the real facts | Reviewer: chris | 4/1/11

The title came from an article in a gun magazine John Lennon saw. "Happiness Is A Warm Gun" was the slogan of the National Rifle Association john said of this song: "It's sort of a history of Rock 'n' Roll." Much of the imagery in the lyrics was about his sexual passion for Yoko.A popular theory is that Lennon meant for this to be a drug metaphor for doing heroin:
-"Needing a fix"
-"Jump the gun" meaning to cook it up
-"Bang, Bang, SHOOT, SHOOT"
-"When I hold you in my arm, nobody can do me no harm" - heroin addicts tell how when you're on it, nothing can do you no harm and Lennon's overall nature seem to point to this

hi. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/6/11

this song is definitely not about fingering a girl...but its a good song. and i dont get why some people care that they used drug references. its not a big deal!! its a song.yea drugs are bad for you, but still The Beatles are amazing. and a fix is getting high so this song is about heroin. and also a warm gun is something thats been shot, so yah knoww happiness is a warm gun. :)

Pull the trigger | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/3/11

This is about a guy fingering a girl, any straight guy who's ever stuck their finger in a girls vagina and actually found the G Spot knows the motion is like felling "my finger on your trigger..." it's not the divinci code just read the lyrics

A bit of perspective | Reviewer: Michael | 1/14/11

I think obviously the song has many meanings and definately contains some that could be references to Heroin. John Lennon denies it was about drugs but in his lifetime he also denied Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds was about drugs which later Paul McCartney laughed about and said 'of course it was about LSD'. They were often attacked over drug references and taking (banned from radio, criticised in the press etc) so it would make sense to deny it. Either way as said above it is art so is about interpretation.

To Autumn Eberwein who says none of their songs have drugs references. You are dillusional, wake up and do some research. Also John Lennon and Yoko admitted to doing heroin quite alot for a period, Paul admitted to trying it once and I don't know about George and Ringo but I would not be surprised if they had got smacked up some time :D

its art | Reviewer: Emma | 12/21/10

well, honestly i think all of you are right =] its about drugs, but its not about drugs, its a bout sex, and war, and love, and everything in between. thats the great thing about music.... its art. and like all other art it is interpreted differently by everyone. Personally i think its about passion and lovemaking. i could believe that he wrote this based on his experience with yoko =D

Happiness is a Warm Gun | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/22/10

John Lennon might have wrote this song about many things and I dont care what it was, I dont care if he str8 out said what it was. There is plenty of deep emotion to it and there are plenty of ways you could see this song and isnt that part of what makes it so great? You dont have be know what its like to be on drugs, or know the effects of war or have ever felt want or love for this song to get under your skin. You could find endless ways to explain to make this song. A song that can take you almost anywere is priceless. Out of all of the things people seem to think of when they hear this song I wonder why so little have thought suicide or complete hopelessness. I rather hear creative meanings then the "real" ones. It seems to give the song new life.

According to Lennon | Reviewer: Joe | 11/19/10

"I think he showed me a cover of a magazine that said 'Happiness Is a Warm Gun.' It was a gun magazine. I just thought it was a fantastic, insane thing to say. A warm gun means you just shot something. Like heroin into your arm." - John Lennon

what i think | Reviewer: daniel | 10/30/10

I think that all of you are right and wrong. I believe that John Lennon had a main focus when he wrote the song but thats only for him to know. though, these lyrics can be linked to many different suggestion like sex, heroin, and maybe war. Its just a suggestion, please dont start hating when talking about the beatles. Be Proud!

yeah. | Reviewer: emily b | 10/19/10

guys, guys. I honestly dont think we should get all mean about the song meaning, everyone percieves this differently, but it's one of the best beatles songs ever made in my opinion and i have no clue what it means/is about. and i agree with whoever said the guitar sounds drunk before "i need a fix", it sounds really awesome though.

Sadly, but most definitely true enough.. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/11/10

Most people are right when they say the song isn't actually about drugs, in fact about 99% of the songs the Beatles wrote were NOT about drugs at all although they were and have been interpreted that way for a long time...Even I was disapointed to find out that "Lucy in the Sky" with Diamonds and even "I Am the Walrus" both have absolutly nothing to do with drugs although they have been portayed that way for years...Check out some real Beatle facts, I base no opinion on this topic, facts a fact

the truth | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/6/10

First of all, John Lennon did take herion, but he snorted not with a syringe. He did say however this song was not about drugs. It came from the title of a shooting song, and it of course references his sexual experiences with Yoko at the time

If you think this songs about drugs your an idiot | Reviewer: Autumn Eberwein | 8/25/10

Okay. If you think you know what this song is about. And you think it's drugs. Your an idiot. If you knew ANYTHING about the beatles people say there songs have drug references when they don't. And plus none of them ever did heroin so stfu unless you know what your talking about. :)

Not about drugs? | Reviewer: PDK | 7/27/10

if you say that you are 97% sure this is not about drugs then i am sorry but there is literally no doubt in my mind that this is a direct refrence to herion, definatly heroin, need a fix? finger on your trigger? going back down to uptown? heroin!

Bang Bang Shoot Shoot 42 years gone by | Reviewer: Jay | 7/2/10

When I heard this the first time I was at my very first drinking party. I was 16 and my best friends parents went away for the summer. His college aged sister had a huge party and we basically came of age that night. I remember vividly how at least 30 people were singing this song without prompting or planning. It was a spontaneous celebration of the Beatles.
This album has so many levels and textures, but this song which in not my favorite on the album, gets better even after all these years.
The Beatles are a timeless treasure and they still blow my mind.

Opinion | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/17/10

Mmmm... my favorte part in this whole song is the way the guitar almost sounds "drunk" right before "I need a fix..." If you listen you might understand what I'm saying, haha. As for meaning, I'm about 97% sure it is NOT about drugs.