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Performed by The Beatles

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Hey Jude | Reviewer: avione | 7/25/07

I love this song is awesome exspecially the nananans at the end that was just pure genius wooh this song is stoic

across the universe | Reviewer: kt | 7/22/07

love this song, heard it in a trailer for a movie called across the universe. truly can't wait for it to come out. yay :D

great song | Reviewer: kayla | 7/9/07

i love this song, beatles have been my idols for a very long time. grew up with parents who liked 'em, though they weren't born before the 60s. yet, i still heard them so frequiently. i love these guys and couldn't stop. john, rest in peace. you're forever a legend in music history. "hey jude!" :)

GreatlolAmazingsong!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Goku | 5/30/07

Ya well I beat both of you! I am only 2 and I know every single song in existence.... Is it me or did the internet only make annoying people even more annoying? Oh yeah. Cool song btw.

Amazing song!!! | Reviewer: Sam | 3/8/07

i'm only 13 at am a huge fan of older music such as the beatles and this is a classic song!

Great Song | Reviewer: Marcus | 3/3/07

I am only 14, but I have grown to Love old music, from Patsy Cline, Elvis Presley and The Beatles... I have every song that was ever produced the those artists

hey jude | Reviewer: Priscilla | 2/7/07

This is an excellent song. I love it. I hope it lives on in the music industry forever, and in the hearts of all Beatles fans.

I Love the oldddddddddd Song | Reviewer: Thanya | 2/26/06

This's the best song and imprinted until now.I'm sure it never fade away...... from me ,us,from the people and from the world of musics...

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