What I Think | Reviewer: gunface | 11/8/14

"She's not a girl" is the heroin itself, "she's well acquainted" and following lyrics are images while on or coming down "I need a fix".

"jump the gun" cooking it up

"When I hold you in my arm", not arms, inserting the needle into a vein.

"Happiness is a warm gun" the heated cooked heroin

"Nobody can do me no harm" you are in your own little world

"Bang, bang, shoot, shoot" bang or banging is often referred as shooting dope.

"OH yah" the felling of just getting off

Now add George's fuzz guitar, it's a musical image and feeling of heroin reaching the brain.

Nope | Reviewer: Merper derper | 11/16/13

"Lennon's original title for this song was "Happiness Is a Warm C#nt". Paul thought the song was about him. So, at the last minute, he had the title changed to this sophomoric drivel. LOL."

NRA magazine headline reads happiness is a warm gun. Lennon likes cause it's absurd. Means you've just shot something.


Pull the trigger: yes | Reviewer: Someone Else | 11/15/13

Anonymous was right, about the song being about "fingering" a woman. Not just "when I feel my finger on your trigger," but the reference to a man with mirrors on boots is about young men in the fifties who did that to look up girl's skirts. Then they could look down innocently "lying with his eyes," and with willing girls, soon their hands would be "working overtime" up there. But the references to real sociological and sexual experience does not exclude a surrealist side Lennon always had. Who can tell me what "A soap impression of his wife which he ate and donated to the National Trust" means?

Poor Prudish | Reviewer: Javymetal | 4/21/13

John Was extraordinarely talented song writer. This magnificent underground song is hidden under the "beutyfull " Beatles POP face, but is a surrealistic master piece, and it sure is about a not " normal" feelings, but other, so deep, that might be in other dimension, and only people serching that far, would see it and feel it too.

my dream | Reviewer: my dream | 1/24/13

As a recovering alcoholic and drug addict.The reason I looked up these lyrics is because I had a dream the other night about being able to shoot my addiction to cocaine down. In the dream I emptied a clint eastwoot 44 mag into my addiction and stepped back and re-loaded just in case it got up again,while feeling happy holding the warm gun. Whatever the lyrics really mean,doesn't matter to me I know what they meant to me in that dream. Thank you John,George,Paul, and Ringo.

Blah. Blah, blah, blah. Blah, blah. | Reviewer: Bert | 11/14/12

Lennon's original title for this song was "Happiness Is a Warm C#nt". Paul thought the song was about him. So, at the last minute, he had the title changed to this sophomoric drivel. LOL.

It is what it will be | Reviewer: Sam | 10/10/12

Music (and art) is whatever the exposed individual, hearing or seeing it, needs it to be. If you need it to be about heroine so be it. If you need it to be about sex so be it. That's what creating is about: moving people. It meant to John Lennon whatever it meant to him. Now it means to you whatever you need it to.

According to Lennon's Playboy interview... | Reviewer: DigitalBob | 9/21/12

He stated this song was written right after he met Yoko and they were in bed constantly and is very sexual. The phrase 'my finger on your trigger' is clearly a sexual reference. Crazy as it sounds I miss John despite never knowing him and just starting to be interested in the Beatles when he passed.

my belief is | Reviewer: Roo Power | 7/22/12

Last post messed up. What I was saying is, Who knows how much of the song is poetic licence and how much is true and about the article Lennon read? All I know is that its an amazing song! Thanks

Interpretation | Reviewer: xhund | 6/1/12

The bottomlands of craziness and misery.
A man not missing "this girl" because he finds consolation in drugs and wanking over the memory of his deceased wife, hiding behind a mask of innocence (lying with his eyes).
He needs a fix when he's going down because he doesn't want to fall back into the sadness he managed to forget.
The last lines are pretty obvious now, what he does makes him feel better, nobody can do him no harm when he got his finger on the trigger.
Saddest song ever.

My understanding | Reviewer: Anna | 10/12/11

This song is generally accepted as being about John Lennon's desire for Yoko Ono. It was written by Lennon, not Lennon *and* McCartney. It has been disputed that the song was about Lennon's heroin addiction, but Lennon denied ever injecting heroin, claiming himself that the song was about Ono.

I adore the movie Across the Universe, and I interpretted this song in the movie as Max becomming addicted to morphine: "I need a fix". I have a limited knowledge of the Viet Nam war, so it is good to learn that soldiers returned as addicts, as I my interpretation may very well be wrong. Thank you!

Happiness is a Warm Gun | Reviewer: Isabel | 8/1/11

I just want to say that the beatles ARE the best band that have ever existed in this whole world and I hate reading everyone triying to find meanings to the songs, Look yea it does has a meaning... But none of us know it and will never know it cuz just the artist that made this in this case Jonh Lennon and Paul McCartney knows the meaning, The could have been inspired in anyhing, Riht now I can say "The taste that you left in my mouth was the most amazing thing I've ever taste" I could refer to a guy I just kissed or the cupcake that is next to me!! So don't try to guess and Enjoy the amazing songs that The Beatles gave us.
Oh! And please stop saying everything they write was the result od drugs cuz guys! if they were in drugs, Who the Hell cares!!?! If drugs makes you write awesome stuff then I would consume them but no you have to be an Artist. They all were Artist not Drug Addicts... ok ok maybe that too but it doesn't matter cuz it was their lifes and you better enjoy it with what you like.

This song | Reviewer: Lucy | 7/15/11

I love this song. Joe Anderson did a great job at singing this song. I first saw "Across the Universe" in late 2007. And I loved it. I had heard of the Beatles before but never really listened to them. But this movie changed that.

what i believe | Reviewer: alex | 7/1/11

people have their different opinion on this song. Such as in the movie across the univers, max(joe anderson) was in the hospitial. to anyone whos wondering: this represents Vietnam soldiers that were psychologically scarred/dependent on heroine. When heroin dependent soldiers returned to America they were sick for months because they no longer had access to the drug. Max was one, and is hallucinating from withdrawal symptoms. The nurses represent his addiction to the "warm gun" which is the heroin. Since he is addicted to the it, the only way for "happiness" is injecting more into him, or withdrawal symptoms kick in.

this song can be about sex, love, war, or (gasp) HERIONE. Big whoop, this song is amazing and full of emotions.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer | Reviewer: ALAN | 5/13/11

Season 1 - episode 11 "Out of mind, Out of sight". At the end of the episode, an invisible girl is taken to a "CIA" type facility. She is in a classroom with other invisible students. The instructor asks the class to turn to page 54- Chapter 11- "Assination and Infiltration"- Case Example 1: Radical cult leader as intended victim
Aug2, 19XX- FREEZE THE FRAME and read the text: it is the lyrics to Happiness is a warm gun.