What?! | Reviewer: Hmm | 9/12/08

Alright apparently you can't read because wikipedia is a very reliable source because the ppl that run it check it on the time so maybe u could put that it was written in the 1800s by a grizzly bear but it'll only be up for a short period of time unless u have that information sited so yer dumb! "Inappropriate changes are usually removed quickly, and repeat offenders can be blocked from editing. If you add new material to Wikipedia, please provide references. Facts that are unreferenced are routinely removed from the encyclopedia." -straight from the website so get yer facts straight & also i agree with "who cares?! from lalaland" and it just absurd to think that the meaning is up to the fans because clearly they had SOMETHING goin' on in their head when they wrote it! unless u think that they write w.o thinking

but yes across the universe was rather dope

My thoughts | Reviewer: Hizzi | 9/3/08

As someone stated, John Lennon himself said their music is whatever it means to you.

That being said, instead of arguing about what it means, pay John some homage in a peaceful way he would've wanted. Stop the flaming and just discuss your interpretation of the song.

Here's mine:

I think this song is about a soldier in the Vietnam War. A conservative man that misses his wife; scared, depressed and suffering from timely panic attacks. Commands, missions and his instinct of survival has forced him to take the lives of other humans beings. He drinks and uses drugs to attempt to cope with the blood on his hands and numb himself to internal conflicts plaguing his mind. Eventually after having numerous sexual encounters with a civilian woman; his heart and mind have finally joined his body in his distance from home. Each passing day he becomes more and more disturbed as his mind deteriorates; and his former life gradually slips aways without him ever noticing because the beast inside has consumed him too quickly. A man transformed, raped and left soulless by war.

OK people | Reviewer: Ur mom | 9/1/08

I know and understand that these songs are not all about drugs but they were influenced by drugs when they wrote them and they've even said it is don't deny it.It was what that time in history.I love the beatles and i'm not bashing on them. People try to act like they were as clean, and they weren't who would want them to be.

tired of this bull | Reviewer: MusicMania | 8/21/08

to the person who wrote you people are retards- first off, wikipedia is the worst source for information. someone could say that this song was actually written in the 1800s by a grizzly bear and it could be published on wikipedia. if people believe it was about drugs, thats their own personal belief. it was said by someone else, john lennon, along with the other beatles members, left all their songs up to their fans to determine the song meanings. and paul mccartney did once mention that the four had all tried pot, which was around the time they were making songs such as lucy in the sky with diamonds and strawberry fields forever. i am majoring in music history and am tired of looking at song lyrics on sites like this and finding people like yourself telling people how to interpret the songs.

other than my rant... this song is amazing and just beautiful. you should hear it sung by joe anderson from the movie Across The Universe. it's just astounding in that movie.

who cares?! | Reviewer: lalaland | 7/14/08

who cares what the song means?!!!!!! its a song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you can think its about drugs, or sex, or heroin, (btw- isnt heroin another type of drug?) but to me, its a great song!!!!!!! i like to look up the lyrics, just so i know what im singing!!!!!!!!!! who cares what its about!!!!! its a great song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thats the opinion no one can say no to!!!!!!!!

Happiness is a Warm Gun... | Reviewer: Brad | 3/30/08

The song is about America's obsession with weapons; many called it an anti-war piece. Whatever the case is, it is indeed poetry and should be interpreted however the reader/listener wants. That is what music is about. The same song can pull so many different emotions out of a person depending on the mood. It could mean something one day and something totally different the next.

hmm | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/24/08

i'm pretty sure this song refers to heroine. since that would explain the fix, and the fact that he refers to mother superior, and the gun as the needle. hmm. any way you take it it's still a spectacular song.

i agree | Reviewer: molly | 3/18/08

i totally agree. john has even said that the meaning of the beatles music is whatever it means to you. he says this in the documentary "imagine." you could say this song was about reading the side of a spray painted pony whilst juggling knives on top of a dragon's stomach after he's eaten a giant stack of IHOP pancakes and it would be perfectly acceptable.

the meaning of a song is personal | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/16/08

I'm sick of people saying "NO THIS SONG IS NOT WHAT YOU THINK ITS ABOUT"

John Lennon was all about creating poetry and art. And a big deal about art and such is that its open to interpretation, based on your life, your experiences, your moods, etc. So maybe to John Lennon this song isnt about heroin or drugs or sex. But to me it is. And you lyrical assholes on your high horses cant ever deny me that. So deal with my interpretation. I hear that and think heroin. You hear it and think, zomg an opus by John Lennon. Would John have wanted people to think of only one interpretation of the song? No, he would want it to be personal.

