sang 5 kids to sleep with this | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/3/12

I believed in singing my children "real" songs, if they are good enough for grownups then children will like them too. I used to sing this over and over for my kids and amazed younger parents when it would calm and put their "fussy" kids to sleep too

for reviewer Julia | Reviewer: ukjohnsfriend | 3/9/11

Julia - many many years ago I talked to John about "Goodnight". He was reluctant to release it, he felt shy about recording it himself. He gave it to Ringo for the White Album, and he privately loved the lullaby, being it was from the heart, a father to his child. Your dad is quite special in that he sang you to sleep with the song. John would smile, were he here today, that his music touched you deeply. And yes, there are so many of us still, regardless our age, who are comforted by the sheer beauty of Good Night...

sad but beautiful | Reviewer: julia | 5/24/10

My dad used to sing this to me when i was a baby(along with Julia) to get me to go to sleep. I had forgotten about it for a long time then I finally listened to it and almost cried. It reminded me of a better time and really made me miss it. I still listen to it though. It's just that beautiful.

I love it. | Reviewer: Nikki | 4/24/10

I have been a huge Beatles for a while and this has got to be one of the nicest songs of theirs. I love Ringo's voice in it, his voice was so different and I wish he had sung more of their songs. I put this on repeat on my ipod when I am going to sleep and listen to it over and over again. Ringo was my favourite :) <3

so good i cant even go to sleep | Reviewer: beatlesfan | 4/22/10

this is such a wonderful song to put someone to bed. but for me i cant cuz i love it so much. i no my mom never sang this to me when i was little but it reminds me of her. and my father. when my mom is sick and goes to bed i plan to sing this to her. and to my children of course

Night night | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/17/08

My Dad was a huge fan of the beatles, he belives that he was the image of John Lennon and that "he got all the women" because of it.... In Turn i am a Huge fan of the beatles This song is probably the first song i ever heard from the Beatles. My Dad used to sing this to me and my sister before bed time. I sang it to my son. It is a wonderful simple song that has a lot of heart... I love it :)

Beautiful Song | Reviewer: Toni | 9/30/07

Wonderful song to sing to my Grandson at bedtime. John wrote it for Julian but Ringo sang it.