Tyrone | Reviewer: Billy Cruse, Jr. | 10/16/13

I located this obscure Beatles song by surprise in Memphis 1990!!! I had been a Beatles junkie since the late '60s, but a very special woman in my life brought the "Bulldog" to my attention. I try to play it, or get the stage artist to play this song on 10/9 tributes.
Actually, the song has no redeeming qualities after the second stanza, except for the grinding guitar riff... However, it holds a very special spot in my heart, because of Georgia and Memphis.

Hey Bulldog! | Reviewer: DangerTiger8 | 7/12/12

Great song. I memorized it, thanks to this site. John's laugh is amazing, when you listen to this song. I also wrote a review for Maxwell's Silver Hammer. Go read it. It is under the same name. IF YOU DON'T, I WILL SEND MY PINK BUNNIES OF DOOM AFTER YOU!!!!!! They will haunt you forever!! I will haunt your dreams forever! *evil laugh*
Peace, Pie, and Danger,
~T p.s. I didn't mean any of that! Dude, I'm only a tween.

Beatles Rock! | Reviewer: Banjovi | 6/19/12

I read many biographies on the beatles. There are so many stories that you don't know topped of with awesome music. I am a man but my family believes this is the Beatles' cute order:


diferent | Reviewer: another Beatles fan | 5/29/11

I really like this song it's a bit different from others that they made. It is energetic at the start, then it beigins to become "childlike", after that it becomes serious in the "Hey bulldog" shouts and then it starts to be a bit crazy (you know why) finaly it ends kinda happy.

Rroof Woof | Reviewer: RiNgO | 4/28/10

I've been a Beatles fan all my life. My mom was one when she was a littler girl when Beatlemania came to America...and she put me on the Beatles when i was maybe 6 years old now im 16 goin on 17. i love the Beatles i cant think of another really good british band.
p.s. the beatles in cute order

My all-time favorite! | Reviewer: Pamo | 12/22/09

Being my dad a HUGE Beatle's fan, I know every single song and lyrics from them. And, though I like them all, Hey Bulldog is definitely my favorite! Not just from The Beatles, but from ANY artist EVER! I don't really know why... maybe 'cause there's no comparison. You won't here any other song like this, anywhere + I absolutely LOVE hearing the piano at the begining. It inmediately gives me the most incredible feeling! There's just no words for it...

***Oh! And the most awesome part is that, you can see in The Beatles Rock Band that it was recorded on February 11... my birthday!!! AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME!!!! Jaja!!! I almost couldn't believe it. =D

They always gave their songs some crazy chords, sounds and lyrics... that's what makes The Beatles!!! And why I Love Them!!! Best song ever, from the best band ever!!!

Hey Bulldog | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/18/09

There is a awesome video of this song also. Even though the song was not released until 1969, on the Yellow Submarine album, Lennon recorded it in late 1967, early 1968. The video shows John at the pianio at first with Paul kinda mulling around. Then later in the video and at the end you see both John and paul standing opposite a single mike. while john is barking out the lyrics, Paul is ad-libbing and playing a mean-ass bass. John also plays lead in this song as he often did in a lot of beatle songs. What I like most about the video is you get to see a glimpse of John and Paul working together in a very natural and interesting way. Yes, this song is a gold nugget that the average fan doesn't get to hear so much. here are others....."everybody's got something to hide except for me and my monkey" comes to mind.

J.W.L. J.P.M. R.S.J. G.H.H. | Reviewer: Jamie | 3/16/09

I love this song so so so much! My friend Lauren and I always print out lyrics that remind us of each other (jokes.) and she always laughs at me how the beatles are my FAVORITE band EVER!!!!!. So anyways she has a sheep dog (i printed out hey,bulldog for that.) She LOVES bacon. (i printed out piggies for that.) and her mom's name is Nancy. (I printed out rocky raccoon for that.) and next because she is a loner (i joke around!, so i will print out Eleanor Rigby for that.) Just wanted to share my love and knowledge for the beatles.

<3546347 John Winston Lennon,
<3546347 James Paul McCartney,
George Harold Harrison,
&&&&&&& Richard Starkey Jr.

this song rocks | Reviewer: kathy | 8/21/08

i agree with you all, its a brilliant collection of exciting chords,surreal lyrics, and general feel good rock'n'roll...i am 17 and would never have heard of it if i hadn't discovered it on one of my dads old LP's! you can tell that this wierd rhythm used by piano is inspiration for later musicians, like bowie's 'oh you pretty things' and just about every 70's elton john hit, and it's 'yellow submarine' that everyone knows...lols

Hey Bulldog | Reviewer: debinnc | 8/1/07

I love this song too! Why are some of the most unheard Beatle songs not heard. I love this and For No One. that is the best song!!

Hey Bulldog | Reviewer: Chiara | 4/6/07

One of my fave beatles song ever!
Great lyrics, great music, great vocals, perfect!

Teh Bestest | Reviewer: Kazzaeh | 5/13/06

This Song Is One Of My Favourites, Like EVER. And Its Definatley My Favourite Beatles Song, Its Just Like.. WOW. Makes You Want To Dance! ^_^

Hey Bulldog... One of the best | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/9/05

One of the most under rated Beatle songs. Got to be the best Lennon vocal of his career!