I like the song but user Anonymous 10/10/07 is a asshole.... | Reviewer: John Barry | 7/10/13

Who fucking cares if Michael Jackson bought the rights to the Beatles songs, MJ loved the Beatles and he wasn't desperate for money dickhead, why don't you get your fucking facts straight asshole and stop being a prick, you should be ASHAMED to even make a comment like that you cunt, MJ and the Beatles are both good artists so fuck off loser! Huh... useless freak.

Interpretation | Reviewer: NuxlyStardust | 6/1/12

A couple, two lovers, both have needs but they never want the same things at the same time.
One wants to stop, the other one's like go go go
One says yes, the other one says no
"You say goodbye and I say hello", that's what it means imo

start or stop? Finally I know the truth, thank you. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/20/11

Thank you very much for your lyrics, I know this is very simple, but I've always thought that the beatles say in the second line "stop", as you have it, but everytime I had looked for the lyrics, every of them say "start" instead. Thanks a lot, I'm not deaf.

blasphemy! | Reviewer: another Beatles fan | 5/29/11

Boys I know the beatles where into drugs but every one says so in the reviews of every song from lucy to the yellow submarine! What do you think? that they got drug al the time? that they didnt where enough intelligent to write something good without druging themselves? I actually think that answering yes to any of those questions is insulting the beatles and their creativity!

Drugs=good | Reviewer: Tyler | 10/6/10

So what if The Beatles were on drugs when they wrote this. They got MUCH higher when writing other songs. Back then that was the inspiration. Classic rock radio stations; every song on them is made from a stoner. I think maybe if this Beiber faggot tried some drugs his songs might actually be good too. Or it would just kill him and he would finally shut up. Either is good.

Hello, Goodbye. | Reviewer: Brenden | 3/22/10

This is a song about two people who think opposite things. although gay people (jonas brothers, whoever the fuck made hot and cold) may have said thier own opinoins, i still belive this is a great song. you see this in many places. dissagreements, and religion, and politics. no matter what is the debate, think of this song.
-Brenden (*****/*****)

It is a song of differences ... | Reviewer: Arturo | 2/22/10

Its incredible. Many years have gone since this song was written. And the beatifulness of the song (as in many things about art) they can be seen from different perspectives and attitudes. Now I consider that this song is essentially something that happens with my wife. I say hello, she says goodbye. Everything is interpreted from two extremes... you say high, i say hello. She says no, and you ask why.

this song is about drugs | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/9/09

"I say high, you say low.
You say why and I say I don't know, oh no."

Explanation: I say that I want to go and get high (on drugs), but you say I should stay sober. You ask why I want to get high on drugs, and I say I don't know why, I just want to take drugs.

I = the Beatles themselves, the rebels
you = the authorities, the police, the Establishment or whatever you want to call them

At the time they wrote this song, the Beatles were already drugged out of their minds.

Michael Jackson sells out | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/10/07

Michael Jackson is so desperate for money he is now wholesale selling Beatles tunes to the highest bidder......he should be ashamed--the useless freak.