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Performed by The Beatles

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Beatles Rock! | Reviewer: Kalila | 8/13/08

I'm eleven years old, and love the Beatles. I already have favorite songs, and this is in the top 15 or so, and I know a lot of their songs. Sadly my top 3 favorite are all from a guy's POV... lol. I love this song, and yet, it's also from a guy's POV, and I'm a girl. Oh well. I listen to the Beatles every day. Go Paul, George, John and Ringo!!!!

Movie vs. Original | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/20/08

I like the cover on Across the Universe more. It was sung with more passion and feeling. This is just short and quick. I prefer the long and slow better because you have a longer time to enjoy it.

review for girl | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/7/08

oh man i saw across the universe yesterday and it instenly made me a bigger fan of the betles, sadly i didn't relize how many songs of theirs i knew, but i though girl was really good in Across the Universe and Jim is soo hot when he sings it!!!

Beatles Fan | Reviewer: Person | 3/29/08

Im 12, and i love all of the beatles songs. Across the universe is an amazing movie (I think so) And most of the beatles songs are well song, except for a few... like I didnt think strawberry fieild or I am the walrus was that good. But anyways! I love the beatles, and theve lasted since the 60's, and there going to last with me untill I die. (Hopefully)

great song | Reviewer: Salvador | 1/27/08

This is such a great song. When John breathes in between saying "Girl"... ahhhh gets me every time. The way they switch from the minor key to the relative Major is sooo beautiful.

I personally didn't care for the Across the Universe film (the only Beatles cover I really appreciate is Elliott Smith's cover of "Because"). However, this song was definitely great in the film.

Old tlmer | Reviewer: Craig | 11/22/07

I've been listening to the Beatles since I was eight years old. I first saw them on the Ed Sullivan Show because of three teenage girls up the street invited me to there house telling me this was going to be the event of our lives. This song "Girl" is a new fresh song to me and is as good and exciting as that day back in 64.

=] | Reviewer: Victoria | 10/20/07

Fab song.
One of my favourites from The Beatles.
It's got one of the greatest melodies I've ever heard.

girl/besame mucho | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/15/07

ya this is a great song just recently discovered it, anyways besame mucho is on the first Anthology disc 1. or at least that is the only one i have it on.

Beatles(L) | Reviewer: Lele | 9/22/07

This is a really really really really really goood song!
The beatles rocks a lot.
Yesterday I saw Across the Universe, the movie..SO GOOOD. With all the songs of the Beatles..WOnderful movie.
Like 33 songs of beatles, and at the beginning, beginning, there is the song Girl. Reallycool.

cos we love you mr. moonlight | Reviewer: faby lennon | 8/6/07

hey. also i love this song ... i really love the beatles.... they are better than god =D! but i have a question.... in which album is the song "Besame mucho" ?

the song Girl | Reviewer: Tali | 5/19/07

I like this song a lot! Just recently I heard this song in the upcoming musical movie "Across the Universe," coming out Sept. 2007.
I Love the Beatles. They Rock!=)

album | Reviewer: Caitlin | 5/13/07

it's on Rubber Soul. i posted this yesterday but apparently this site hates me. haha

about girl | Reviewer: zac | 5/14/07

great song from their Rubber Soul album.. not many have it sadly

what album? | Reviewer: sarah | 5/7/07

this is a sweet song. i love it. but does anybody know what album it's off of? cuz i have all of them but i cant find it.

Love, love, love the Beatles | Reviewer: Die-hard Beatle fan | 4/11/07

The lyrics were perfect. I’ve listened to this awesome song a million times—believe me I have, I just never get tired of hearing it—and I know all the words. These lyrics were right on. The Beatles are forever my favorite rock band and ‘Girl’ is forever my fave song. I think it’s one of their hottest songs in a sexy way, that still manages to be reviving rock music. My favorite parts are when they inhale and go ‘ah girl…ahhh’
It’s so thrilling to hear that passion in their voices sends Goosebumps up my body every time. And the part when they go: ‘she acts as if it’s understood she’s cool, cool, cool’ those two parts really drew me into the song I really felt like the music was moving through me. I live to hear Beatle music; it gets me through my days.

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