My thoughts | Reviewer: roots | 5/1/10

the twist is that It is not about Happiness.
The melodies are too deep and too sad, like an ocean of tears and pain.
Its more of a statement on the mood of a person, the feelings ones have for driven forces.
oh yeah! genius song!

The Meaning | Reviewer: Wendy | 4/23/10

Just to clear it up, it's not actually determined what the song is about.
The song was not inspired by GI's.
John Lennon saw a gun magazine with that phrase on the cover and he said that he was incredibly intrigued by it.

Just to clear things up. | Reviewer: Rob the Slob | 3/28/10

This song is definitely definitely definitely about heroin.

The title comes from a periodical with an article of the same title. The song was written in four parts, each part not necessarily being meant for this song. Eventually John took his four napkins, old letters, or what have you scraps of paper he had lying around with tidbits of inspiration or poetry and made four separate diner visit napkin ideas into one set of lyrics.

The song is inspired by how many Gi's from vietnam were addicted to heroin over there and about how so many were also addicted to morphine from its overuse in military hospitals. John says everything ive said himself.

Also the dead give away is the line "Mother Superior jumped the gun!" Mother Superior was/is an EXTREMELY common euphemism in the UK for HEROIN DEALER/MAKER... Previous to this line is "I need a fix cause im going down, down to the bits that i left uptown." Bits is a common referral to 'Gear' or Heroin Fixins'

Hope this helped clear up the song for some of you. Just because its about drugs doesnt make it a bad song. Nor does it imply The Beatles were heroin junkies. It was merely inspired by why GI's turned to in that horrible holocaust of a war.

it's about | Reviewer: Jumper | 2/2/10

It's about whatever you'd like to be. Greatest songwriters don't usually talk about the meaning of their songs cause they want them to mean something special to everyone. If the song were more specific then it would have much less fans of it...
So enjoy it and find the meaning for yourself, but keep it only to you.

C'mon | Reviewer: Jeffery Hyman | 1/19/10

So no one hear shoots dope eh? Well This song is clearly about dope. Bang= slang for shooting , Need a fix... Happiness is a Warm Gun- When your dependant on heroin absolutely nothing else exists. Your only interest is the drug. Even if you kick and the pain goes away in about a week the real battle begins; Depression, insomnia, boredom. The world loses the magic it once had. mmm I love opiates.

Happiness is a Warm Gun | Reviewer: Morgon | 11/29/09

OK, you know what? ALL of you are dead wrong. I know my Beatles, believe me.

OK, so the Beatles were writing their songs around the Vietnam War time, OK? Every newspaper or television or radio, I should say had SOMETHING about the war. Well John was reading a newspaper about the war and the headline read, "Happiness is a Warm Gun". John thought that was hilarious and wrote the song. The beginning: she's well aqquainted with the touch of the velvet hand like a lizard on a window pane talks about a gun, more specifically the picture of the gun in the newspaper.

I really hope this cleared things up a bit...if you have ANY questions WHATSOEVER about the beatles or their songs, email me at .

Chill out | Reviewer: Amber | 10/26/09

John admitted all the drug stuff so whatever. But he also said most of the songs aren't really about anything. Your digging for a meaning it doesn't have. It's a good song so enjoy it for what it is. A song

happiness is a warm gun | Reviewer: angie | 9/11/09

for me its all about the music, I know all about the interpretation of the drugs that john was into, but, this music made me just love it! its my all time fave track, mmmnnnn especially the bit in between the last mother superior jumped the gun, and happiness is a warm gun, just appreciated the chords

Gun Magazine | Reviewer: Dan | 8/31/09

John read this line "Happiness is a warm gun in your hand" on the cover of a gun magazine and with his usual poetic genius, turned it into a confusingly twisted masterpiece. Who cares what it is about?

i'm pretty sure | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/26/09

the song is totally about shooting up heroin. finger on the trigger is your finger on the needle as you're pushing it in your vein. happiness is a warm gun is the warm needle. i think it's very obvious what the song is truly about. bang, bang, shoot, shoot the heroin into your veins!

what this means to me | Reviewer: notmuch | 8/3/09

I don't think we will ever find the truth about the real meaning of this song but its fun to have our own meaning for me its about sex and drugs ."bang bang"=the sex part "shoot shoot"= the drug part he's shooting up heroin because "mother superior" =heroin

True Origin of Song | Reviewer: anononomousous | 6/13/09

Its not what anyone says it is. Im pretty sure it was John lennon (or Al Gore, one of the two) that came to me in a dream last night and said: "Jimmy, i want you to tell the world what this song really is about... i was abducted by aliens and one of them was reading a gun magazine and on the front it said happiness is a warm gun and they had a song going on in their ship so i just plugged in that phrase into thier song and came back down to earth without my kidney. The end" somethin like that, i think there were some right parts in there (like the magazine) not sure about the alien ship though lol

SkullFukt | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/28/09

Its about drugs, sex, and john's battle w/heroin addiction. The title comes from an ad from a gun magazine. The songs talks about both drugs and sex, which are both addictions. Velvet hand= soft or sensual touch. Mother superior is a heroin term, and jumping the gun seems to me to be about getting the air out of the needle, or so I've read... Finger on your trigger... Finger on her clit... F*ck, how can you not love a song that makes you think soo much! I love the melody of this song... Genius...

Fact- | Reviewer: The Smart One | 5/24/09

John said the song is about a poster that said,"Happiness Is A Warm Gun", a take off of The Peatnut's Comic's "Happiness Is A Warm Puppy". He said he thought it was insane and wrote a song about it.
There's not much more than that.

happiness | Reviewer: Ben | 4/8/09

its about happiness. artificial happiness. which could be drugs. sex. or killing. hes down so he needs a fix. whether its getter high getting laid or putting someone down. mother superior is what controls the universe. he wants her to jump the gun or to give him happiness right now cuz happiness is a warm gun. happiness is instant gratificiation. the backup lyrics saying bang bang shoot shoot is like a subliminal calling to mother superior to give him some happiness.