answer 2 hannah | Reviewer: tere | 8/13/09

hey!!! how can ya say that???? the beatles reaaaaaaaaally rocked!!! i love them, n maybe across the universe isn't the best movie ever, but it's soundtrack IS the best ever.
the beatles wrote the best lyrics ever, and performed them awsomely, but i think the songs at the soundtrack sound better than some performed by the beatles

a huge beatles fan | Reviewer: rubber soul | 8/15/09

for one thing,who cares how old you are?! if your a beatles fan i congratulate you for finding such a great band, but does it matter if your 12 or 13? NO! what matters is you found the music at a young age and should learn to appreciate them more and more throughout your life. and since everyone else put THEIR age up there, i am 13

from an old beatles Fan | Reviewer: Monzer Masr | 7/5/09

Now .. I'm nearly old .. I've loved many songs and many singers and groups .. And for a long time I stopped to listen To The Beatles ,, But yesterday .. just yesterday I liked to prove something to a friend of mine priest (Najeeb Awad) so I played (girl) .. We both agreed it's a very very beautiful song
Although I don’t Like it's first line.. otherwise the rest of the lyrics are strong and deep !?? ..

across the universe version | Reviewer: m. | 6/20/09

this song is simply wonderful and i agree when u guys say that in across the universe jim sturgess gave it such a beautiful version, with much intensity!! i love the beatles, so as the film and jim!!!

:) | Reviewer: hannah | 5/8/09

i believe across the universe wasn't that good. In my opinion, the covers were not as good as the way the beatles made the songs. The beatles were passionate, and i personally loved John Lennon the most. Girl is such a unique song even with a opening going as "Is there anybody going to listen to my story.." Its so drammatic & it makes the song really stand out. I love the beatles, and i am 12 years old. Thank you.

a very good beatles song, one of the best from lennon | Reviewer: irimia a. p. | 11/7/08

this is a very good song. the lyrics are deep and heartfelt. i feel they transmit the dissatisfaction with female nature, its superficiality and sometimes lack of empathy. but then again, that's not a trait common only to women. this song has one the most well thought commentaries about the expectations of women from men as heads of the family and providers. they are also about prejudice and the injust way in which the world is constructed, in which the man is exploited to make a living. by the way, it's got lennon written all over it, as it has an almost cosmic quality to it, mannaging to be deeply personal and still universally true. and the instrumentation is equally beautiful, intriguingly slow at first, but then you start to like it as it is, and then you realize that it bears a certain similarity to classical music, especially the solo in the middle of the song. beatles are still the best band in the world. no exaggeration

Perty Nifty | Reviewer: Wayne | 9/6/08

This song is real great. I have it on record and i must say it sounds better on stereo than a computer speaker.

But I must also add my favorite song by the beatles is Being for the benefit of Mr.kite.

check it out its on Sgt. Peppers lonely hearts band album

Beatles Rock! | Reviewer: Kalila | 8/13/08

I'm eleven years old, and love the Beatles. I already have favorite songs, and this is in the top 15 or so, and I know a lot of their songs. Sadly my top 3 favorite are all from a guy's POV... lol. I love this song, and yet, it's also from a guy's POV, and I'm a girl. Oh well. I listen to the Beatles every day. Go Paul, George, John and Ringo!!!!

Movie vs. Original | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/20/08

I like the cover on Across the Universe more. It was sung with more passion and feeling. This is just short and quick. I prefer the long and slow better because you have a longer time to enjoy it.

review for girl | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/7/08

oh man i saw across the universe yesterday and it instenly made me a bigger fan of the betles, sadly i didn't relize how many songs of theirs i knew, but i though girl was really good in Across the Universe and Jim is soo hot when he sings it!!!

Beatles Fan | Reviewer: Person | 3/29/08

Im 12, and i love all of the beatles songs. Across the universe is an amazing movie (I think so) And most of the beatles songs are well song, except for a few... like I didnt think strawberry fieild or I am the walrus was that good. But anyways! I love the beatles, and theve lasted since the 60's, and there going to last with me untill I die. (Hopefully)

great song | Reviewer: Salvador | 1/27/08

This is such a great song. When John breathes in between saying "Girl"... ahhhh gets me every time. The way they switch from the minor key to the relative Major is sooo beautiful.

I personally didn't care for the Across the Universe film (the only Beatles cover I really appreciate is Elliott Smith's cover of "Because"). However, this song was definitely great in the film.