Hey Jude | Reviewer: d ordiway | 10/19/10

One of the Beatles top four albums of all times. I been waiting and looking for this album to come out on CD. If you are listening to us BEATLE FANS out there. We want the HEY JUDE Album printed on CD's. Their's some great B-side tracks that fans love to hear while cruisin' or at home. So please put this album out 4 the FANS.

acdc | Reviewer: Boggxi | 1/18/10

1.You shook me all night long 2.Aint no fun wanting around to be a millionare 3.Highway to hell 4.Rock n roll singer 5.Hail czeizar 6.Go down! 7.heatseeker
8.hells bells 9.Cover you in Oil 10.Playing with girls 11.The honey roll 12.probelom child
13.bad boi boggei 14.This means war 15.big balls
16.hell aint a bad place to be 17.Overdose
18.whole lotta rosie 19.for those about to rock we salute u 20.Back in black 21.stiff upper lip 22.meltdown 23.satillite bluzz 23.safe in new york city 24.Love at first feel 25.thunderstruck
26.shot down in flames 27.Caught with your pants down 28.T.N.T

Hey Jude Album | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/22/09

This is truly one of the best albums never to be transferred to CD. The album is mostly a compilation of Beatles songs previously released either as singles or other albums.

The early recordings, "Can't Buy Me Love" and "I Should Have Known Better" lead off with a simpler time of the early 60's. "Revolution", Hey Jude" and "The Ballad of John and Yoko" show the more turbulent times experienced by the band and the public as well. In between, "Lady Madonna" and "Paperback Writer" reflect individual themes bridging the two time periods.

If there were one CD that I would beg to be released, this would be it. If anyone in the Beatles camp is listening, please grant this one wish.

GRRRREATTTT !!!!! | Reviewer: N.R. SCHULMAN | 3/14/08

This compilation of songs previously released as singles only celebrates the career of the fab four. Spanning from 1964 (Can't Buy Me Love, I Should Have Known Better) to 1969-70 (Don't Let Me Down, Old Brown Shoe), the listener can appreciate the evolution in style and technique that The Beatles developed over the years. Pure joy.