My Review | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/19/07

This song rocks! i just love to listen to it all the time and now its stuck in my head and i just learned it this morning.. LOL!!

happy feelin's man | Reviewer: mufasa | 11/8/07

an awesome song, it just makes you feel happy with it's message. everythings alright. everythings okay - the sun is back, it has returned like it will everyday.


here comes the sun | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/3/07

This song is one in a million kinda like a boy named brandon homme who died not to long ago. I never got to know him but my cousin was great friends with him. He OD'd on oxycotton and well the morning before he died his friends played this song. Whenever i hear this song it really makes me sad but happy. goes out to brandon, little darlin here comes the sun.

here comes the sun.mp3 or wma | Reviewer: khong kien nhan | 6/27/07

i would like to listen apart of soundtrack in "the parent trap" film ,the song "Here comes the sun" ,file format as mp3 or wma that's ok .Thank u very much