girl | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/16/11

why do you all besides a few think its about pot?
not every beatles song is about drugs. for those of you who think like that. FUCK YOU. you are simple minded fucks. go kill yourself. good, one less dumb fuck on this planet, it feels a bit lighter, i can breath better. FUCK YOU.

Girlfriend much? | Reviewer: jchet | 2/14/11

It seems most of you have not dated a girl who treated you in such a way. Give it time and you may. She is cold, mysterious, and keeps her compassion and love guarded. These actions would leave you frustrated. Thus, the inhale through clinched teeth. Not everything is about weed.JC

not every beatles song is about pot | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/7/10

Yellow submarine, a line in Lucy in the sky with diamonds, several others, yes. This song, is actually about a girl. The inhale is through clenched teeth, a sharp breadth demonstrating frustration. Pot never puts you down qamong ur friends or cries when u try to leave it.

all about the post who came to stay | Reviewer: sara | 8/16/10

I really love this song! Yes it could be about weed cuz in the chorus they take a big inhale lol. But this dosent stop me from loving the beatles. Im in 9th grade now and started this romance in 5th. Im utterly obsessed about these "poets" and may john and goerge rest in peace my loves ;]

A girl called mary potter | Reviewer: nevertolateful | 6/22/10

yeah, Mathia I believe you´re right and by girl we should understand some pot, which is understandable gven the time the song was first release during the crazy sities. It is goddo to reread all things even when they have long past before our ears and eyes. thank you

^^ | Reviewer: Matthias | 4/27/10

oh its one of the best songs ever made

but i think the lyrics are about marijuana
perhaps im wrong cause i dont know very much about the beatles only that they smoked a lot of weed :) and that they were great musicians but the sound in the refrain sounds like an inhalation of 'something'
sry for the bad english xD
greets from germany
ps. im 19 :P

L. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/20/10

Every song by the Beatles is timeless, and has no required age to enjoy it. Across the Universe really took a few amazing songs and brought them to the next level. I wouldnt say they're better than the original version, but on a more modernized level that we can enjoy now.

Is there anybody going to read my post... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/17/09

I really like this song as the opening of across the universe. It just kicks you in the face and the first line creates the setting for the rest of the movie. I loved the movie, but at some points it did get a little trippy.

answer 2 hannah | Reviewer: tere | 8/13/09

hey!!! how can ya say that???? the beatles reaaaaaaaaally rocked!!! i love them, n maybe across the universe isn't the best movie ever, but it's soundtrack IS the best ever.
the beatles wrote the best lyrics ever, and performed them awsomely, but i think the songs at the soundtrack sound better than some performed by the beatles

a huge beatles fan | Reviewer: rubber soul | 8/15/09

for one thing,who cares how old you are?! if your a beatles fan i congratulate you for finding such a great band, but does it matter if your 12 or 13? NO! what matters is you found the music at a young age and should learn to appreciate them more and more throughout your life. and since everyone else put THEIR age up there, i am 13

from an old beatles Fan | Reviewer: Monzer Masr | 7/5/09

Now .. I'm nearly old .. I've loved many songs and many singers and groups .. And for a long time I stopped to listen To The Beatles ,, But yesterday .. just yesterday I liked to prove something to a friend of mine priest (Najeeb Awad) so I played (girl) .. We both agreed it's a very very beautiful song
Although I don’t Like it's first line.. otherwise the rest of the lyrics are strong and deep !?? ..

across the universe version | Reviewer: m. | 6/20/09

this song is simply wonderful and i agree when u guys say that in across the universe jim sturgess gave it such a beautiful version, with much intensity!! i love the beatles, so as the film and jim!!!

:) | Reviewer: hannah | 5/8/09

i believe across the universe wasn't that good. In my opinion, the covers were not as good as the way the beatles made the songs. The beatles were passionate, and i personally loved John Lennon the most. Girl is such a unique song even with a opening going as "Is there anybody going to listen to my story.." Its so drammatic & it makes the song really stand out. I love the beatles, and i am 12 years old. Thank you.

a very good beatles song, one of the best from lennon | Reviewer: irimia a. p. | 11/7/08

this is a very good song. the lyrics are deep and heartfelt. i feel they transmit the dissatisfaction with female nature, its superficiality and sometimes lack of empathy. but then again, that's not a trait common only to women. this song has one the most well thought commentaries about the expectations of women from men as heads of the family and providers. they are also about prejudice and the injust way in which the world is constructed, in which the man is exploited to make a living. by the way, it's got lennon written all over it, as it has an almost cosmic quality to it, mannaging to be deeply personal and still universally true. and the instrumentation is equally beautiful, intriguingly slow at first, but then you start to like it as it is, and then you realize that it bears a certain similarity to classical music, especially the solo in the middle of the song. beatles are still the best band in the world. no exaggeration

Perty Nifty | Reviewer: Wayne | 9/6/08

This song is real great. I have it on record and i must say it sounds better on stereo than a computer speaker.

But I must also add my favorite song by the beatles is Being for the benefit of Mr.kite.

check it out its on Sgt. Peppers lonely hearts band album