beatles 1# fans | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/10/10

i think if your a real beatles fan you wouldnt be taking to ppl like they are stupied they migth say stupied things but who are you to judge.... just love man just love thats what Harrison was trying to get across... true happiness is in wat you love..

to beatles haters | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/29/10

if you think beatles songs dont have meanings you are a moron. their meanings go beyond what we can comprehend and the only way to comprehend what they could even mean is for you personally to take lsd and trip until you've died three times and came back to reality or whatever the hell this world is.
the walrus is john and paul. the walrus and paul are as close as can be because they are one. and its not just paul, he was using paul as an example because that was his friend. we are all one.
and even if paul was a bad friend, hes still a good artist, which is the reason why he still continued to be successful after the beatles. so you cant even hate on nothing. your not making music. and if you even really knew anything about all the beatles youd know that lennon isnt the only intellect one. george harrison just so happens to be one of the most free spirited, open minded, most intellect person in the beatles. he was the quiet beatle for a reason. noble people arent loud and "glory grubbing"
and for any idiot to say there are no special meanings is dumb.
within you without you, tomorrow never knows, the inner light, im only sleeping, she said she said, i want to tell you are just a few to name the larger than life meanings.
you need to open your mind and realize just because they were on lsd while they were writing these song doesnt mean they are crazy or pointless. you are the ones who are crazy.

The Truth, The Real Truth | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/10/10

Yes The Beatles did write nonsense songs. There is nothing special or hidden to them at all, except all of you trying to figure out the hidden meanings. Yes, it is true that Lennon wrote I Am the Walrus because a school teacher was having students try to figure out The Beatles lyrics. He wrote the first two verses on two seperate acid trips. The Beatles are absolute musical geniuses, and part of that is their amazing ability to inspire people to look this deeply into their music. They wrote many of their songs because they wanted to see if people would listen to the ridiculous stuff they wrote and call it gold. People did, they thought it was hilarious the way that people read into their songs that much. John was trying to screw with your heads when he said the walrus was paul, if you watch Magical Mystery Tour the movie, you will see John was the walrus. The Beatles are the greatest band that ever played, or ever will play. The truth is that they liked to screw with people, and I personally laugh with them, because it is really funny when you think about it. Oh and the album The Beatles(the white album) was just thrown together in no particular order, they of course put it together in a way that sounded good, but there was no setting up the album by using Glass Onion, that makes no sense anyway, and if that were true I still would have no idea what the set-up of the album was supposed to be based on that song. That was seriously one of the dumbest comments, and it made absolutely no sense. You should believe me, I am The Beatles number 1 fan. When it comes to The Beatles, just trust me and move on, I swear I know what I'm talking about.

The Truth, again | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/10/10

I mean seriously, that is the dumbest comment ever made. I dont know where you came up with that, but I hope you didn't waste too much time with that one. How can you strip layers from an Onion made of glass? How is an onion made of glass going to make you cry? The only thing making us cry is the stupidity radiating from the incredible thougtlessness put into that comment. Next your'e going to be telling me that the most talented Beatle was Paul, it was John; he started the band, he ended the band, it was his. He was the genius behind everything that The Beatles accomplished, none of that could have been possible without him. Paul would still be a no-name worthless, talentless bum if it weren't for him befriending John in school. Paul was a narcissistic, greedy, glory-grubbing loser. He demanded his name on everything that John wrote, whether Paul had anything to do with the song or not. John being the true talent, and be self-aware of this, didn't care who's name went on the credits, as long as his name appeared somewhere. He was generous to his friends, and Paul stabbed him in the back later. He tried to get John's name off of the songs he wrote after John died. Good for Yoko Ono putting a stop to that. John Lennon was the greatest artist ever, and the world is much less colorful and warm, since his death.

Glass Onion Revealed | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/31/10

The stories you have heard about the "hidden meaning" behind glass onion are just that.The line,the walrus was Paul,looking through a glass onion is really true.What you don't know is he was looking at me through the glass onion.This happened one night at a party on Capitol Hill, Denver,Colorado.I've recently revealed the true story behind this song, and many more in my novel "The Memoirs of the Walrus".It's due out in the summer of 2011.

Does anyone care about what John says? | Reviewer: YesMan | 3/11/10

Here's what John said about that 'the walrus was Paul' line, look up for John's 1980 Playboy interview.

PLAYBOY: "That was the one that contributed to the 'Paul McCartney is dead' uproar because of the lyric 'The walrus is Paul.'"

LENNON: "Yeah. That line was a joke, you know. That line was put in partly because I was feeling guilty because I was with Yoko, and I knew I was finally high and dry. In a perverse way, I was sort of saying to Paul, 'Here, have this crumb, have this illusion, have this stroke... because I'm leaving you.'"

hoax | Reviewer: Xtreme2252 | 2/26/10

yeah, I'm pretty sure this song is just about the "Paul is dead" hoax. They're making references to only the songs that were said to have clues (Strawberry Hills has "Strawberry Sauce" sound like "I buried Paul" near the end). Basically the hoax is that Paul died in a car crash and The Beatles replaced him with Billy Shears, a guy who won a Paul look-alike contest

Glass Onion | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/23/10

Actually, the lyrics of this song are quite simple. Lennon simply mentions a few of their past songs. Strawberry fields, I am the Walrus, The Fool on the Hill (you can also hear the tune in the background), Fixing a Hole, etc.

Funny part is, John is actually the "Walrus". Him saying "we're as close as can be", plus the fact that he was the one wearing the "Walrus" mask in the music video. Probably just saying the "Walrus" was paul to mess with our heads. :P

Looking through a Fat Bunion | Reviewer: Mark | 2/2/10

Lennon purposely wrote I am the Walrus as he was amused at a school teacher who had a class looking analyzing his lyrics for meaning. He said "just wait 'til the little fu**ers try and figure this one out."

I'm thinking he used a similar methodology to come up with Glass Onion. I must admit that it is a tune with lots of intrigue.

Cathleen? | Reviewer: Cathleen | 12/3/09

Hey guys! I LOVE this beetles song! I have no clue what it all means but i dont really care

before you get a metaphorical or whatever you should know this one fact

The term "Glass Onion" can be used as british slang for Monocle

i connect rich people and monocles for some reason (probably related to Disney's Cinderella) and maybe thats what he means looking through a glass onion [monocle] to see how the other half lives...

well the onion part anyway...

the truth | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/24/09

haha sorry, but I refuse to believe that the beatles ever really wrote just nonsense songs. there has to be a reason for them to write something. I feel that glass onion, being the third song from the beginning of the lp, was john's way of preparing the audience for what the white album was about to offer them. using a "glass onion" as a metaphor for how the album is structured, because in this album, all the beatles are really stripped down to the core of each individual, and so you can really see the layers of the beatles as they constructed this perfect "orb" or sphere, that will make you cry. really a genius song and concept, actually...

This Song | Reviewer: Beatlelover | 8/18/09

It was said that The Beatles were annoyed with people trying to find hidden meanings in their songs, so they wrote this one. They purposely wrote nonsense lyrics here (other than saying that Paul was the walrus), and so it was all just for fun.