WRONG | Reviewer: Honey Pie is a Savoy Truffle | 10/22/12

These lyrics are terribly wrong. First of all, its not Kerri Dee. It's Honey Pie! Second of all, it's not East of Springfield Bay. It's North of England Bay. And the other parts are just written sad.

Haii | Reviewer: mary | 4/30/11

kinda too in love with this song :) the sweetest ever I'd say.It would have been awesome if beatles were still all alive to sing it again. Well, what to say more? keep listening to it ,guys cause it's awesome ! thanks for the lyricss,matee !byeee :3 xX

Memories | Reviewer: Shelby | 6/9/10

So, i have this friend Zack.
He gave a lesson on the Beatles in Trig class Called beatles 101.
He promised he would all year and the last full day he did just that.
well at the end of his lecture he said, "For all you guys out there, if you want to 'swooosh' a girl just sing them this song, it WILL get stuck in thier heads and they wil fall in love with you." So thanks Zack for pointing this song out to me and making me notice this song that i never have before. Oh sweeet memiors in Trig our Junior Year! Never forget.