authority has no happiness | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/16/09

i like the lines where Lennon says " Mother superior jump the gun" my interpritation is that the gun is happiness and mother superior is the government. the government has no joy because they jumped the gun and they spend thier lives making others un-happy.

Heroin | Reviewer: Poo | 2/18/09

It's about Lennon's problem with heroin.

I don't know where people are getting animal killings from. However, some of you are just reading into it for your own meaning, and that's okay, too. People will see it differently. But John was referring to his heroin issues.

The title, however, I think he saw in a newspaper ad or something?

yeah um "mother superior" | Reviewer: Benjamin | 2/10/09

yeah, i know you guys have all these interpretations of what this song stands for, but the top and most dominant and factual meaning of the song is about heroin, mother superior is another word for heroin. mother superior jump the gun...yeah ever shoot a bubble out of a syringe or see a doctor doing it? the liquid will jump out of the needle

HAP-PENIS is a warm gun | Reviewer: HMMMMM | 1/16/09

It has been thought that it was about suicide or a gun. But when he mentions that Holding her in his arms and pressing her trigger he was meaning Yokos "trigger." Its an awesome show of what made lennon a great writer. a song with simple lyrics like this song will always mean different things to differnt people. Excuse me now while i press my wifes trigger and hold my warm gun in happiness ;-)

I LOVE this song, though some of you critisize the lyrics! | Reviewer: J.R. | 1/10/09

I have had this song stuck in my head for weeks. Like Strawberry Fields Forever and Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, Lennon pulls off crazy poetry again, using the horrible image of guns and yet making a tantalizing illusion of a song.

Although it is about guns, it is portraying the craziness of what people do when they get obsessive with violence.

At least the title... | Reviewer: Ali | 1/5/09

"According to Lennon, the title came from the cover of a gun magazine that producer George Martin showed him: "I think he showed me a cover of a magazine that said 'Happiness Is a Warm Gun.' It was a gun magazine. I just thought it was a fantastic, insane thing to say. A warm gun means you just shot something."

Many different interpretations of the song have been offered down the years. It has been said that, in addition to the obvious reference mentioned above, the "Warm Gun" could also allude to Lennon's sexual desire for Yoko Ono (meaning an erect penis)and also to his well documented problems with heroin at the time of the recording of The White Album (in this case, the gun being a loaded syringe, although Lennon claims to have snorted, rather than injected, heroin during the time that he used the drug)."

But John Lennon did want you to interpret his music in your own way.

mhmm | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/4/09

a gun is warm after you shoot. this song is about being so low, and so depressed, that you can onlly be happy if you shoot yourself. hence, happiness is a warm gun. possibly, it could mean happiness is shooting someone or something else.

Hmmmmmm. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/27/08

This song could be about a number of things. The most obvious and least likely is that it's about actual guns. Another could be that it's about shooting heroin. My personal belief is that the chorus is about having sex. Hence the "Bang bang, shoot shoot" and the "ooo-ing"

criminals are worse | Reviewer: michael the weiner | 12/27/08

criminals are worse that the nra and most the gun people so write about them

got a song about them ? maybe ted nugent or alice cooper wrote one -they're republicans and i bet they support gun rights

otherwise go move to Chicago -we wont miss you libs

Its a gun! | Reviewer: Keith | 12/23/08

Don't think too deeply about the lyrics. He really is singing about a gun, a rifle. Yes, I know acid played a major role in their music. But this song is simply about the irony of NRA crazies finding content with a rifle in their arms.

no no no | Reviewer: Dave | 12/10/08

Sorry, but Lennon said to this song: I've just read a magazine about shooting and some guy wrote sth about "feeling of happiness from warm and smokin' gun. So I took this thought, as a terrible thought that he's just killed some animal." I need a fix part is a parody - guy needs a fix, so he shoots the animals.

escape | Reviewer: UberGanz | 12/9/08

a gun is warm after it is fired--happiness (release) is achieved when you escape misery.

perhaps the song describes a state of grief in which one is willing to take drastic measures in order to alleviate the condition.

Explination | Reviewer: Cathy | 12/5/08

The meaning of this song is shooting Heroin. Guns shoot, as do Heroin needles. Even if you watch Across the Universe, the song is sung whilst Max is getting shot with a needle. Yes, we all interpret songs accordingly to our own beliefs, but it is interesting to know what the singers/songwriters actually intended when they wrote it. Either way, its a beautiful song and must always be appreciated, no matter what it means to you. Happy Listening!

Across the Universe | Reviewer: Genna | 10/3/08

If you love this song, see the movie 'Across the Universe'. Joe Anderson's version of 'Happiness is a warm Gun' is great. Hizzi, I totally agree with your understanding of the song, but other people may not. That's perfectly acceptable.

Happiness is a warm, yes it is... GUN!!!!

it's imagery man! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/20/08

the song is about nothing in particular, but a mix of ideas (as is usual with lennon) -- the imagery of the gun came directly from a gun magazine, the fix is about his need for a fix, one line came from his mate derek taylor, etc.