD. and anyone who doesnt live under a rock knows that john lennon was shot. :'( this song is about an old girlfriend of paul's. so check facts before you put them on the internet.

To most of the posters... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/2/11

You're all pathetic. To the kid who thinks the song is about "Faul", just shut the fuck up, because there is no Faul. You are a fucking idiot. And to the kid who called his friend a "nowhere man", you're just a stupid mental fag. Your ex-boyfriend can't see your message anyways, so I'm not sure what you're trying to accomplish by putting his name, you fucking weirdo. And to all the people who are against comparing themselves to the Beatles, get the fuck over yourselves. The Beatles were and always will be an amazing band and both John and Paul were brilliant writers and great people in their own ways, but they aren't gods, so stop worshiping them. And to the first poster... who the fuck are you to correct another person's song? It was written by them, using their own minds, and it's their own work. You can't correct something that someone made up. You're a bipolar fuck. You put the song down like it's terrible, then you compliment it. Make up your mind you cunt. And I bet your songs suck. You don't even know what a riff is. Your songs are probably nothing more than shit poems about nothing. So don't act like your some kind of musical genius because you're clearly not.

cut that nonsense | Reviewer: nami | 5/8/11

The song was Paul's way of getting rid of some emotional baggage - as he said himself - over Jane Asher. She was avoiding him, as many confused girls tend to do, before their break up and it hurt him because he understood what that means. Please, guys, use your brain and google. They are powerful tools indeed ;D ( - here you can find the story about this song n_~)
And cut that nonsense about Paul's death. It must be really uncomfortable for him. Imagine if it were you.

To all of yous | Reviewer: Nicolas McCuen | 11/23/10

The song is about Paul McCartney's death the real Paul McCartney and he is talking about Faul or(Fake Paul) which is a look alike of The real Paul McCartney and he pretty much saying you look the same but you changed because you aren't the real Paul and when he said "Disappearing overnight" It's when the real Paul got into a fight with John he Barged out the door of the studios at 5AM and got into a car crashed and died

Amazing Song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/15/10

Paul was such a brilliant writer. He makes it so clear and yet poetic with "love has a nasty habit of disappearing overnight."

By the way, with the debate over the pitch during that line, the chord he is playing is a Eb, not Fb. Fb isn't really a chord, since its the same note as E.

Good song lasts long | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/18/10

It's amazing how many people find that the emotions of this song resonate with them - over 4 decades later. It's amazing how many people are attracted by the tune. As for 'improving it', try to hear the song in your head as if Paul didn't shout the words 'you're not the same' but sang them in the voice he uses for the rest of it. Better to your ears, or flat? And before anyone says that the song is sacred and you or I shouldn't try it out differently, that's not the lesson I take from Lennon's life in particular. The one thing he feared about the Beatles was that they would become too precious and iconic. In fact he believed they had, and was glad to have demolished the icon. If he lived for anything it was Not to be God. McCartney, in my view, is a broad-minded bloke: he puts music first, and if anyone insisted to him that I'm Looking Through You should be sung back to front I think he'd sit down at the piano and try it.

dddd | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/4/10

ya man your a dumb ass only a fagget would think that song about a guy or a freind its about when your girlfriend change get all bitchy cuz they aint the same you got look through it aint who you love anymore

seriously?!?!?! | Reviewer: jim chalker=fucked up | 12/30/09

ok, dude, im fucking 13 years old. NO ONE COMPARES THEMSLEVES TO THE BEATLES. you cant. it makes you sound like a complete ignorant shitface. you also cant say they should have written this, they should have played that, they should have smoked this. everyting they did makes them unique. every single thing made them the legends they are. every fucking thing they did makes the world adore them. advice for you? get a life. do not compare yourself to the beatles. they are GODS.

ravenpic | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/11/09

The song is about people who are trying to fool or fake you and you catch on and see through their act. This came to light with a ex-friend of mine. He thought he was so cool. When I saw his selfish clever charade I bowed out of our friendship simply by disagreeing with him on his thoughts. He had lost control. He and his new wife stopped calling and visiting. 15 years later he called my father and told him he wanted me to be HIS BASS PLAYER in his newly forming band. I never answered him and never saw him advertise or play in a band. The only difference NOW is you're down there Tim. I'm looking through you Tim and you're a real nowhere man.

theraputic! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/6/08

I think this song is a lyrical masterpiece, and unlike some do not find it a sad song but uplifting and full of optimism. It is the kind of tune that can perk you up and I even found the words galvanising when heartbroken! bo ho. As for the musical arrangement I have never found fault and feel that anyone who does is over analyzing and frankly up themselves

Reply to Salvador | Reviewer: lalalalicious | 1/14/08

Jeez, chill out, Salvador! Steven was just asking a question. There's nothing in Steven's review that sounds negative; he is only asking a question on the mechanics of the song. And at the time this song was released, it is very likely that Paul's voice is edited. The Beatles particularly liked to experiment with the sound of their music. It is actually an Fb chord, by the way. ;) Peace Out!

sorry Steven | Reviewer: Salvador | 11/2/07

Steven- Paul isn't "up-pitched" at "disappearing overnight." Maybe you think this because he sings the phrase at a different pitch that "treat me right." However, the chords are different. He is singing over a Eb chord and, not surprisingly, sings an Eb. The "treat me right" is an Ab. I think the way they vary the chord progression here to make the transition back to the Ab of the verse is beautiful, as is the entire song.

so true | Reviewer: qwerty | 10/29/07

i think in some way or the other all of us can relate to this song. when i listen to this song im reminded of a particular person or an incident. it kind of jolts you inside. it definitely has a lot of impact because its honesty. and although the lyrics are not poetically outstanding, they are very clever