The beginning | Reviewer: Micah Neumann | 11/20/07

In the beginning/middle of the song it talks about a man in the crowd with multicolored mirrors on his hobnail boots, lying with his eyes while his hands are busy working over time its an obvious illustration of a man with mirrors on his shoes, looking up womens skirts, jacking off.

Sex/Drugs/Who Cares?? Still a great song | Reviewer: Lovely Rita | 11/15/07

I don't care if this song is about drugs or sex or neither of them, it is still a great song and I love it, just like I love the Beatles!!

My first thought about the song was... | Reviewer: Mikey | 11/15/07

My first thought of it was it was about suicide. I mean, I know The Beatles weren't depressed or anything, but that was my main thought when I first heard it.
Because it says Happiness Is A Warm Gun, to me the gun went off,
And I just coudn't see how anyone would be happy after shooting someone else.
But now I see how it would me the soilders in war were happy when they shot someone else.

Just to elucidate... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/11/07

PAUL 1968: "The idea of 'Happiness Is A Warm Gun' is from an advert in an American paper. It said, Happiness is a warm gun, and it was 'Get ready for the long hot summer with a rifle,' you know, 'Come and buy them now!' It was an advert in a gun magazine. And it was so sick, you know, the idea of 'Come and buy your killing weapons,' and 'Come and get it.' But it's just such a great line, 'Happiness Is A Warm Gun' that John sort of took that and used that as a chorus. And the rest of the words... I think they're great words, you know. It's a poem. And he finishes off, 'Happiness Is A Warm Gun, yes it is.' It's just good poetry."
JOHN 1972: "They all said it was about drugs, but it was more about rock 'n roll than drugs. It's sort of a history of rock 'n roll... I don't know why people said it was about the needle in heroin. I've only seen somebody do something with a needle once, and I don't like to see it at all."
JOHN 1980: "A gun magazine was sitting around and the cover was the picture of a smoking gun. The title of the article, which I never read, was 'Happiness Is a Warm Gun.' I took it right from there. I took it as the idea of happiness after having shot somebody. Or some animal."

oh COME ON people | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/9/07

of course it´s about heroine

"I need a fix 'cause I'm going down" -> fix is a slang for a dose of heroine, watch "requiem for a dream" and "trainspotting"

"When I hold you in my arms" -> heroine entering his veins through his arms

"And I feel my finger on your trigger" -> he´s pushing the bottom of the syringe

science stadies have proven that heroine takes off all the feelings of pain, phisical and emotional, and when the effect goes away, you feel like everything is hurting you, so that´s what "happiness is a warm gun" is all about

by the way | Reviewer: Badjano | 11/9/07

that doesn´t mean john was on the drug, but you don´t need to feel it to write about it, I´ve never taken it and have no intention on doing so, but I do read about it and that´s enough to understand, and they do it all the time, that´s way they´re so good

why | Reviewer: .... | 11/7/07

seriously why do you have to critisize the beatles...they are the most amazing band ive ever heard and they were way past my time im young and i leardned from my father what true talent what if they did drugs who cares....didnt everyone back then they have beautiful music so quit critisizing it

Real Meaning | Reviewer: andrew | 11/3/07

I read the book entitled "The Beatles Anthology" and John Lennon is quoted as saying this song has nothing to do with drugs,he actually saw a magazine with the cover reading "Happiness Is A Warm Gun" and well there it is...

PLEASE!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/30/07

Why are you all so caught up with the drug/woman issue? Talking about this song this way just makes it loose the magic that the Beatles put in to it. when you think on the lyrics to much, you're forgetting the fact that the Beatles were all about world peace. you cant forget that all of them were on drugs at one point or another. We cant judge this song on their mistakes at the time.

Not Drugs... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/26/07

It seems this song is more literal than anyone wants to admit. Not to say drugs didn't have an influence, but that is just too shallow. It's about a man that is finding pleasure in contemplating holding the power over someone's life and all the thoughts and ramifications that come along with it. Listen to the time changes and differences in the tone and tension in the music. Lennon even admitted to this. Incidentally, this is the song that inspired the three-part song "Paranoid Android" by Radiohead.

>> | Reviewer: Rumor | 10/24/07

As for Sexual stuff, it sounds more like masturbation when I first head it.

That the gun is 'the penis' and when it shots its because the person came. Hence 'Happiness is a warm gun'. Not trying to be a perv or anything, it just sounds like that.
And saying 'when I put my finger on your trigger'
that sounds like he fingering someone. e__e;;

So it can be about heroin, sex or whatever. In either case its a good song. ;]

OKAY!!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/21/07

okay listen to yourselves...
who cares if lennon was high or if it was in some way related to sexual matters! It is a song written for our enjoyment it doesnt matter how! I think this is an amazing song by the by

Ok people, seriously... | Reviewer: Aya | 10/23/07

I know everyone has their opinion about this song and everyone thinks it's about different can change it and make your mind think that it's something i'm convinced that this song is actually about cheese and putting money in a bank...oh and of course hand moisturizer...but you know that's just me...(but i really think it's about drugs, shhh)

about drugs | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/21/07

I've always thought it was about drugs. But not solely that, more like the fact that drugs can kill. Ecspecially the aforementioned heroine. "Mothor superior jumped the gun" death before one's time. warm gun is a metaphor for the drug being deadly but makes you happy. that's all speculation, but it's definitely about drugs.

Happiness is.... | Reviewer: Rose | 10/16/07

Of course Lennon and anyone else who was doing drugs at the time they wrote a song would deny it, but Lennon was using heroin during the years that the song was written...actually during most of the time that the White Album was in production. Sure there are a lot of sexual connotations because some people can describe a sexual high as being similar to a drug induced high...c'mon though..."I need a fix cause I'm going down". That's NOT about a woman.