Here Comes The Sun | Reviewer: Moppett | 1/17/14

So uplifting and emotional. George was and still is a very under rated songwriter and musician. He may have not been technically the greatest guitarist in the world, but his riffs and solo's are timeless and the songs he did write for The Beatles and some of his solo stuff is amongst the greatest of the 20th century. Sadly missed and unreplaceable. God bless George!! Hare Krishna!!!

Une pure beaut | Reviewer: Pierre | 5/6/13

Ok. Georges tait mon prfr. J'avais 16 ans quand Abbey Road est paru. En ce qui me concerne, c'est la plus belle chanson des Beatles. Je les coute l'anne longue, et heres comme the sun, est d'une beaut extraordinaire. Bref! Un bijou couter et r-couter.

Merci Georges.

The sun is coming! | Reviewer: Layla | 3/5/13

One of my favorite songs! I'll always have a special connection to this song. Came on the radio one day after a really tough break up as I got into my car. Nothing can make you smile like this song and George Harrison! No matter how bad I feel or how hard I am crying, if I turn on this song, my tears are always gone by the end of it. This song means "it will get better," "it's okay," "don't worry, it's going to be alright"--it's whatever you need to hear to make you feel okay again. That's the simple beauty and power of this song!

RINGO STARR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: thousand voices | 1/11/13

I vote for Ringo also. He is the coolest [and the hottest]. You may think I'm crazy but Ringo is more than just a drummer.
Anyways, I love this song but don't think there is any hidden meaning. I've heard reviews on other songs and I think that it ruins the beuty of the song. I mean if you want to go ahead and read all the reviews but I'm just saying that you should think what you think and leave it at that.

George Harrison= Love | Reviewer: Emilee(: | 1/9/12

i reallyl cant explain it but every song by George Harrison always makes me happy. All of George's songs have a deep meaning to them. Although George was the "Silent Beatle", in his songs he shows people what he thinks lifes about and his songs to women are so deep that no one could put in words, but he did. One of the many reasons i love George. RIP

fuck a duck | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/5/11

George Harrison wrote an amazing song called Here Comes the Sun. So beautiful ans peaceful at the same time. George was a great writer and may he rest in peace. I also think he was the hottest beatle.

Lirical error | Reviewer: Tom | 1/24/11

OH, I think this song is one of the best of George! it's fantastic. I would like to make you see a lyric error in seventh paragraph where instead of "I see the ice.." George says "I feel that ice". Please do not take it as an ofense comment is just to answer to your request.

george rox | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/1/09

Okay so heres my point of view...GEORGE YOU ROCK! so anyway no offense but ringos my favorite and im obsessing over him but your so little and cute and you right so well. tell john that i cant believe they didnt like your songwriting! I think George wrote this song cuz he was mad they didnt like any of his songs so they were saying here comes the sun cuz its going to be a hit. Georgie porrgie! awwww

this song is magic | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/17/09

I played this song at two seperate parties when it was raining and by the end of the song it stopped raining. One of my friends tried and got the rain to stop too. you should try it at your next party.

symbole of geting out of hard times | Reviewer: sarah | 3/31/09

i think it symbolises geting out of hard times because it says " here comes the sun" as in it hasn't been there in a while, also when it says "it seems like years since it's been here" personaly i think its a fantastic song and should be herd be every one in the world because of it's inspiering werds and just the joy it brings to people when you here it.

here comes the sun means | Reviewer: Aiman | 10/23/08

in this song sun stands for happiness. and the symbols which are used in this song is following: ice slowly melting,smiles returning,sun rising and the world and the people are describe in this song.

It's alright... | Reviewer: Lizzie | 9/17/08

I just love this song. At the moment I am very upset... we broke up... but... here comes the sun... and I say it's ALRIGHT=)))
so cheerful. The best song in the world.
RIP George. Thank you for all you've done.

Amazing. | Reviewer: Mariah | 3/28/08

This is my favorite beatles song of all time. I know that sounds reallt cheesy since there are alot of better beatles songs out there. But this one is just a really happy song. And whenever I'm sad or something, I can listen to it and it will just cheer me up. I love it.

The "Bestest" song. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/24/08

Wassup , this song always make happy , i don't know but the lyrics are great, saying life (sun) always comes again and huge you with warm arms, like a mother protecting you. God! they completely rocks , i can hear this song again and again, remembering too my girlfriend ( unfortunaly, we broke, yeah, that's sad )

Another happy song from The Beatles | Reviewer: Beatles lover | 1/6/08

This is just one of those songs that makes you feel great you know? I have to say this may be one of my favorite songs by the beatles. It never seems to get old and just delivers a happy experience no matter how many time you hear it. BEATLES FOR LIFE!