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Performed by The Beatles

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a very sentimental review | Reviewer: Kate | 3/4/13

This is my absolute favorite song in the whole world (cliché, yes, but true)! I love it. I love everything about this song. It's beautiful. Paul McCartney thought of it on his visit to Weybridge to visit Cynthia and Julian Lennon, in the wake of Cynthia's divorce from John. It was in the car that he sang the beginnings of the first line of the song – “Hey Jules, don't make it bad, take a sad song, and make it better...” The song's original purpose was to comfort Julian. Paul said that it was “A hopeful, optimistic message for Julian: “Come on, man, you're parents got divorced. I know you're not happy, but you'll be OK.” Paul would later change the lyrics to “Hey Jude”, the Beatles would record it, and it would go on to be a major hit. John Lennon later stated that he “...always heard it as a song to me. If you think about it... Yoko's just come into the picture. He's saying, 'Hey, Jude - hey, John.' I know I'm sounding like one of those fans who reads things into it, but you can hear it as a song to me.”
Therein lies the beauty of the song, I think. You can hear it as a song to you. It's so deeply personal and yet entirely universal in its words. It's a song for Julian, a song for John, a song for Paul, a song for you, and a song for me too. Wherever and however you are, no matter what.

Naaaaah naaah naaah nah nah nah naaaah, nah nah nah naaaaah, heeeey Jude!

Beatle Fan | Reviewer: thousand voices | 1/10/13

I'm 12 so I wasn't around in their time. My cousin introduced me to the Beatles and I love them Because the are awesome. Hey Jude is one of my favorite songs. Don't even try to find out the meaning of the song. It utterly RUINS it, so don't.

tmz | Reviewer: tmz | 10/8/12

Its a song no öne can 4gt so easily,n a song no one should 4gt.
Many teenager dnt knw hw ths band gt into stardoom,instead they knw crappy r&b song,which i dnt see any talent in it.

HelloGoodbye | Reviewer: Melissa | 9/10/11

I firmly believe the Beatles were one of the most influential music groups of all time. This song is my favorite of all of theirs. I will forever regret never seeing John or George alive and will listen to their music for a long time. As to an earlier post, yes, George Martin did record with them-he did piano pieces on some of the songs, such as the harpisichord-sounding piano solo in "In My Life". And I did not start liking the Beatles until my cousin introduced me to them-so not all 17 year olds like the Beatles because of "Across the Universe", though it was a good movie.

Fifth Beatle | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/26/11

George Martin was NOT the fifth Beatle. He never performed or recorded with them. BILLY PRESTON, god rest his soul, was the fifth Beatle, recording hot tracks such as let it be, come together, and many more legendary piano solos on Beatle tracks. Yet he is nearly lost to history. He was not on Hey Jude, sure, or many other tracks... but if Martin was the fifth, Specter was the Sixth, and that's just some shit.


Hey Jude. | Reviewer: Graham From Australia | 10/26/10

Welcome on board any new devotees to the Beatles music, it is there to experience and enjoy! Isn't their music just incredible and stands the test of time. Consider how little technology was available to them but luckily George Martin was the producer they had to have. They all met at the right time. He is the fifth beatle who allowed them to and who himself explored every possible sound and technic available to combine with their incredible talents. Also listen to John's and George's songs as well they too are just so incredible. Paul I love as a songwriter but I put George and John ahead in their solo journeys.

Good Song! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/6/10

I am 13 and have been listening to the Beatles since my parents and grandparents showed their music to me when I was like 5. I saw the Across the Universe movie about a year or two ago and didn't really like it, but that is just my opinion... everyone else who saw it in my family loved it (everyone being my aunt and sister lol)

Not seen this movie | Reviewer: chris | 8/2/10

oh well
the beatles are and always will be amazing it's a pity McCartney doesn't retire gracefully now though or do something a little less ego centric but in the beatles he and all of them john george and ringo were beautiful and will live on in our collective hearts for eternity. Not seen this movie yet but hey i've been listening to them for a long time any how

recent beatles lover | Reviewer: abby | 7/22/10

i'll just come right out and say it, i love the movie accross the universe mostly because yes, it did introduce me to the beatles. i wish that i had listened to them before because they are amazing and i regret not doing that. and for those who criticize the movie and havent seen it, it might be a good idea if you do before you talk about something you have not experienced. you may see what i love most about the movie which is how it helped me put some of the songs in situations where the emotions of the songs really came alive, emotions that i could really relate to. the movie allowed me to connect more with the songs and i appreciate the movie for that. accross the universe may not have won all these prestige awards for being a great movie, but i will never forget it.

but honestly, in the end, why does it matter how we found out about the beatles? all that matters is that we know and love their music. dont hate or discriminate, just spread the beatles magic :)

The ungodly beatles | Reviewer: Emmanuel | 5/17/10

First of all, I am currently 18 years old, and have been listening to the Beatles religiously since I was about 6. For all you who are getting their panties in a bunch because your pissed off how many teenagers are being introduced to the Beatles through Across The Universe, you can chill. I think its wonderful how many kids my age are getting into the Beatles, regardless of how it happens. I was extremely fortunate because my dad was about 19 when the Beatles visited America during the British Invasion, and quite honestly, he never thought I would like them. Now here's a band that had 4 songs going at the same time on the top 100 hits, starting with number one, going to four. THE TOP 4 SONGS! AT THE SAME TIME! No other band in the history of music has accomplished such a feat. Now with that said, does it really matter if someone is introduced to the Beatles by a movie, a song, or someone talking about them? Once you hear the Beatles, you can't go back. When the Beatles first started becoming famous, how do you think people heard of them? Newspapers, News, word of mouth... MUSIC VIDEOS!? It all started somewhere right? All I'm saying is that I think it wonderful how many kids are getting into the Beatles, and instead of discouraging it, we should be encouraging it!

John Lennon <3

helllo | Reviewer: md | 3/2/10

had some mistakes before hit summit without foolproof he he but Who cares how people became beatles fan because you saw across the universe , or you were a teenager in the sixties and you thought they were hot or u think u know so much about music u think u are better than people who discover the Beatles thought a movie the most important thing is that u love them and they are an inspiration in your life and that they make u fu***** happy!!!

helllo | Reviewer: md | 3/2/10

Who cares how people became beatles fan because you saw across the universe , or you were a teenager in the sixties and you thought they were hot or u think u know so much about music u think u are better than people who discover the Beatles thouath a movie the most important thing is that u love them and the are an ispiration in your life and that they make u fu***** happy!!!

Amazing | Reviewer: Shauna Louise | 2/17/10

This was the first ever beatle song my granddad played to me when I was 5, I will never forget it, he played many beatles to me but ''Hey Jude'' is my all time favorite. It has a great atmosphere and emotion in it

To mister Mike | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/2/10

I think across the universe is an amazing movie... I would have never listened to the bealtes like I do now if i didnt see it. Also its a great way to show people my age how amazing the bealtes are.

AWESOME!@ | Reviewer: Julian | 12/8/09

I am a beatles fan. THis song is totally about me!
My mate ROb is crying right now about how good the band are and because John Lennon died yesterday 29 years ago cos of that fucktard Mark Chapman or CHATMAN!

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