Jump the gun | Reviewer: Hannah | 10/14/07

Its an amazing song, and John Lenon is surely missed. And I like to convince myself that if he was still alive he still wouldn't tell, it burrows into the secret of things and makes it lose its luster.

drugs | Reviewer: Megan | 10/15/07

lennon did write it during the Vietnam War, and if you look it up, the government was giving the soldiers drugs to keep them awake and alert for longer. I think it's about the addictions that many of them had upon coming home and the lack of government help. The girl very well could be a relative, but i think it's a metaphoric woman, she could be the drug and trigger could be the needle.

Not quite | Reviewer: Sarah | 10/8/07

If you look at the time that Lennon wrote this song it was when some of our boys were coming home from vietnam. Yes, the song is about addiction, however I think it's more about Shell Shock than it is drugs. I think it's about people coming back from the Vietnam War and getting into drugs to ease their inability to merge back into society. If you think about it, the woman he's talking about could be a wife, a sister, or a friend who notices that their loved one is depressed/addicted. Or Lennon could just have been high on something at the time and wrote down random lyrics that sounded good.

ahem | Reviewer: christine | 9/30/07

it isn't about heroin, john lennon was not using the drug when he wrote this song. it has obvious sexual connotations, so i'm going to go with that.
or it could simply be about drugs and sex and all the things we will do to give ourselves fleeting glimpses of happiness (gun fires off quickly, and we're left worse off than we were before).

good song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/16/07

its obviously about heroin- he was a heroin addict bang bang shoot shoot- metaphor for injecting heroin- warm gun is heroin- obviously you cook it before you inject it

the song is about a loss | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/5/07

the song is probably about somebody being raped or molested and how it ruined a life. the only way to be happy is to kill the offender or perhaps yourself. really great song. very beatlesish. the fix is about drugs and how the person being hurt needs them to get by day to day. very beautifully depressing song. one of their best.

roisin | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/4/07

John Lennon denied the song was about drugs. According to several interviews the title was taken from an American gun mag and the rest was about Yoko and doing things with her. Lennon was very into having the words say different thing at different levels so I think the debate will go on for years.

Heroin | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/28/07

It is a great song. But has anyone ever noticed that John Lennon was hopelessly on heroin at the time he wrote the song?

I need a fix cause Im going down...

Kinda weird but good | Reviewer: SOADbeatleslover4life | 10/3/06

Cool song on the white album. Not that beatlesish, but the white album isnt that beatlesish anyway. The lyrics are weird, and its basically the same lyrics over and over again until the end and at the beginning. The music changes rhythm and style, but the same chords. Its like rock n roll style all in one song. Good song.

AWSOME SONG | Reviewer: barbz | 7/20/05

LOVVVE the white album & this would be one of my favs on the album... helter skelter is another fav & ob,la,di ob,la,da and who could forget harrisons best ... while my guitar gently weeps

this is a must have album even if it is jus for this song... worth every penny... penny lane that is hahaha ... do u get it... JOKE ALRIGHT... calm down skidda