The Artist | Reviewer: Erica | 1/24/08

The artist of that time/era were not afraid to write songs about drugs, because in a way it was the norm. Take artist/bands like steely dan, the beatles,genesis,etc... most of there songs are drug related without some being high in writing it. Happiness is a warm gun to me sounds like when it is all said & done( the drug use,spending money, lots of sex) nothing will give you inner peace like death will.

lucy in the sky | Reviewer: Luuuucyyy on LSD | 1/15/08

Lucy in the sky with diamonds... LSD? maybe. the story goes that (as said before) his son draw a picture and called it that way. but, maybe his son draw just 'lucy in the sky' and john added 'with diamonds' - as he saw it, it may be a good idea for the song.
can we know? no, we can't. for sure certainly not.

lucy in the sky | Reviewer: blackbird | 1/12/08

the song lucy in the sky with diamonds is about a picture that John Lennon's son drew at school. He brought it home and showed his dad.

I am the eggwomen | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/13/08

Lucy in the Sky with diamonds YES is about LSD.
I think is obvius, and yes, the titol was about Lennon's son, Julian, and his drawing, about a girl called Lucy.

"oh goodness gracious" you should shut up if you don't know much about The Beatles, you know.. ¬¬

Peace and Love!

. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/10/08

happiness is a warm gun is a musical masterpiece showing thier ability to change keys and time signitures. the lyrics appear to be ramblings and the only person who truly knows the significance of each line is the genious who wrote it, and i doubt even he would have been able to speak to every idea that went into the creation of this song. we can only assume the the i need a fix section refers to john lennons problems with heroine and cocaine, and that the happiness is a warm gun section makes satire of the vietnamese war. but we will never be able to know for sure.

Just to | Reviewer: Amanda | 1/10/08

Just to say that John Lennon, before his tragic and untimely passing, said in a taped interview that Happiness is a warm gun is not about heroin, but just a slogan he saw in a magazine for shotguns. I have read about seven books on the Beatles all saying this same thing as well. And Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds in NOT about LSD, but about his son Julian drawing a picture and John asked him what it was and Julian responded it was Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds (LSD just a coincidence). And for a former review you are incorrect John Lennon was addicted to heroin with Yoko in the late sixties which is what Cold Turkey is about which he admitted to as well. Thanks for the time!

oh goodness gracious. | Reviewer: wow | 1/5/08

well. Lucy in the sky is not about lsd. its about the daughter of one of the band members drawing a picture (and little children have no sense of depth in artistic matters so characters seem to float in the sky), and the name of the song is just a coincedence. Also, just because the song was about drugs doesnt nessisarily mean they were on them when they wrote it. but considering the randomness of the first stanza, they prolly were.

its impossible to know | Reviewer: ricardo | 1/8/08

the beatles, especially john lennon, were very confused people. john was a very depressed person he even admited that when he wrote "help!" he was in a very bad place in his life. maybe this song is about drugs, naybe about suicide, who knows... the only sure thing is that is fcking amazing!

Godd. | Reviewer: person | 12/27/07

This song is all what you make it. That's what the Beatles were...hell that's what MUSIC is about in general. Music is all about what YOUR meaning of it is..

and so what about drugs? They were twenty year olds with major money in the sixties. How pure can we expect them to be?

what? | Reviewer: doug | 12/23/07

drugs aren't as inhumane as people make them out to be. psychedelia tends to just make things a lot more clear and perhaps you all should take some because a lot of people have no idea what they are talking about and that in taking drugs something is gained and something is lost. such is life. face it. your all going to die. the beatles are amazing, and happiness truly is a warm gun... to the head

... | Reviewer: so cute | 12/12/07

I think it's cute, how some of you act as if it was so wrong for the beatles to be on drugs while writing their music. What needs to be understood is that drugs open your mind to a whole new way of thinking. John never did Heroin and nobody should, however some of the white album songs are very acid inspired. It's funny... once you have experienced a psychadelic trip, you can instantly recognize the reproduced sounds of a trip in music. And that is everywhere in Beatles music after '66.

Not Heroin | Reviewer: Chris | 12/12/07

This song is not about heroin or any other hidden meanings. The Beatles were generally very honest and forward about what their songs were about. John Lennon admitted that a later solo song that he wrote, "Cold Turkey" was about his experience with Yoko quitting heroin. They have admitted that Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds was about an experience that they had while on LCD. If it was about heroin they would have no problem with just admitting it.

Isn't Amazing | Reviewer: Jesse | 11/30/07

It is such a beautiful yet dark song that makes everyone question the meaning. Most like to think think that it is a song about heroine and drug usage. This could be very well true but I love the idea that you can take this song and have it mean so much to so many different people. Don't you agree though that since this song is open for so much interpretation that it is just an amazing song?

this song | Reviewer: girl | 11/25/07

You think by understanding this song you are a deep thinker, but there really isn't much meaning. They were obviously high when they wrote this song and many others. That doesn't make it bad, it just adds creativity.

dmac | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/25/07

If this song isn't about drugs there are twenty other beatles songs that are. Of course they all used drugs. everybody knows this. I love how people are saying we should look past their mistakes. these aren't mistakes. they were things that heavily influenced the production of what might be the best music ever. drugs had a profound effect on not only this band but most bands worth anything since the mid 60's.