Sex drugs and rock and roll | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/14/08

Did anyone ever stop to think that it could actually be about all those things and none of them at the same time? No one could possibly know for a FACT what John Lennon or any of the Beatles were thinking or trying to express when writing these songs. There might be some with obvious themes and some that are more vague, but the point of art of any kind -visual art, poetry, music- is to find what the piece means to you. If you want to believe Lucy is about LSD, you can. There aren't any rules. John Lennon might not have meant it that way, but do you honestly think he would care? He probably wanted to share a beautiful story he thought of while enjoying quality artistic time with his son...I'm sure, however, that given the nature of his artistic expression he would probably enjoy hearing all of the theories everyone has about that song and this one. It might not be what he meant when he wrote it, but I doubt he would say "YOU'RE WRONG!" I like the idea of Happiness is a Warm Gun being about sex, because it makes the song...well, sexy. I just think the way the artist wrote the song isn't always how they expect or want you to interpret it.

oops!!! | Reviewer: John | 3/9/08

I just heard this song for the first time ‘by The Breeders’ and I didn’t know it was a Beatles cover till now. I replayed this song over and over to try and interpret it and I thought it was about heroin but I also thought the breeders wrote this. I will listen to the original one though.

The meaning | Reviewer: Tdemon | 3/1/08

This song isn't about sex, or drugs. It was written during different stages of John Lennon's life. Meaning, different parts of it relate to certain events. I think the only way this song can be analyzed at all for meaning, is to break it down word for word. "She's not a girl who misses much" is a line about how his first wife, Cynthia, had everything. She doesn't miss anything, because there is nothing she doesn't have. "She's well acquainted with the touch of the velvet hand," this also goes along with the having everything line. She lives the high life. "Like a lizard on a window pane," however, because of this life she sees from the outside in. She can't feel reality or poverty or anything of the sort. She just, looks through the window dividing the rich from the poor and thinks she understands the other side. "The man in the crowd with the multicoloured mirrors, On his hobnail boots," this is describing John Lennon himself. "Lying with his eyes while his hands are busy, Working overtime, A soap impression of his wife which he ate," The beginning of this line describes how he would lie about how his wife was. How he worked hard to depict her as a clean person. Hence the soap impression. However, he "ate" it or began to believe it himself. "And donated to the National Trust" the national trust is the people, or Lennon's fans. He shows the clean impression of his wife for appearances. "I need a fix 'cause I'm going down," he's beginning to get tired of hiding this person he's starting to believe isn't the person he painted her as and he needs something to solve his problem. "Down to the bits that I left uptown" again relating back to the high life. He left his soul or parts of his life with the rich and fabulous. He doesn't want be the sort of person who lives outside of reality with the rich. "Happiness is a warm gun" came from a magazine that Lennon saw. It said this line and he thought it was a fantastic, but insane line. This part of the song was written awhile after he wrote the first part. "When I hold you in my arms" he's beginning to talk about Yoko here. And the rest of the song speaks for itself.

you people are retards!!!!! | Reviewer: /,';.,/.,';,/.,';,/.,w';,';';,w'.,',;';w,' | 2/27/08

you all should go to your local libray and check a few things like: a book about the beatels and a movie called the making of the album agt. pepper and the lonely hearts club band. there you will understand that it is never about drugs....... ever.......... not once!

if you watch the movie john lennon tells you, him self that Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds" was inspired by his son who drew a picture of his class mate Lucy O' Donnel. John lennon also go's on to tell you that it was also about a chapter in a book called alice through the looking glass.
in an interview he was asked and this was what he said: In a 1971 interview, Lennon recalled hearing about how the initials of the title spelled out "LSD", then checking if the same thing had happened with other Beatles songs and finding "they didn't spell out anything." In that same interview, he stated the song was composed in a conscious attempt to craft poetry, and in 1980 he confirmed the images were taken from Alice in Wonderland. that there disproves everything that you all thought about the song Lucy in the sky with diamonds.

you all think that happiness is a warm gun is about herion or sex. another reason why i'm writing this is cause that is really retarted. once agian he stated it is not about herion or sex. in his words he says its sort of a history of rock and roll. he later went on to tell you the many different parts that make up the song and why it is the way it is. in a interview with john lennon he had this to say: According to Lennon, the title came from the cover of a gun magazine that producer George Martin showed him: "I think he showed me a cover of a magazine that said 'Happiness Is a Warm Gun.' It was a gun magazine. I just thought it was a fantastic, insane thing to say. A warm gun means you just shot something." once again proving that is not about that.

you might think well he is just saying that to say that but you see yoko and lennon were very open about there drug use and lennon wrote a couple of songs about LSD and pot. Day Tripper and Got to Get You Into My Life was directly about LSD and pot.

so all the crap you people put on here about how its about drugs its not and thats facts you can look this stuff up on wikipeidia.

peace and love

More then drugs. | Reviewer: Katie | 2/1/08

Lucy in the sky with diamonds, was orginally and got it's title from a drawing made by John Lennon's son. However the beatles did deny LSD use while writting the song. Paul Mccartney said in a later interview that yes the song name and orginal meaning was about the drawing but he also stated it was fairly obvious the song was about a acid trip.

happiness is a warm gun | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/27/08

drugs works perfectly well. sex too.

i prefer reading it as sex.

shes well acquainted with the touch, doesnt miss much, my finger on your trigger, jump the gun, happiness is a warm gun, shoot shoot.

sex is nice.